Top 5 Educational Services For Students In 2021

Top 5 Educational Services For Students In 2021

Educational services are invaluable learning tools that provide students with instruction and training in a variety of subjects. They often range from colleges to universities and training centres to online education marketplace. The latter has dominated the educational service sector in recent years, thanks to offering remote access and being more affordable than other learning options. Many online educational services come at zero cost and offer recognized certificates after completion.

Owing to the global pandemic, online education now offers the safest and most efficient learning solution. If you're looking to learn remotely, here are the top 5 educational services for students in 2021.

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The Udemy platform is a top global education marketplace with an extensive range of online courses available for students. It's lessons extend from business to finance, programming to design, and more. Users get to pick from a selection of over 150,000 courses available on the platform and receive certifications on completion. Udemy supports at least 65 languages, including Spanish, French, German, and more. The website is well optimized for mobile devices, with students having the option to download its mobile app onto their Android or iOS devices.

How it Works

Online learning offers students to learn at their preferred pace; few educational services provide this convenience as much as Udemy. It offers over 30 million hours of video contents, with at least 50,000 tutors ready to take you through a course. Most lessons also feature audio, text, and quiz elements, with the teacher often making the final call on the digital format most appropriate for their class.

Students have the option to preview courses before signing up for one, providing them with the opportunity to explore if it's a right fit. If you feel dissatisfied with a lesson after signing up, you don't have to worry as Udemy has a refund policy of 30 days after registration.

Course prices range from $20 to as much as $200. Buying one entitles you to lifetime access to all its modules and a certificate upon completion.


Duolingo is one of the most popular games-based learning programs globally; it's an application that helps students learn new languages. It employs a quiz system to have users commit vocabulary to memory while also awarding them points based on their performance. Lessons range from five to twenty minutes each day, depending on the individual's setting.

There's an option to have the app evaluate your fluency, with the feature coming in handy for students who already have some ground in a language. This way, they can avoid wasting time learning the basics and skip to mastering new content. You can also connect and interact with other users in Duolingo using any of its numerous discussion forums. Many students use this feature to show off and practise their fluency in a new language.

Despite being a useful language learning tool, it falls short of tutoring scholars in the act of technical and academic writing. Many students looking for psychology assignment help or assistance with other paper projects often hire professionals to assist them with such tasks. This way, they maintain high-quality in their essays and homework.

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How it Works

This app's quiz system features a combination of words, images, and audio elements. You can either use the free version with limited features and languages or opt for its premium package to access more options. It makes learning fun by petting users having similar points against each other in a leader board-based tourney. The player with the highest points gets to earn in-game rewards at the end of a campaign or contest.

Players earn points via daily logins and completing tasks. You can gain bonuses by achieving a perfect score on game levels and a score multiplier with consecutive logins.

Khan Academy

In a world where the cost of getting a quality education is beyond many families finances, Khan Academy offers an excellent opportunity for students to learn without financial constraints. This free online education platform provides an incredible learning experience to students from Kindergarten to college levels at no cost. Philanthropic bodies and individuals such as Bill Gates, Reed Hastings, and Google are some of these services founders. Their goal is to provide quality education to students lacking the financial capacity to get one.

The founders of Khan Academy remain committed to providing quality education at no cost. They have their partners such as MIT, NASA, and the Museum of Modern Art enhance their courses to match the highest standards. Few learning platforms can boast of such reputable partnerships. The language also won't be a barrier to signing up for this educational service, supporting over 36 languages.

How it Works

Khan Academy comes with online education perks such as personalized and remote learning, an extensive range of courses, efficient learning programs, and more. Students have access to traditional school subjects such as science, programming, math, economics, etc. You can keep track of your progress using a personalized dashboard that provides relevant statistics on your coaching program.


For students looking to get quality online education, Coursera is often the go-to option. This educational website offers an extensive range of courses to scholars, with the promise of getting a shareable certificate after completing the entire modules. They have partnerships with over 150 universities and colleges and almost 3000 courses available on this platform.

How it Works

Coursera presents its courses in pre-recorded videos, peer-reviewed and auto-graded assignments, and community discussion forums. You can sign up for its free lessons or paid programs typically ranging from $29 - $99. This educational service provider also offers specializations and degrees, but these higher learning levels are slightly more expensive.


This educational service is the brainchild of two top learning institutions, Harvard and MIT. It shares a similar goal to Khan Academy; ensuring that finance, distance, and access aren't stumbling blocks to receiving education.

How it Works

Students can sign up for any of its 2,400+ courses from major universities around the world. It features many programs for free, while the rest come at an affordable price rate. Students also get a certificate on completing all modules in the course of their choosing.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple educational services available on the internet; they provide you with a more personalized learning approach. Also, you get to learn at your preferred pace, selecting courses and lessons based on what's right for you. Consider signing up for any of the five platforms in this article to get the best of this service.

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