Top 10 Software For The Automotive Industry

Top 10 Software For The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is vast and continually developing. From the design and manufacture of cars to sales and servicing, there is an enormous variety of software needs within all of these different areas. For example, dealers will need an automotive retail cloud platform, whereas designers may need CAD and CAM programs. So, here's a run-down of the top ten types of software used within the automotive industry.

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1. Automotive Retail Cloud Platforms

A bit like a customer relationship management package, automotive retail cloud platforms are the latest development in maintaining every aspect of a car dealership. They have been designed with the car industry in mind, so they differ from a CRM used in other sectors. They can handle every aspect of the business, with each user being allocated a log into areas they require access to. And because they are cloud-based, they can be accessed from anywhere on any device that has a web browser making remote and mobile working a lot easier.

2. Garage Management Software

Many garages are just there for repairs and MOT testing, not car sales, so the programs they need will be slightly different. Garage management software will enable customers' vehicles to be tracked, and reminders generated when servicing or Mo Tees are due. It also means garages can compile full-service histories at the click of a button as well as invoice once the work is complete.

3. Stolen Vehicle Checking 

Anyone involved in buying and selling cars will need to have access to the correct software to check police databases and other records to see whether the vehicle has been stolen, written off or has any different dubious history they need to know about. Generally, this is accessed via the Internet, and credentials will be given out to qualifying parties by the database management.

4. Vehicle Navigation Software

Many new vehicles come with some form of vehicle navigation software. This is basically a built-in satellite navigation device. It is built into your vehicle and enables it to locate itself and provide you with instructions to reach a destination. Or help you if you get lost. It is a large part of the automotive industry.

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5. Autopilot Software

Some newly designed vehicles will have autopilot software, especially with a new generation of self-driven or autonomous cars. As yet, there are not fully auto-piloted vehicles, but the software is being developed at the moment. This will potentially lead to driverless cars in the future, but that also involves a considerable level of computer and machine learning and artificial intelligence. There are some vehicles that offer some autopilot facilities, but they still require a driver to be present at all times, things like maintaining speed on a motorway, for example.

6. Electric Vehicle Management

Another new development in the automotive industry is the development of electric vehicles. Alongside this, there has to be specific electric vehicle management software to enable the cars to know when their batteries need charging, how much power they have and other details. They will also record engine management details for electric vehicles as this run in a different way to standard engines.

7. Automotive Entertainment Systems 

Modern vehicles also come equipped with video or audio entertainment, and this requires automotive entertainment solutions. In addition, many of these software packages are needed to handle Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspots and other hands-free controls. These can be great selling points in vehicles, so it's important that the entertainment systems are first-rate as customers want them to be perfect.

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8. CAD and CAM 

CAD and Cam programmes are used in the design stage of vehicles in order to design various components, including bodywork, ergonomic design, and other elements. These are specialist programmes that are used by highly skilled staff in order to create new innovative vehicle designs that will outsell the competition.

9. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence software is playing a significant role in the emerging innovations within the automotive industry. For example, autonomous vehicles and driverless vehicles are being developed. These can sense things like traffic lights changing colour and other features on the road thanks to their artificial intelligence programming. The more they are taught, the more they are able to deal with, and it is thought that eventually, a driverless vehicle will actually be safer than please one with a human driving as they eliminate the possibility of human error.

10. Other Software 

The automotive industry may also require access to other forms of software involved in the design process, such as Adobe Photoshop, digital imaging software and other tools that aid design. In the modern age, they will also need access to website development and social media packages in order to promote their businesses. There are certainly a lot of different software requirements for this industry, but thankfully plenty of solutions are on hand.

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