Top 9 Video On Demand Platform Providers

Top 9 Video On Demand Platform Providers


The VOD platform has gained immense growth over the last couple of years. Owing to the advancement in technology and increased usage of the internet, the sector is currently booming. 


Consumers are hooked to viewing video content. Whether it is a popular TV show on Netflix, scrolling through Instagram videos, or finding how-to videos on YouTube, there is constant consumption of video content across many platforms. 


According to Statista, by 2023, you can expect about 3.1 billion digital video viewers. Due to this trend, many businesses have taken to the video-on-demand platforms—Disney Plus, HBO Go, and more. 


The pandemic in 2019 only paved the way for more interest in the platform as VOD is convenient to watch from anywhere, at your own time, if you have an active internet connection. About 88% of Millennials and Gen Z in the US agreed that entertainment and distraction during the pandemic were the main reasons to watch videos. 


For a competitive edge, it is essential to opt for a video-on-demand platform provider to build your platform. They have more expertise, understand your business needs, and are up to date with the existing trends in the VOD segment. Before we get to the best VOD platform providers, let’s understand some basics. 


What is a VOD Platform? 


VOD allows users to watch video content from a library of options at their own pace, without adhering to a broadcasting schedule. Videos can be played on any device such as smartphones, TVs, personal computers, and others. 


With VOD, viewers can playback videos, pause, and rewind as per their convenience. Video-on-demand software is useful in helping the consumers browse through the list of options from the library and choose what to watch.


With VOD, customers control their watching patterns and businesses benefit by using the various monetization models. Popular revenue generation models include subscriptions, advertisements, or pay-per-view systems. 



9 Top Players in Video On Demand Platform


By using a video-on-demand solutions provider, you save a lot of effort, time, and money included in starting from scratch. The VOD platform providers have an expert term that stays on top of trends in the industry and gives you valuable inputs to scale your VOD business. Here are the popular VOD solutions for VOD streaming platforms:


1. VPlayed - A Highly Secured VOD Platform



With over 150 streaming features and a mix of six monetization methods, VPlayed is one of the top choices in white label VOD platforms. You can find numerous features like powerful CMS, strong security integration, great marketing tools, and more to boost your VOD business. It also has reliable hosting and offers full ownership to grow your business as you deem fit. 


Highlighted Features

  • Customize Your Video Streaming Channel Entirely

  • Manage Your Content with Inbuilt CMS

  • Integrate Your Platform at On Cloud Servers

  • Powerful Multi DRM Platform Security 

  • Varied Video Monetization Models



 2. Brightcove - Unmatched Reliable Video on Demand Solution





Brightcove is also one of the best video-on-demand platforms which promise high-quality video streaming, a 24/7 support team, and security measures for a seamless experience. Backed by innovation and technology, the provider offers flawless integration with video partners for great results. 


Highlighted Features


  • Insert ads in between your video content to monetize 

  • Deliver optimized Live Video Streams 

  • Track your audience’s engagement via analytic reports

  • Empower your video communication with uptime high-tech security

  • Rule community empire with video ranks high via social media integration



3. Contus Vplay - A White Label VOD Streaming Platform




Contus Vplay is also one of the leading OTT and video-on-demand providers that offers 100% customization, on-cloud/on-premise hosting, third-party integrations, and more. The best cloud transcoding and encoding features guarantee a smooth streaming experience to build your audience and business. You can also manage your content supply chain with ease from anywhere. 


Highlighted Features


  • Upscale Revenue with Video Monetization Options

  • Endorse inbuilt Video Marketing Tools

  • Enhance with Top Hosting & Management

  • Security with Digital Rights Management

  • Monetize Seamlessly with 100% Customizable Solution



4. Vidyard - Best Video on Demand Software




From easy video creation with recording your screens, webcam, and more to video analytics that help you make key business decisions, this is one of the top VOD platforms. You can also personalize your videos to each user for a better experience on the platform. The platform offers the best tools for video creation, management, sharing, and analytics for your business.


Highlighted Features


  • Upload content with ad-free video playbacks 

  • Personalized Video Experience to get optimum leads

  • Videos perform best with measurable video analytics

  • Power video data with leading automations & marketing integration platforms



5. Wowza - Global Video Streaming & Distribution Platform





Wowza is a video-on-demand company that offers high-definition streaming to almost all devices. From creating VOD playlists to adaptive playback based on bandwidth, this streaming provider helps businesses scale in their VOD segment. Its other features include strict security measures, recording live streams, optimize video bitrate, and more.


