Top 5 Link Building Techniques After The New Google Update

Top 5 Link Building Techniques After The New Google Update


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According to Google updates, link building holds foremost importance if we want our content to rank higher. But, if all the links are non-follow, then it does not make much of an impact. Therefore, the last update has added Penguin Spam Filter in Google, so the algorithms can better judge links’ credibility.

The inbound backlinks are thus essential when it comes to website ranking. So, let’s figure out some of the most effective Link Building Techniques in this article.

What Are Link Building Techniques?

Link Building Techniques help webpages to link to each other by obtaining hyperlinks from other websites and adding them to your site. Thus, it allows the users to navigate between different web pages easily. Even the search engines can also crawl from one web page to another with these techniques.

The more Link Building techniques you will apply, the more credibility will add to your content. It is, after all, through the links only, that Google finds out about our websites. Therefore, if a website does not have backlinks, it won’t have much authenticity in the eyes of Google. So, if you want to work in a digital marketing agency, make sure you know the relevance of these techniques.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Link Building Techniques?

link building

The social media marketing world is thriving. As a result, all digital marketers are focused on generating quality leads for their websites. So, if you also have the same motto of lead generation, let’s find out some Link Building tips that will guide you in the process.

1: You Can Always Ask For Backlinks

If you are a beginner in the social media marketing world, you should know about networking first. With effective networking, you will have ample options to ask for backlinks. For example, if some of your friends have a website or a blog site, you can always ask for their backlinks for your content. It will make your content more valuable on the internet.

Don’t take backlinks that will stay put in your post’s footer or sidebar. Instead, go for those backlinks that will find their place in between your content. Of Course, you have to write unique content to ask for backlinks. But, always remember the backlinks must have relevance to your content, else it would create an adverse impact.

2: Starting A Blog Is Always Helpful

Start a blog

You can start your blog if you want your website to rank higher. But let me make it clear first. You cannot expect to write one blog post and then give the backlink of your website there. It will make you look like a joke in the digital marketing agency. If you want to witness a lead generation of your site, make sure your blog looks alive.

Post daily content on your blog which will be relevant to your site. Cast a strict focus on your clients’ needs. Also, remember to make your content well-structured and relevant to the niche. Over a certain period, your blog will gain industry authority. Then, you can take backlinks from there for your site to make it rank higher.

3: The Dead Backlinks Are Not Worthless

If the web admin makes spelling mistakes of some words in the URL, or if the webpage’s location changes, you will find the 404 Error as soon as you click on a link. These are the broken links that you may encounter if your website domain changes or is relaunched. One of the best free SEO tools, like the Link Juice Recovery Tool, can help you in this process.

With the help of this tool, you can easily detect dead backlinks. On top of that, it can also help you to see time-out errors. Moreover, it is easy to use. You simply need to paste your URL there and ask for a report. If you find any dead backlinks, repair them as soon as possible.

4: Testimonials Are A Win-Win

Many businesses will offer you a chance to state your experience with using a product. If you gather a few testimonials and place them on your blog, it will be one of the most effective Link Building Techniques. It can help you strengthen your customers’ trust. It can also help you to get potential traffic to your site with a much higher approval rate.

If you are writing your blog and working for some companies, testimonials are the best option to go for. The companies will get testimonials for their sites while you will acquire backlinks. Some free SEO tools like LinkDetox or LinkResearchTools can be helpful here.

5: Put Your Faith In The Trustworthy Directories

Indeed, some online directories generate a meager result and provide no real value to internet users. However, not all of them are bad. Some directories can deliver actual value to your site. If your website is listed on one of those, you will automatically acquire backlinks for your site.

Among all the Link Building Techniques, this one seems the easiest. You will get potential customers too who will be interested in your site. If your site is listed on such popular directories, it will have a bigger chance of getting indexed in the Google search engine.


The social media marketing world cannot prosper if the marketers don’t apply these Link Building Techniques. Some of these techniques have been in the market for too long, while some have arrived recently. But, after the last Google Update, these techniques seem to be working the most in favor of the marketers. So, if you want to see your site at the top of the search results, make sure to apply these.



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