Top 5 Best Hair color for Deep Winter

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 2, 2023

192 Reviews

Ready to refresh your hair style? Trying to find the best hair color to suit your deep winter look? Our expert team has evaluated the leading hair colors, and has come up with the top five best hair colors for deep winter. From midnight black to creamy blondes, you'll find shades perfect for your skin tone and preferences. Read on to learn more about the hottest hair colors around.

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List of 5 best hair color for deep winter

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Jet Black

79 Reviews

Jet black has been hailed as the star of deep winter hair colours. This striking hue is perfect for those with expertly done short to medium cuts and makes any face look amazing. Boasting an ultra-dark tone, this is a colour that will never go out of style. So if you’re looking for a timeless colour that's sure to make a statement, you can’t go wrong with jet black.

No matter which shade of black you go for, you can be ...


Cool Espresso Brown

57 Reviews

Dark winter days and the endless gray of winter skies call for a look that is bold and dramatic. And what can be more dramatic than a head full of espresso brown hair color? Cool espresso brown is the perfect option for deep winter. It’s a blend of light and dark, bringing dimension and luminosity to even the darkest corner. And it’s so versatile that you can go for a subtle espresso brown ombre or an ...



24 Reviews

Deep winter skin tones are striking and full of warmth and vibrancy, and can make a perfect palette for some bold and lively hair colors. Blue-black hair can be a dramatic look, and with added dimension and highlights, you can really add an edge to your look.

With a blue-black hair color, you can opt for an overall color that is solid and trendy, or you can add some highlights for a look with dimension and class.

A blue-black hair color looks great on short, long, or ...


Deep Burgundy

62 Reviews

Your wardrobe is filled with tonal, earthy colors like rich caramel, royal blues and deep forest greens. These colors just naturally suit your skin best. So why not extend that same level of color coordination to your hair? The deep burgundy hair color option is the perfect choice for deep winter color seasons. This red-violet hue will deepen the winter hues already in your wardrobe and add a subtle and sophisticated look.

Deep burgundy is a stunning hair color ...


Dark Ash Brown

7 Reviews

The winter season is a great opportunity to flaunt stunning hair colors, and dark ash brown hair color is an excellent choice for deep winter. This gorgeous color flatters all skin tones, giving you a polished and chic look.

From light ash brown, which is suitable for lighter skin tones, to darker shades, dark ash brown is the perfect go-to color for those with deeper and ...

Final Thought

In summary, if you are looking for the perfect hair color for deep winter, the choice lies between the shades cocoa, mahogany, deep red, cool-toned chestnut, and ashy blonde. With the help of a competent hairstylist, you can be sure to bring out the best of winter with one of these colors. Remember that the best hair color for deep winter must acknowledge both skin tone and eye color! If you need help selecting the ideal hair color, imagine how each one may look against your complexion. Have fun and enjoy your beautiful winter hair!

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