Top 7 Best Hair Salons in Tokyo

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 19, 2023

196 Reviews

In Tokyo, there are lots of hair salons with different hairstyles and techniques, so if you want to have the perfect look on your special day, trust the experts at one of these top 7 best hair salons. From classic styling to modern looks, these salons have everything you need to make you look gorgeous. Get ready to flaunt your hair thanks to the amazing talent of the expert stylists at these salons. Here is a list of the seven best hair salons in Tokyo, giving you the perfect look!

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Shampoo Taro Salon

1 Reviews

Kicking off our list at number one is the Shampoo Taro Salon. Established in 1984, this high-end beauty salon has consistently ranked among the top 7 best hair salons in Tokyo every year. With its commitment to providing exceptional service and a relaxing environment, Shampoo Taro has become a popular choice for those seeking superior hair care.

Located in the bustling Shibuya area, this chic salon offers a wide range of hair styling and ...

Shampoo Taro Salon

Oribe Salon Shibuya

86 Reviews

Claiming the second spot is another favorite hair salon in Tokyo which offers high-quality hair styling services customized to fit any form or style, the Oribe Salon Shibuya. This full-service salon specializes in hosting special events, such as bridal styling and parties. They also offer a variety of other amenities, including scalp conditioning treatments and makeup services, ensuring a complete makeover for a night out with friends or a special occasion.

If you’re looking for ...

Oribe Salon Shibuya

GrayHair salon

73 Reviews

Recognized among the top 7 best hair salons in Tokyo, GrayHair offers a luxe experience perfect for those looking for modern aesthetics and cutting-edge trends. From blowouts and cuts to perms and colors, the talented team of stylists is experienced in all aspects of hairdressing, providing a customized look no matter your hair type.

At GrayHair, clients have access to a full range of services including haircuts, perms, coloring, blowouts, and styling. Whether you’re looking for an everyday look or ...

GrayHair salon

Kamon Salon

88 Reviews

Serving customers since 1982, Kamon Salon provides an array of cutting-edge styling services along with an unrivaled customer experience. The salon combines the finest craftsmen in the business, state-of-the-art technology, and creative styling treatments to give customers the perfect look for any occasion.

What sets Kamon Salon apart from its competitors is its commitment to quality, professionalism, and innovation. All stylists at Kamon Salon are highly skilled professionals with decades of experience in the beauty industry. The salon ...

Kamon Salon

Zoff Salon Aoyama

71 Reviews

If you are looking for top-quality hair care in Tokyo, then the exquisite Zoff Salon Aoyama is the place to be. Located in the chic part of Aoyama, this salon has gained a legendary reputation among city’s fashion aficionados for its cutting-edge style, luxury service, and distinctive hairstyling techniques. Their stunning interiors, combined with the expertly trained staff, create an atmosphere of refinement and excellence.

Established in 2007, ...

Zoff Salon Aoyama

The talented staff at Wakakusa Salon Omotesando consists of experienced stylists, who can make even the most difficult hairstyles look amazing. The staff also offers a variety of hair and scalp treatments, which can help to improve the overall health of your hair. The salon also offers color and texture treatments, as well as hot oil treatments, to help you get the look you want.

At Wakakusa Salon Omotesando, you can find a range of modern and trendy hairstyles, from classic cuts to the latest in celebrity looks. Whether ...

Wakakusa Salon Omotesando


5 Reviews

Lemonsal is the perfect sanctuary for busy Tokyo citizens. This chic and trendy hair salon is well-known for providing top quality services for reasonable prices. Their team of expert stylists and colorists have a passion for creative looks and modern trends. All treatments are tailored to the individual needs of each customer, ensuring an exquisite, personalized experience.

At Lemonsal they pride themselves on their attention to detail and provide a comprehensive list of services, from cuts and blow dries to full hair color treatments. ...


Final Thought

These Tokyo salons are well-established and pinnacle in hair care and styling. Our top seven salons in Tokyo offer the highest quality of personalized service that caters to all hair types and occasions. From color treatments to haircuts, enjoy the utmost in luxury from these best Tokyo salons. For the perfect look and top-notch experience, Tokyo is a great destination for hair salon services.

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