Top 8 Best Hair Salons Kansas City

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 24, 2023

183 Reviews

Looking for a great hair salon in Kansas City? Look no further! Here are our top 8 best choices for a hair salon in the city. Whether you're looking for a salon with affordable prices, stylish looks, or even luxury pampering and indulgence, you'll be sure to find something to make you shine. Let us help you look and feel your very best by presenting these best hair salons in Kansas City.

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Vanilla Salon

80 Reviews

Starting us off at number one, Vanilla Salon is dedicated to providing the highest quality hairstyles and beautifying treatments in Kansas City. Established in 2009, this full-service hair salon has been providing customers with professional hair care services for over a decade. Vanilla Salon is committed to delivering excellent service and in-depth styling education to each and every one of its clients. From hair coloring to ...

Vanilla Salon

BRAVO Hair Salon

87 Reviews

Topping the list, BRAVO Hair Salon in Kansas City, Missouri, has been providing its unique combination of quality hair services, professional products, and attentive customer service for over 25 years. Whether you’re just maintaining your look or achieving a completely new look, the experts at BRAVO will help you create the perfect hairstyle for your unique personality. Whatever your needs ...

BRAVO Hair Salon

For all your hair styling needs, Artistic Hair Design LLC is the go-to hair salon of Kansas City. Situated in the lovely neighborhood of Lee's Summit, it is renowned for providing some of the best hair styling services in KC. Run by an experienced and passionate hairdresser, Artistic Hair Design LLC is fast becoming a favorite of people all over the city.

From precision haircuts to luxurious hair treatments, Artistic Hair Design LLC offers incomparable hair services at an affordable ...

Artistic Hair Design LLC

Le Baobab Salon

62 Reviews

Next on the list, Le Baobab Salon is also one of the top hair salons in Kansas City, Missouri. Founded by stylist and artist Lauren Baobab in 2007, the salon offers a wide range of services including but not limited to haircuts, styling, coloring, treatments, and extensions. With a passion for beauty and art, Lauren strives to bring an innovative and unique flair to her clients to create the perfect look that suites their personalities and lifestyle.

At Le Baobab ...

Le Baobab Salon

Blo Hair Studio

57 Reviews

Are you searching for a hair salon that provides you with the best hair styling services? Blo Hair Studio is one of the most sought after hair salons in Kansas City. It stands out from the rest with its top-notch services and friendly, experienced staff. From the latest hair trends to the most stylish haircuts for men and women, Blo Hair Studio ...

Blo Hair Studio

At Color Me Mine Hair Studio, they have all the hottest colors and hairstyles that give you a unique look, no matter the occasion. Their specialty haircut and hair coloring techniques guarantee to leave your hair feeling and looking its best.

This Kansas City hair salon is known for its experienced and highly-trained hairstylists who specialize in custom cuts, perfect perms, and creative colorings. ...

Color Me Mine Hair Studio

If you're looking for a unique hair styling experience, look no further than Cutting Chairs Hair Studio. Located in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, Cutting Chairs is the premier destination for a wide range of professional hair services.

At Cutting Chairs, we proudly offer custom haircuts, coloring, straightening, balayage, extensions, and more – all tailored just for you. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or looking to simply maintain your look, our experienced team of stylists ...

Cutting Chairs Hair Studio

Sassoon Salon

82 Reviews

And completing our list in 8th position is trend-setting Sassoon Salon which offers personalised treatments for all types of hair needs. This premium hair salon is not just all about the dreamy looks and luxurious atmosphere, but a promise to give clients inventive and quality-driven hair services. At Sassoon, you'll get top-notch hair services, customized hair colour with cutting-edge precision, anti-frizz keratin treatments, rejuvenating scalp replenishment, and more.

No matter what hair challenges you have, the expert team at Sassoon ...

Sassoon Salon

Final Thought

The Top 8 Best Hair Salons Kansas City featured in this article are truly exceptional in terms of their professionalism, quality of services offered, and overall customer satisfaction. We hope that this list of top-ranked salons will help you find the perfect one for you. Whether you're looking for a classic cut or a bold new look, you're sure to find something you love these Kansas City hair salons.

Make sure to check out our other top lists to find more great businesses and services in Kansas City. With so many great options, you're sure to find something to fit your needs!

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