Top 7 Best Hair Color Women Over 50

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 7, 2023

184 Reviews

Are you over 50 and thinking about changing your hair color, but you're not sure where to start? There are so many hair color options out there! Don't worry, we've narrowed it down for you. Read on to explore the Top 7 Best Hair Colors for women over 50.

We've taken into account skin tone, hair texture, and style preference to get you the best color results. We considered the warmth, coverage and color longevity of each, so you don't have to! Whether you're looking for subtle enhancements or something bold and daring, these hair colors are perfect for women over 50.

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Deep Auburn

68 Reviews

For any woman looking to make a statement and look confident no matter the age, Deep Auburn hair color is an excellent choice. This trendy hair color has seen a recent resurgence in popularity among women over fifty. Not only does it add a subtle hue that can add life to gray hair, but it looks natural and timeless for ...


Champagne Blonde

37 Reviews

As women enter their 50s and beyond, it becomes important to ensure your hair color is flattering and age-appropriate. Outlandish bold colors might work for younger generations, but it won't be suitable for mature women. One of the best hair color choices for older women is champagne blonde. This hair color is a delicate blend of icy blonde and beige-blonde tones, giving it a unique, sophisticated look. The shading gives a bit of ...


Sunset Blonde

40 Reviews

Besides, sunset blonde is a also wonderful color option that can be used by women over 50 who want to add some variation to their style. Not only is this color incredibly stylish, but it adds a hint of warmth to your appearance without being overly bright.

Sunset blonde is a warm color option that often incorporates a variety of hues, including light and darker pieces of golden blonde hair. It gives women over 50 something other than gray to choose from, and it still looks very natural, allowing you ...


Bright Copper

50 Reviews

In the world of hair color for women over fifty, bright copper is a dynamic choice that is sure to turn heads. It is a hue that flatters and complements all skin tones, making it an ideal way to upgrade any look. With its vibrancy and warmth, bright copper looks incredibly natural-looking and will make a timeless statement.

This lively shade is ideal for a woman who is looking for a color that will really shine. ...


Toffee Babylights

14 Reviews

If you're a woman over 50 looking to switch up your hair color game, why not try Toffee Babylights? This gorgeous, subtle warm hue provides just the right amount of color to bring out the natural beauty of your grey locks. Not only that, but Toffee Babylights can help to give your face a soft, youthful glow.

Toffee Babylights are quickly becoming a favorite among women over the age of 50 who want to add subtle dimension and reflect their ...

Ginger is another perfect color for any woman over 50 who wants to make a bold statement. Whether you are looking to highlight your hair with subtle touches or go for dramatic lowlights, going ginger will add instant vibrancy to any hair style.

Highlighting your hair with ginger creates a subtle, yet lovely, look that will bring your entire look together. For women over 50, highlights of ginger provide a balanced look that emphasizes your facial ...


Dark Mocha

11 Reviews

Last but important, dark mocha hair color is a luxurious yet subtle shade that will add warmth and depth to your look, and is a great way to switch up your hairstyle while still keeping a natural look. Here we look at the top seven best hair color options for women over 50 and explore all the ways that dark mocha can help you achieve a beautiful and stylish result.

Dark Mocha is a rich, dark brown shade with just a hint of ...

Final Thought

Best Hair Colors for Women Over 50 are the perfect way to look and feel more youthful and vibrant. Whether you are looking to update your hairstyle, freshen up your look, or try something new, these options can provide the perfect combination of brightness, low-maintenance, and natural-looking for any woman. From bronze to rose gold, strawberry blonde, and even blueberry blonde, these colors are perfect for anyone seeking to embrace a new hue. So take courage and find the perfect hue for you—you're sure to make heads turn!

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