Top 10 Best Hair Salons in Scottsdale

Emily Roberts

Last updated: October 31, 2023

200 Reviews

For a heathy, stylish and beautiful hairstyle, finding the right hair salon is very important. There are lots of hair salons in Scottsdale offering various services. To make your search simpler, here are top 10 best hair salons that offer quality and professional services for different tastes. Whether you are looking for a special styled cut, color treatments, perming, straightening or just a simple trim, this list of hair salons will make sure you get the right one.

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Vidogi Salon

15 Reviews

The award-winning Vidogi Salon, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers a comprehensive range of hair styling and beauty services. This high-end salon has attracted clients from all over the world, coming to experience the incredible expertise of the team of talented stylists and professional technicians.

At Vidogi Salon, guests can enjoy a range of services from basic trims and hair color, to advanced treatments, cuts, and blowouts. The salon ...

Can't find a salon that offers professional hair stylists and an equally amazing MedSpa? Look no further than Ramon Bacaui Hair Salon & Med Spa, one of the top 10 best hair salons in Scottsdale. This stunning spot features a full-service salon and spa, complete with a wide variety of treatments to keep everyone looking and feeling their best.

The expert and experienced stylists at Ramon Bacaui Hair Salon & Med Spa focus on providing superior services for every customer. Whether you're looking for a fresh style, a ...


Society Salon

52 Reviews

The beauty found at Society Salon is truly worthy of applause. Located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, Society Salon offers customers hair styling services and treatments that delight even the most particular person. From haircuts of all lengths and styles to coloring, perming, and hair treatments, Society Salon has something for everyone.

One of the things that make Society Salon stand out ...


'Ohana Salon

56 Reviews

Welcome to Ohana Salon, the premier destination for hair styling and beauty care services in Scottsdale! Ohana Salon has been celebrated by locals and tourists alike for its superior hair quality, skilled and experienced stylists, and warm and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you are looking to get the perfect haircut, explore a new hair color, or undergo any other hair treatment, our team of brilliant stylists is ...


Salon Four8Zero

31 Reviews

Four8Zero is one of the finest hair salons in Scottsdale, Arizona, offering unique, personalized beauty services for each client. They have a passionate and experienced team of stylists who work with clients to create gorgeous, stylish looks every time. Their services include hair color, highlights, balayage, women's and men's haircuts, keratin treatments, waxing and makeup.

Salon Four8Zero prides itself on providing excellent service that is both timely and efficient. They strive to make each ...


When looking for the best hair care experience, Rumors Salon - Seville is the ultimate choice. Located in Scottsdale, this luxurious salon offers a soothing atmosphere for customers to enjoy a variety of hair treatments, including color corrections, styling, and extensions. With its team of experienced and professional stylists, this hair salon consistently offers the highest quality of services to its ...


Bravo Salon

34 Reviews

Are you looking for an amazing hair salon in Scottsdale? Then your search is over. Welcome to the charming and highly-rated Bravo Salon! Located conveniently near downtown Scottsdale, Bravo Salon provides everything you need for the perfect hair makeover.

Bravo Salon offers a variety of hair services to fit your individual needs. From the latest trending hairstyles to classic looks, their professional stylists can help you create the perfect look for any ...


Ryan M Scottsdale

76 Reviews

When it comes to getting your hair styled, you can never go wrong with Ryan M Scottsdale. Ranked as one of the top ten best hair salons in Scottsdale, this award-winning hair salon offers a wide array of services from hair styling and coloring to waxing and facial treatments. Whether you need a cut or color, Ryan M Scottsdale has an experienced team ...


David Frank Salon

83 Reviews

 David Frank Salon is the only local hair care provider in Scottsdale that truly caters to the individual needs of their clients. From precision hair styling to a full service salon experience, David Frank’s highly trained professionals have the expertise to deliver the perfect look for every type of hair. The salon boasts a luxurious interior and boasts the highest quality products ...


Are you looking for a hair salons in Scottsdale that offers more than just the regular trim? Saints & Scissors Salon is the perfect go-to for an exquisite and sophisticated hair styling experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, the experienced team of stylists at Saints & Scissors Salon is passionate about giving their clients a memorable experience and the style they have always desired.

Established in ...

Final Thought

The Top 10 best hair salons in Scottsdale are a diverse group of experienced establishments. From the experienced and highly-trained technicians to the welcoming and modern salons, there is something for everyone in this list. Every salon offers something different, whether it be unique cuts, styling, treatments, and coloring. So whichever salon you choose, you're guaranteed to have a memorable experience.

For those who want a great beauty experience, there are countless award-winning salons that offer premium quality services. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, there are multiple salons with amazing locations and decor. No matter what your style, you can find the perfect hair salon to make your hair look its absolute best.

Take the time to explore the Top 10 best hair salons in Scottsdale to find the one that's perfect for you. You can be certain that you will have an incredible beauty experience, and come out with a stunning, new hairstyle. Whether you are looking for a subtle change or an outgoing style, you can be sure that you will find the perfect hair salon to make your vision come to life.

We hope this list has given you plenty of great options for finding the perfect hair salon. Whether you are trying something new or sticking to the familiar, you’ll be sure to find a salon that will meet your needs. The Top 10 best hair salons in Scottsdale have something for everyone, providing a safe, professional atmosphere, great customer service, and amazing outcomes.

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