Top 8 Best Curly Hair Salon Los Angeles

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 21, 2023

193 Reviews

Are you looking for the best curly hair salon near Los Angeles? The curly hair experts in this top-list have all the expertise to help you get the look you desire. Whether you're searching for stylists for a special occasion or a regular salon for maintenance, you'll find what you're looking for in this collection of top-rated salons. Going to the right salon is essential to managing curly hair, so read on to find the best ones in Los Angeles!

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Situated in the heart of Los Angeles, R+Co Park Slope Salon offers customers a luxurious and pampering experience for their gorgeous curls. Whether it's a basic trim, a special occasion styling, or an indulgent cut & color session, this salon has a team of extremely talented and friendly professionals on hand to take care of your hair care needs.

The experienced stylists at Park Slope Salon specialize in curly hair, giving your curls a style that expresses your individuality. From loose curls to tight ringlets ...

If you want to give your curly locks a makeover with the best care in LA, NaturallyCurly Hair and Makeup Studio is one of the most trusted places for exquisite curly hair services. Whether you’re in Hollywood or the Westside, it’s the go-to Curly Hair Salon in Los Angeles for a better look.

The studio specializes in contemporary curly hairstyling. You can get the most fashionable haircuts, colors and treatments for your curls. Whether you have tight coils ...


The Curl Club Salon

21 Reviews

Are you ready to experience ultimate hair care transformations? Los Angeles-based The Curl Club Salon is here to answer the call! Founded in 2019, this salon is quickly making a name for itself as the premier destination for high quality and affordable hair care services. Specializing in curly, textured, kinky, and natural hair, The Curl Club Salon offers a variety of services to meet the ...


Curly Hair Studio

94 Reviews

Are you interested in getting a transformation for your curly hair? Curly Hair Studio in Los Angeles is the go-to place for refreshing and stylish curly hair looks. Their talented team of stylists will meet your needs no matter what your hair type and create stunning styles from a simple trim to trendy colour variations.

At Curly Hair Studio, they believe curly hair should be celebrated and embraced. Whether you have ...


Meriwether Salon

93 Reviews

Meriwether Salon, located in the heart of Hollywood District of Los Angeles, is renowned for their expertise in curly hair styling and cutting. Under the creative direction of founder Robert Meriwether, the salon has established itself as one of the top-rated curly hair specialists in Los Angeles and the whole of California.

The Meriwether team is committed to delivering the utmost excellence when it comes ...


Innerchild Salon

32 Reviews

Do you have curly hair and live in Los Angeles? Innerchild Salon is the place you need to visit for your curly hair treatments. Established in 2019, their mission is to provide people with the best saloon services. They believe that everyone is worthy of exuding beauty and being confident about their appearance.

Innerchild Salon offers a variety of hair care services for both men and women, including curly hair care, color, shapes, styles, and more. Their ...

Sally Hershberger Salon, a top-rated Los Angeles hair salon for curly hair, offers haircuts, color, follicle treatments, styling and more - making it one of the premier salons in the city. Founded by celebrity stylist and eyebrow expert Sally Hershberger, the salon is renowned for its top-notch services and wide selection of quality products. Sally Hershberger Salon uses a combination of the latest technology and classic techniques to create beautiful curly hairstyles that ...


Bishops Cuts/Color

15 Reviews

When looking for a hair salon that specializes in curly hair, Los Angeles locals turn to the professionals at Bishops Cuts/Color. This renowned salon has been providing clients with incredible cuts, styling and coloring services for years, and it’s no wonder why their list of devoted clients continues to grow.

Offering personalized attention and services that are at the forefront of hair trends, a visit to Bishops Cuts/Color always guarantees stunning results. From playful bobs ...

Final Thought

These are the Top 8 Best Curly Hair Salons in Los Angeles. Choosing the perfect salon to pamper, enjoy, and maintain one's curly hair within a budget can be tough. But worry not, because these salons offer top quality services for a price that won't make your wallet whimper. From the affordability to the pleasant atmosphere, you can't go wrong with these top-notch salons. With just the right cut, curling, and styling, you can now flaunt your fabulous curls effortlessly.

Overall, whether you're looking for quality and affordability, or just an experience of a lifetime, the Top 8 Best Curly Hair Salons in Los Angeles will not fail to deliver. Visit these salons now for the next level of curly hair perfection.

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