Top 5 best hair color for Asian

Emily Roberts

Last updated: October 31, 2023

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Are you considering a new look and wondering what colors would best suit Asians? Finding the right hair color for Asian skin tone can be tricky. You need to take into account your current hair color, skin, and facial features. To make the process easier, here is the top 5 best hair color for Asian! We have researched and rounded up the best options for every type of skin tone. From warm honey caramel to deep, rich chocolate, these hair color choices will help you find the perfect shade for you.

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List of 5 best hair color for Asian

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Mahogany is a stunning hair color that looks beautiful on Asian hair. It is rarely seen in natural Asian hair, and so it makes for a unique and eye-catching look. Mahogany is a rich, vibrant color with hints of copper and deep red that blends perfectly with the natural warm tones of Asian hair. It is a great option for those ...


Tangerine brown

64 Reviews

Tangerine brown is a unique hue that is ideal for those with Asian skin tones. It’s a warm, medium-brown shade infused with sheer tangerine tones to add just a hint of coral. This color is perfect for adding subtle warmth to highlight your facial features. It looks gorgeous when styled in a sleek, straight cut, or when it’s left in its natural wavy state. Whether you’re looking for a subtle sun-kissed look or a more dramatic hue, tangerine brown is a great choice.

The shade adds texture ...

Exposed roots with blonde hair has become a popular hairstyle for those looking for a bold new look. This trend goes beyond the traditional coloring of black and blue to create an exciting look that can make a bold statement! Perfect for Asian hair, it can create a stunning look that will turn heads.

It works best for medium-length to long hair, with the roots ...


Dark brunette

43 Reviews

When it comes to achieving an effortless and stunning look, dark brunette haircolor for Asian women reigns supreme. This deep brown color looks sophisticated and elegant, yet is still subdued enough to be quite wearable for a variety of occasions. Plus, it's a great way to enhance your features without taking away from your natural beauty.

For a classic dark brunette look, try a shade of medium brown ...


Platinum pink

25 Reviews

The perfect combination of pink and silver is what Platinum pink hair color is all about. With its ethereal coolness tamed by the warm, vibrant touch of pink hues, Platinum pink is the ideal choice for Asian hair to stand out and look its best. Being one of the top 5 best hair color solutions for Asian hair, this hair color is definitely something that's worth considering for your next salon visit.

Platinum ...

Final Thought

Finding the perfect hair color for Asian skin tones can be tricky. There are some tried and true hues that work best for many Asian skin tones, however. Whether you want an all-over color, an ombre effect, or something as subtle as highlights, these top five best hair colors for Asian will help you find the look you crave. From cool-toned ash blond to earthy browns, there's something to flatter every Asian skin tone.

Experimenting with color is always fun. Don’t be afraid to try something new and different. Hair color is temporary and can always be changed if you don’t love it. Embrace and enjoy the journey. Find the perfect hair color for your Asian complexion and hair type, and relish in your beautiful look.

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