Top 10 Best Hair Salon in Auburn AL

Emily Roberts

Last updated: January 3, 2024

187 Reviews

Are you looking for a professional hair salon to make a good hair transformation for you in Auburn AL? Here are the top 10 best hair salons in Auburn AL, chosen by customers who have experienced various services at these salons. All of the salons offer quality service with highly experienced professionals. Whether you are a professional looking for a stylish cut or an occasional visitor seeking special care, these hair stylists will provide you with the perfect look to meet your expectations.

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Salon Luxe

37 Reviews

Salon Luxe Auburn is a top-notch hair salon in Auburn, AL. Our experienced and talented team will give you the look you’ve always wanted. Our goal is to provide our clients with quality, fashion-forward hair services for a reasonable price.

From haircuts and blowouts to highlights, we offer a large variety of hair services to give our clients the perfect look. We use only the best hair care products to achieve the highest-quality results. At our salon, we focus on ...

Salon Luxe

H.A.I.R. Studio

59 Reviews

Are you looking to revamp your look with a stunning new haircut? Look no further than H.A.I.R. Studio, one of Auburn's top hair salons. Located in the heart of Auburn, H.A.I.R. Studio is renowned for its skilled stylists and luxurious treatments. With H.A.I.R. Studio, you'll get the perfect look, every time.

At H.A.I.R. Studio, an experienced team of stylists provides personalized haircuts and styling services to give you a beautiful look, no matter the occasion. Whether you're in need of a trim or ...

H.A.I.R. Studio

Salon Bellezza

9 Reviews

Salon Bellezza is the most renowned salon in Auburn AL. From quality services to an exemplary customer experience, the Salon doesn't disappoint. This premier salon provides a large variety of professional hair care services, from classic coloring to trendy hairstyling. If you're looking for truly out-of-this-world glamour, Salon Bellezza is the place to go.

At Salon Bellezza, clients can be sure to get nothing less than the best of the best. Although the salon offers a variety of specialized treatments, its core is rooted in quality ...

Salon Bellezza

The Hair Company

6 Reviews

The Hair Company is a premiere hair salon in Auburn, AL offering luxury services to clients throughout the region. Our experts deliver experienced hair care, custom cuts and styles, hair treatments, color enhancement, and more. We are committed to providing a pleasant experience no matter what services you need.

Our team draws on years of industry experience to provide personalized services. Our stylists also stay up to date on the latest hair trends and uses the best products ...

The Hair Company

Salon Moxie

15 Reviews

No matter where you live in the Auburn area, Salon Moxie is the perfect hairdresser to get the stylish look you desire. Offering a full range of haircare services as well as personalized treatments to tailor to your individual needs, this salon is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a professional and reliable hairdresser. Boasting a modern interior and cutting-edge hairdressing equipment, it's no wonder Salon Moxie is one of the top-rated salons in Auburn.

Salon Moxie

Salon Pearl

47 Reviews

If you're looking for a trustworthy and reliable hair salon in Auburn, AL, then look no further than Salon Pearl. This premier hair salon provides superior quality services in all areas related to hair care. From styling and coloring to hair extensions and bridal hairstyling, the salon's experienced, certified stylists have the knowledge and skill to help make you look your best. Whether you want to change your style or just freshen it up, at Salon Pearl, you can be sure ...

Salon Pearl

Full Circle Salon & Spa is an esteemed hair-care destination that is located in Auburn, Alabama. The Salon is staffed by a talented group of experienced hair care specialists and beauty technicians who specialize in providing high quality services that help clients bring out their natural beauty. They understand that each customer is different and strive to create unique, customized looks that will keep clients visiting the salon for years to come.

In addition to a wide range of professional hair care services, Full Circle Salon & ...

Full Circle Salon & Spa

Ritual Salon

70 Reviews

If you are looking for a high-end luxury salon that offers excellent services in Auburn AL, look no further than Ritual Salon. This premier hair salon is known for having talented and experienced hairstylists who can help you get the look you have always wanted. Whether you are looking for a dramatic change to your current style or want subtle highlights to frame your face, Ritual Salon can make it happen.

The professionals at Ritual Salon ...

Ritual Salon

Luxe Salon and Spa

34 Reviews

Situated in the heart of Auburn, Luxe Salon and Spa offers a wide range of professional hair services, from cuts, color, styles and extensions to perms and permanent color. Whether you're looking for a fresh cut, a vibrant color, creative styling, or a little extra volume, Luxe Salon and Spa has something to meet your every need.

Our highly-trained and experienced stylists will work with you ...

Luxe Salon and Spa

R Salon

43 Reviews

R Salon in Auburn, Alabama is renowned for offering top-of-the-line hair services in a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. For over two decades, the expert stylists and colorists have been caring for clients’ needs, providing the outcomes that are sure to please. Whether you’re searching for tried-and-true looks or on-trend styles, R Salon offers the latest services and products to achieve the best possible results. From quality cuts and vibrant colors to creative up-dos and conditioning treatments, you’ll leave feeling your most beautiful.

At R Salon, intense attention-to-detail ...

R Salon

Final Thought

The top 10 best hair salons in Auburn AL are the perfect choice to find the best styling service. From professional cuts with the perfect color combinations to special event up-dos, each of these salons have something special to provide. Whether you are looking to recreate a style you love or explore something new, these top-notch salons will make sure that you get the results you are looking for without compromising on quality. Take the time to explore the options provided and find the best one for you. We are certain you will feel great with the final product!

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