Top 9 Best Indian Restaurants In Houston

Top 9 Best Indian Restaurants In Houston


Whether you live in a small town across Houston or right in the heart of Manhattan New York, a steaming thali of Indian food is something that everyone craves for. Finding the best Indian restaurants in Houston downtown is no easy feat. With multiple food businesses springing up near Houston, at times it can actually become difficult to shortlist the top ones. 

To streamline the hunting process for you, we have shortlisted the best Indian restaurant in Houston for you and listed them below. Stay tuned. 

  1. The Bombay Sweets: Classic Street Style Food

Bombay Sweet spicy, overloaded with flavor chats are too good to pass up. Their extensive menu comprises all kinds of Indian street style foods and cuisines. The most famous ones are the dumplings filled with lentil served with a side of yogurt dip, tamarind, and coriander chutney. 

They are also famous for their crispy samosas, kachoris filled with chili potatoes and served with an assortment of chutneys. At the same time, their classic Indian breakfast is to die for in Houston.

  1. Govindan’s: The Ultimate Vegetarian Feast

Govindan’s restaurant in Houston downtown is a complete vegetarian feast on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. They serve the classic vegetarian Indian buffet for the taste buds that are used to the traditional Delhi spices. They do change their menu on a daily basis and offer takeout platters plus car dine-ins as well to maintain social distancing.  

Their famous dishes include the lentil curry served with vegetables, basmati rice, chana masala, and a side of dessert which usually includes some form of pudding. You can add your favorite ala carte items to your meal as well. 

  1. The Himalaya Restaurant

This Indian restaurant has been endorsed by famous food critics in America including Anthony Bourdain (late). The highlight of their menu includes the class fusion of Indian with Pakistani dishes with a hint of American touch. The main dish is the fried chicken that is marinated in a special mix of masalas making it spicy and full of flavor. Among desserts, the most ordered one by the customers is the almond-flavored custard made out of fresh and pure desi cream. 

  1. Hot Bread: Indian Croissants

Hot Bread is an Indian theme spot that offers Indian flavored croissants, pastries including butter chicken, tikka flavored sandwiches, goat mince pastries, and classic Indian flavored pies. They also have a wide range of desserts including cakes, custards, and ice-creams. 

  1. The Kwality Ice Cream: Indian Ice Cream Parlor

Kwality Ice cream is a lively ice cream parlor based near Houston and specializes in making Indian flavored ice creams that are creamy, smooth, and rich in flavor. The classic flavors include cardamom, apple, and fennel. You can customize your ice cream cup with the classic Indian dessert Gulab jamun. They also serve falooda, which is a traditional Indian drink loaded with sweet noodles. 

  1. The Masala Munchies: Indian Wraps Specialist

Masala Munchies is a small counter spot type restaurant that is famous for its Indian flavored vegetarian wraps and sandwiches. Their standout dish includes the Masala Munchie Roll filled with potatoes and onions while the wrap itself is made of crispy paratha. 

The other famous wraps include the sweet ones with the filling of coconut, ginger, yellow lentils, and sesame seeds. They even serve class masala popcorns.

  1. Pondicheri: The Indian Style Cafe

Pondicheri is the classic Indian style casual cafe based in Houston. It started back in 2011 and offers all-day meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can enjoy the world’s most scrumptious spinach paneer with a side of classic Indian condiments. Moreover, their coffee is to die for. People travel long distances simply to enjoy Pondicheri special Coffee and flatbread. 

  1. Surya India: The North Indian Food Specialist

Surya India is the classic north Indian cuisine-based restaurant that does not offer a buffet system but their ala carte menu is everything a food lover could ask for. The highlight of their menu includes the chicken korma made out of pure cashew nut cream. This dish can also be made in lamb which is preferred by most people. Their secret ingredients are coconut and fire chile. 

  1. Verandah: Reviving the Forgotten Indian Food

Verandah Restaurant is reviving the forgotten Indian cuisine. It was started by the famous chef Sunil Srivastava. He has compiled an in-depth menu that includes all sorts of lamb-based dishes and spicy vegetable-based condiments. However, the star of the show for the entire restaurant is their ultimate “dum biryani”. 

In the End

So, this was our million-dollar list of the top Indian restaurants that you can go to in Houston, Texas. Indian Cuisine is the heart of all food cuisines and if you are in Houston then you must try the classic Indian food only from the best and nothing less. 

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