Garden Tools: Tips On Choosing The Best

Garden Tools: Tips On Choosing The Best

Are you looking for gardening tools?

We want the best and the ones that are of high quality when it comes to choosing tools. Not all garden tools are created equal. 

It’s quite confusing to choose because there is a wide range of sizes and designs. Don’t worry because we are here to help you! Before buying that item, make sure that it will make your work easier and more efficient. 

Here are some tips to help you make the right choice for every garden tool.

Shovel and Spade

Shovels and spades are the most important tools in the garden. Shovels are used for moving soil, gravel or coal. Also, they are used for lifting and digging. Many think that shovels and spades are the same. But they are not. 

A spade is the tool that you use for soil amendments. Like slicing under the sod and making edges for beds. The blade is flat and squared. And they often have short handles. Also, make sure to maintain them well in order to have them last longer in your toolbox.

What to look for: 

Choose a shovel with a flat top edge. So, you would be able to dig comfortably and with power. The height of the handle should be right for your height. And look for blades that won’t rust or bend easily. The handle is usually made of wood or fiberglass. And the blade is typically made of steel or hard plastics that are very strong.
When it comes to garden spade, choose the one that is made of stainless steel or carbon. The head and the handle socket must be hand forged from thick metal. The strongest handle connections are the strapped ones. Make sure to choose that. If you’re looking for a large spade, choose the one with shoe protectors or treads on top of the blade.

Garden Trowel

This tool is also used to move, dig or smoothen around small amounts of material. A garden trowel has a pointed and scooped shaped blade and handles. Tasks that involve soil become easy with this tool. And it’s perfect for digging soil and making holes.

What to look for: 

You have to consider two factors. The comfort of the handle or the strength of the tool itself. Choose a trowel made of sturdy material. And won’t easily bend or give up when under pressure. Also, look for a handle with a padded grip. But the newer ergonomic handles are also good on the wrists.

Garden Rake

This tool is used for breaking up chunks formed in the soil. And it is needed when you prepare your soil for planting, like smoothing over it. Some garden rakes have spring-loaded tines. They can be easily used without damaging the plants. 

What to look for: 

Make sure that the rake has sharp teeth. It should be able to break up the dirt and clod. Choose a rake with a flat back to tamp down the dirt. Keep away from materials that rust easily. And always check the tool head to see if they are coming loose.

Hand Cultivator

This is like a small bow rake that you can easily hold. It’s a multi-purpose tool used for cleaning up weeds from the soil, or turning or moving the soil to where the location of the plants and vegetables. You can also use this for digging up plant rows in small gardens. 

What to look for: 

Choose a hand cultivator with curved tines that are strong. And a handle that is comfortable for you. If you have tight spaces, I prefer a narrow cultivator. Choose wider ones for breaking up soil.

Garden Hose

A garden hose is used for transporting water for gardening. And other purposes like landscaping.

What to look for: 

When buying a garden hose, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of which is the length of the hose. You need to know the length that you need. Because longer hoses cost more. So, make sure that you buy only the length that you need. 

The material should be made of rubber. Because they are the strongest and will probably last for a long time. Also, consider the flexibility since you will be keeping the hose in storage. So, make sure that it is flexible enough.


Hand pruners have two styles: bypass and anvil.

The two blades meet in the middle for anvil pruners. While bypass pruners, they have a top curved blade that passes next to the lower blade. It makes a cleaner and more complete cut. 

What to look for:

Choose those that open and close smoothly. With padded or rounded handles for comfort. They should lock shut when not in use. Keep them completely free of rust. And sharpen them every year or as needed. 

Watering Can

If you already have a hose, that would be good. But sometimes lugging a heavy hose around is inconvenient. Watering cans are good if you’re planting new seedlings.

What to look for:

Buy a watering can large enough to make your watering worthwhile. But not too heavy when it’s full. Galvanized metal may last longer. But plastic cans are also durable as long as they are not too exposed to extreme temperatures. You may also opt for removable sprinkler heads; they are also nice.

To help you more on choosing the best tools for your garden, you may refer to this video:


You may find it difficult to assess the quality of the product. But before buying the product try it out first if you can. Check if the size and weight are right for you. Also, consider the length of the warranty and the services covered. You can also check what material the tool is made of.


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