Top 5 Best Christmas Advert 2019

Top 5 Best Christmas Advert 2019

Christmas is the golden time of the year when famous brands want to increase its sales. Therefore, besides Christmas deals and discounts, there are countless Christmas adverts launched to attract audiences.

Let’s join with us to see top 5 best Christmas adverts 2019 over the past 2 months.

John Lewis Christmas Ad 2019

John Lewis’ Christmas campaign has faced mixed reviews from the marketing community. However, it is true that the Christmas advertising campaign of the English Retail is still “number one” in the hearts of consumers. There are even people who claim to not feel the Christmas atmosphere without the advert of John Lewis.

The two-minute advert tells the story of a boy named Joe. He is awakened by a 7-foot-tall fantasy monster named Moz living under a bed.

So, the two became friends and played together every night. But, that waking up all night began to make Joe tired that he could not open his eyes during the day. By Christmas Eve, Joe received the gift of night light to help him sleep – but this did not mean Moz disappeared.

M&S – Paddington & The Christmas Visitor

Second in the list of top 5 best Christmas adverts is the Marks & Spencer advertisement. M&S partners with Paddington Bear to create a great Christmas ad.

Associated with the launch of the new Paddington film, the advertising campaign brought the image of a famous bear accidentally saving Christmas for friends and neighbors as he mistook a thief to be Santa Claus. The little bear brought the stolen gifts back to where they belonged and all had a meaningful Christmas.


The campaign ‘every bit of Chrismas’ revolves around a funky, festive song written specifically for Sainsbury’s ad. Singing lyrics describe small but lovely things every Christmas like socks, presents …


Another one on the list of 5 best Christmas adverts is the Apple’s ad. It starts with the girl dancing in a snowy city and the moonlit streets using her Airpod headset. She bumped into a boy, shared an AirPod with him and they danced together on the streets.

Additionally, the music in the advert is not a Christmas melody but Sam Smith’s song called Palace. That made Apple’s Christmas advert successful and memorable.


Lastly, surprising name on top 5 best Christmas adverts is the one of the online retailer – Very. The Christmas ad follows the story of a little girl who spreads the joy of the festival by giving pink gifts. She always accompanies Ulfie, her favorite toy wolf. For each gift that was successfully given away, she crossed out one by one on the list, until there was only one left.

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