Are You Damaging Your Hair Colour? 7 Tips To Fix It

Are You Damaging Your Hair Colour? 7 Tips To Fix It

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It sounds easy to get a hair colour done, but it's challenging to maintain the hair coloured tresses. Post a hair colour, to expect the same radiance and glow; it's essential to follow some necessary steps to keep them voluminous alongside enhancing and protecting the sheen. There are times we do not even realize we're damaging our hair colour, making our hair look dull, unruly, and fragile.

Using a moisture-rich hair dye, weekly hair masks, regular trims, and avoiding heat treatments is not enough. Hence, being well versed with some tips and tricks to protect one's colour can help revamp the sheen, leaving one stress-free, in turn helping attain the best of both worlds. 

Here's how and where we go wrong:

1.    Usage of the wrong shampoo-

One should opt for washing the hair with only cold water and try sealing the cuticles before every wash with coconut oil head and hair massage. Using a hair colour-specific shampoo and conditioner with no sulphate or other harsh cleansing agents is an absolute must after dyeing the hair. Using regular shampoos instils chemicals and takes away the essential minerals from the hair, fading the colour in return. 

2.    Unnecessarily wetting the hair-

On days when one doesn't want to wash the hair, they still tend to get somewhat wet. Using a shower cap or tying a proper top knot could prevent the water from reaching the strands. Hence, being cautious by not unnecessarily sprinkling water on the ends or roots helps in the sustenance of the hair colour. One should moderately reduce washing hair too often after a hair colour to prevent fading and dryness. 

3.    Hair colouring at home-

The use of cheap dyes at home could damage the hair. The suitable dye and its proper application are central in achieving the desired look. Apart from this, mentioning the usage of dyes at home to one's hairstylist is a must for him to fill in the levelled gaps in the right amounts accordingly for which keratin hair treatment is highly recommended.

4.    Application of Alcohol-based products-

Minimal use of products containing alcohol prevents the hair from unnecessary damage in the form of split ends and dullness. Using gels, hair sprays, or any extra amount of chemical makes it prone to harsh dryness that further needs extra care and repair.

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5.    Skipping protein induction or hair spas-

  Nutrients and moisture in the form of hair spas and protein treatments are a must once in a while for long and voluminous hair. The Boho Salon, an ultra-luxury hair and beauty salon offering the best salon deals in Chandigarh, constitutes a variety of Hair spas and repair treatments with exquisite brands like Nashi Argan, unleashing the hydration boost. Apart from this, The Boho Salon offers essential oil massages, ideal for nourished and healthy hair. 

6.    Sunbathing or excessive heat-

Excessive exposure of colour-treated hair to the sun could fade it sooner. It's always advisable to shield it by wearing a hat or a scarf while stepping out. Heat, in any form, is considered harmful for colour-treated hair, making it prone to breakage. Hence, one should use a heat protectant spray before the usage of hot iron or any hairdo. 

7.    Haircare inconsistency- 

Haircare is an on-going process, and one needs to be highly consistent and patient for the best of results. Sticking to a good shampoo and conditioner is the first on the list. Through extra experimentation, one doesn't attain the desired results. The hair experts at the Boho Salon, a unisex salon, provide exclusive and essential guidance to deal with dyed hair. 

Indulging in a suitable hair colour enhances one's personality and complexion. A few precautions before and after dyeing, help in maintaining the volume and further enhancing the sleek look. Before getting a hair dye, one should indulge in some handy home remedies consisting of coconut and mustard oils, butter, bananas, mayonnaise, eggs, avocado, aloe vera, and even curd.

These ingredients could help strengthen the strands, in turn, polishing the sheen. Post colouring one has to be extra careful, from the application of the right products composed of the least amount of chemicals to the repair moisture- rich treatments that go hand in hand, radiating an ultra-vibrant look. One of the best salons in Chandigarh. The Boho Salon, makes sure you get totally chemical free products and the best hair colour for men and women.

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