Top 11 Technologies Making Our Lives Better

Top 11 Technologies Making Our Lives Better


The difference between the last century and today’s world is the inclusion of technology. Our lifestyle and routines have been revolutionized on account of better tech. The improvement of the technological world has created an environment of ease and convenience for everyone.

I believe that the internet is responsible for almost all the technological success that we see today. This article discusses the top technologies that play part in improving our lives and most of these tech products/services depend solely on the internet for functionality. This means that most of the technology that has made our lives more connected in a better sense is based on the model of the internet. By this definition, if you are looking to elevate your life, you need to equip yourself with a decent internet connection. For example, in order to achieve peace of mind, I transformed my home into a smart home last year and for that, I largely benefited from Spectrum; I got a superfast internet connection at a promotional rate and have been enjoying a fast-paced lifestyle ever since.

Taking this topic further, let’s find out about the top technologies that have changed our lives for the better.

  1. Wireless Communication

Do you remember the time when the only way to use the internet was dial-up? There was nothing more frustrating than having to be chained to your PC and network cables for the simplest of tasks. Since the invention of Wi-Fi in 1997, the world has seen new realms of connectivity. Over time, wireless communication technology has grown faster and is being utilized by all smart devices. It has become as essential as oxygen for businesses as well as individuals.

  1. Internet of things

With the trend of connectivity on the rise, the internet of things is making life simpler for many of us. A number of consumer devices can now be connected to create a network of machine communication without human interference. With almost ten billion internet-connected devices in the world today, we believe that smart home ideation is coming close to full execution.

  1. Virtual assistants

How great is it for managers to have assistants who can manage their schedules, respect their orders, and do everything as told, right? Well, now you can get your hands on your personalized assistants yourself. Virtual assistants like Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri can do everything and beyond to make your life better.

Virtual assistants can not only control your devices, follow your voice commands, and read your news, but also they can recognize your behavioral patterns and self-initiate orders.

  1. VPN

VPN, full form as Virtual Private Network, is an encoded opportunity to establish protected networks to transfer data and information on the internet. This technology makes sure that your privacy remains unharmed when using a public or insecure wifi network. VPN service has proven to be essential and groundbreaking for individuals as well as businesses.

The technology was developed back in 1966 to ensure secure access to network traffic points. However, today its benefits have increased immensely from hiding online activity to evading censorship imposed by countries.

  1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the deal now. It is a digital cryptocurrency that has kept us all on our toes because of its incredible rise and dramatic decline every so often. This decentralized form of currency combines technology, economics, social dynamics, and currency. The best thing about Bitcoin is that it keeps your anonymity intact and the network connects people through encryption keys.

  1. Facial Recognition

The hassle of remembering your login and password credentials for all the accounts and devices has now come to a peaceful end. Facial recognition is a growing technological field of biometric authentication. Currently, it helps us unlock accounts and devices, however, it is expected that it will be used in marketing and surveillance. It can also be used to identify suspected and potential criminals.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Making machines intelligent like humans – seems like a Black Mirror episode but it is reality and we have begun to get the results too. Artificial intelligence has become one of the most significant technologies of recent times and it is being incorporated in retail, healthcare, and transportation to solve critical issues. Facial recognition and identifying breast cancer are just some examples of this tech’s supremacy.

  1. DNA testing

A sample of your saliva or swab of your cheek can make sure that you know of your entire ancestry. DNA testing kits have revolutionized the medical world and are able to highlight any predominant health issues. Over the last few years, these testing kits have become immensely popular and economical within medical facilities. These kits are being used in genetic genealogy, which has helped forces solve hundreds of cases of rape, murder, and assault; even those cases that have been brushed under the rug due to insufficient evidence have been solved.

  1. Social networking

How many of us can be certain that we would have been in contact with people from our past, if not for social networking sites? I am guessing not many. Social networking has allowed us to stay connected with our friends from every phase of our lives. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have further made sure that we can save our memories forever. Moreover, these networks can boost your business and advertising opportunities as well.

  1. 3D printing

Be honest, had you ever thought that there would ever come a time when you would be able to print a football? 3D printing is a process of creating three-dimensional objects in real-time. This concept has been playing out on television for so long but it had always been a wild fantasy, which now has become a reality.

  1. Video and music streaming

Two and a half decades ago, the only concept of entertainment was television and DVDs. Netflix that came out as a DVD rental service has now pioneered a completely new industry of streaming.

Streaming is not just limited to on-demand content, but you can also stream live channels online and music whenever and wherever you want, at any display device. This means that entertainment can be accessed on the go. This technology has been trying to make cable TV obsolete for a few years now and its attempts seem to be working.




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