Staying up nights, scouting through LinkedIn job profiles, endless walk-in interviews, and that gut-wrenching fear of being rejected. We have all been there at one point in our life where we have lost periods of sleep thinking about where we should channel our career options. As students, we are more consumed with the dilemma of our higher studies. However, with the coming of age, the thought of getting a stable job that can also stimulate our passion can possess a difficulty. Hence, understanding what you excel in and knowing what career options cater to that interest should also be part of your academic research.

‘Make your hobby your job.’ sounds like a simple term on paper, but the administration of it is a long process. Although, in this article, we have tried to simplify it. Bringing you Top Career Options you should go for by covering five major interest points. In addition to that, we have also included Educational levels with the highest ROI.


Gone were those days when being an engineer, lawyer, or getting a government job were the only career option. Note that these are still credible job choices, but they are no more the only reputed ones. In the last decade of the century, we have seen innumerable careers come to light. So whether you are a Python programming expert and want to get a position in coding or venture more into the artistic field and become a celebrity hair designer, the opportunities are ample. Moreover, there are also competent educational courses to achieve it.


Some might say it is not a ‘real world’ job, but their primitive minds have no idea how inspiring this career can be.

  • It has a steady career because with the digital atmosphere changing all the time; Gaming will never cease to not exist neither will your job.
  • It is creative and analytical. Your critical mind can work wonders with your coding skills. However, the wilder the imagination _ the better the game.
  • Not a fan of wearing formals every day? Don’t worry as this job will give you a casual atmosphere to work in.
  • Starting salary can be slightly low, but it has frequent elevation the more you gain experience.

For the academic courses, you can start with Programming, and then you can reach for niche subjects of Game Designing and Development.


If you want a career option that quenches your interest in finance and has a handsome income potential, then this is the path for you.

The perks are unlimited.

  • This job offers the most flexible career option. Real Estate Agents can always create their schedule to fit the work within the hours of the day conveniently.
  • You have the perfect liberty of decision in your job because you don’t work under anyone’s jurisdiction.
  • Once you acquire advanced knowledge of jobs in real estate investment, your income flow will be unlimited.
  • If you are an extrovert who likes working outdoors, you will love the interactive environment of this career.

The academic course for Real Estate is a degree in entrepreneurship, and then you can take complete courses to learn more about Real Estate Investment Trusts.


Are you fascinated by the many-dimensional folds of the human psyche? Do you have an ardency in investigating the deeper meaning of human behavior? Then a career in Clinical Psychology will be the best choice.

  • It is a job where you will stumble across something new every day. So, naturally, boredom is out of the picture.
  • Flexible work schedule. Operate your work around your own time.
  • With mental health awareness advancing so rapidly in the last five years, this has the potential to be one of the highest-paid career options.
  • You can bewilder your mind with new challenges daily.

Your academic plan can start with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then a specialization in Clinical psychology for higher studies.


Who said imaginations couldn’t pay? That person didn’t know how to view things with creativity. A career in CopyWriting or Creative Writing is just the right path for all those artistic souls out there.

  • Firstly, you will have ample opportunities for getting into an organization or work freelancing as Creative CopyWriters are in high demand with advertising and content venturing into every field possible.
  • You don’t have to restrict your mind as the possibilities of your imaginations can bring the next eureka idea.
  • If you honed the skill perfectly, you could practically work in any industry.
  • The income level has a high potential for acceleration.

Start with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Media, and then you can also grow your Resume by taking external Creative and Copywriting courses.


Some of us are different. We steer more towards the causes of humanity and find solace in helping others. But, who said you couldn’t make it a career option?

  • Again, with the advent of mental health awareness, marriage and family counseling is a rising career option.
  • You can find joy in helping others fix their problems and find happiness
  • It is an excellent job if you have a keen aptitude for leadership and like guiding people on a much emotional level.
  • Have flexible hours and spend that time interacting with a new set of people every day.

You can start with an academic plan in psychology and then a master’s in family and marriage counseling.


Whatever way you decide to direct your career path, always remember that a stable job with a steady high income doesn’t come that easy. Therefore, putting your best step forward, you have to learn the mantra of hard work in a smart way. However, always make sure that you enjoy your time in it. Yes, you have to work towards sharpening your skills, you have to take new risks, but with the correct preparation, the route will get a little easier.

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