Highlighted Features


  • Video playback needs promptly with HTMLembed systems

  • Lessen first-mile issues with origin ingestion via proactive management

  • Streaming cloud solution publish content

  • Configure DRM, RTSP systems to protect your media streams

  • Embed real-time video streaming for interactive virtual environments



6. Kaltura - Powering VOD Experience with Streaming App




From Cloud TV platform to enabling LMS videos, Kaltura caters to a wide category of businesses and crafts a unique video-viewing experience suitable for customers. With Kaltura, you can focus on content creation while they help you with building a platform complete with technology, streaming, hosting, and other details. 


Highlighted Features


  • Findable options all-in-one place with advanced metadata 

  • Get advanced Kaltura’s APIs integrated into Your Existing Platforms

  • Unleash best in-hand broadcast video technology stack for Real-time, Live, VOD

  • Explore a unique video cloud platform to scale unlimited pay opportunities



7. Uscreen - Fully Customizable On Demand Streaming Solution




From video-on-demand app development to building an on-demand video streaming platform, Uscreen does it all. Catering to the changing norms of online video demand, the Uscreen team ensures you have the best tools in the industry to scale your business including content management, streaming, and analytics. 


Highlighted Features


  • Seamlessly distribute & monetize your videos with a constant recurring stream fee

  • Automate scheduled content delivery with multi-device mode compatibility

  • Get an overview data of your customer views to track your video progress activity

  • Captivate audience’s attention with powerful website themes to upscale video pays

  • Roll out your super SEO friendly strategies to convert search engine users



8. Muvi - Create Video On Demand Service




Whether you’re looking for a video-on-demand streaming software or to build a platform that streams videos across all platforms, Muvi is your go-to solutions provider. It has solutions that cater to the infrastructure, content management, billing, video players, and more to benefit your business. 


Highlighted Features


  • Video CMS

  • CDN Video Delivery

  • Video Hosting

  • Online Video Player

  • Video Transcoding

  • All Video Formats & Codecs


9. Vixy Video - All-in-One VOD Management Platform



Vixyvideo has a professional team that helps business stream their video content with fast playback and secure hosting. Its VOD branch helps platforms manage, monetize, and stream videos efficiently with the potential to grow and increase revenue. 


Highlighted Features


  • Match brand identity using white-labeled platform

  • Relay on secured video hosting for lightening-fast playbacks

  • Manage media publishes effortlessly with single library video CMS

  • Get live webinars & have a fully SaaS managed platform in one go

  • Showcast interactive experience with extendable screens in Web, SmartTV, etc



How to Choose the Best VOD Platform?


For growth in business and a competitive edge, choose a solutions provider with the utmost knowledge of the current trends in the market and professional experience. Your video platform can earn high revenue if your provider has beneficial features to scale your business. Some top features to look out for are:


● White Label VOD Platform: With white-labeling, you can give the VOD platform your branding and increase the recognition amongst your customers. It builds loyalty and avoids distractions while using the platform. Also, it gives you complete ownership of your business.


● 100% Customization: Customization is the key to making your business successful. You can modify the platform to your content needs and based on the behavior of your users. There is room for improvement without having to deal with inflexible features. 


● Multiple Revenue Models: As you scale your business, you add more features, types of content and attract more users. With the right analytics, you’ll see that the revenue models can be dynamic for high revenue generation. Having a feature to explore different revenue models can help you understand what works the best for your platform. 


● Third-Party Service Integration: From paywall integration to Google Analytics integration, find a service provider who does a seamless process in adding extensions. This feature benefits your business as you expand and bring in more to your platform. 


● On-Cloud/On-Premise Hosting: Where you host your content also impacts your streaming service. For quality sake and security, choose a provider who has both on-cloud and on-premise hosting. Along with that, having global servers can expedite the streaming process. 

In short, choose a service provider that has features beneficial to your business and also has the flexibility to grow your business. While some features may seem latent at the start of your VOD business, as your user base grows, their feedback and behavior influence many changes in your platform. So, choose a platform that can support you even after the launch of your VOD streaming platform. 


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