[Global Halloween] Top 10 Countries With The Biggest Halloween In The World

[Global Halloween] Top 10 Countries With The Biggest Halloween In The World

Halloween is a traditional festival held on October 31 every year in Western countries.

In this post, we will name 10 countries with the biggest Halloween in the world.


For Mexicans, Halloween is not only a fun festival but also an opportunity to remember the deceased loved ones. They marched on the street with coffins inhabited or visited cemeteries and light candles. In addition, they also lit candles and decorated photo frames and memorabilia of the deceased at home as a tribute.


Ireland is one of the countries having the biggest Halloween in the world. This countries is known as the nation of Halloween. In Irish countryside, every family member will gather around the fire and talk. Meanwhile, children will play “Trick or Treat“. And if you enjoy traditional cakes that contain a straw or a small ring, you’re really lucky.


With that turning the house into a spooky castle, the US deserves to be on the list of the countries having the best Halloween. In addition to that, the presence of pumpkins with candles inside makes the Halloween atmosphere cosier.

United Kingdom

People in UK, especially in London, celebrated Halloween by burning dummies of Guy Fawkes on bonfires, who intended to blow up the Parliament in London to kill the King. In the countryside, they celebrate this festival by throwing stones and vegetables in the fire to ward off evil spirits. Many families still hang carved beetroots in front of the house to protect their families and children will play “Trick or Treat”.


German people love to dress up, go out to sing, dance and watch pumpkin lights. Therefore, all roads in Germany are always crowded when the festival takes place – this is also considered to be the most spectacular Halloween. In addition, there is a custom of throwing knives into the road to prevent the return of the spirits.


The French have been excited about Halloween since 1990, but it is unavoidable that their Halloween is one of the largest one in the world. At the celebration, the French will dress up as scary ghosts instead of transforming into princesses, princes and people playing “Trick or Treat” will not go to houses but shops.


For Thailand, especially people in Bangkok, Halloween is an chance for them to celebrate in a sexy way. Instead of spooky and scary costumes, people here organize wine and music parties in bars or pubs instead of going to relatives or friends’ houses.


Belgium is a country that celebrates Halloween in a very different way Instead of being held on October 31 every year, they celebrate this festival from the beginning of October. Halloween atmosphere filled Belgium from the beginning of the month with Halloween costumes, street festivals and music.


Halloween in Romania is very attractive to tourists because of the gloomy and mysterious atmosphere. Romanians as a young age was told a lot about the vampire legend and the blood-sucking demon. Therefore, the image of the devil is always the characteristic of this festival here.


Halloween in Austria does not only take place on the last day of October and they also do not hold the Halloween carnival. The Austrian will welcome the souls by placing a glass of water, bread and lighting candles on the table before sleeping from October 30 to November 8. Additionally, this is also an occasion for them to clean the grave of loved ones at the cemetery.

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