Top 8 Best Hair Salons in South Shore MA

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 21, 2023

181 Reviews

Finding the right hair salon for you can be a daunting task. That's why, if you're looking for an exceptional experience, it pays to look for one of the best hair salons in South Shore MA. Local hair salons have the know-how, expertise, and commitment to quality that makes going to the hair salon an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Here is a list of the top 8 best hair salons in South Shore MA to help you narrow down your options.

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Instyle Salon

65 Reviews

Located in the heart of South Shore MA, InStyle Salon is a favorite among local residents and visitors alike who are looking for the perfect blend of style and professionalism. With highly trained and experienced stylists, InStyle Salon offers an array of services including cutting, styling, coloring, and highlights that create a look that is uniquely yours. The salon provides all the latest trends in fashion and styling, so you’ll always have an up-to-date look.

InStyle Salon prides itself on using the best products ...


Strands Salon

10 Reviews

Strands Salon & Spa is a premier hairdressing destination located in South Shore, MA. From the moment you walk in the door, you will be submerged in a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere. Our highly-skilled stylists specialize in the latest trends and styles to give you the new do that you have always wanted. Our team of professionals will ensure that you feel pampered and well-cared for from start to finish.

Services at Strands Salon ...


For the best hair styling experience near South Shore MA, go to Influences Hair Salon! Located in Rockland, MA, Influences Hair Salon has been providing cut-above services to their clients since 1982. Honing their craft from generation to generation, their team is well-versed in the latest trends and techniques of the industry. Whether you want to get a classic look or a modern trendy hairstyle, ...

If you're looking for a relaxing spa experience in the South Shore area, then the Reflections Salon & Spa is the place for you. Located in the historic town of Hingham, this full-service salon and spa offer a wide range of services, including haircuts, waxing, massage, tanning, and nails. Customers also have the option to customize their products with many different styles, ...


Chop Chop Salon

28 Reviews

Chop Chop's Salon, located in the South Shore of Massachusetts, has been a leader in providing professional hair solutions for over 20 years. They specialize in hair styling, coloring, and cutting, and offer a wide range of treatments, all tailored to the individual client.

At Chop Chop's Salon, they understand that a client's hair is an extension of their personality, and they strive to create a look that best suits their clients, with a blend of the latest trends.


The Salon Loft

73 Reviews

Are you looking for a one-stop hair salon in South Shore MA for your hair care needs? Then The Salon Loft is the perfect place for you! Located on the South Shore, The Salon Loft is a premier hair salon that specializes in the latest hair styling and coloring trends. With a highly trained staff of experienced hairstylists, The Salon Loft is equipped to handle all of your hair needs. Whether you’re looking to get a fresh ...


Inspirations Salon

53 Reviews

Planning to head out for an exciting hair revamp? The renowned Inspirations Salon is the perfect go-to spot for your complete hair solutions. This top-rated hair salon in South Shore MA has everything you need to glam you up - whether you’re planning an entirely new microscopic hair style, a dreadlock makeover and extension, or simply a professional hair dye.

Inspirations Salon has a warm atmosphere and an open, inviting ...


Salon Nouveau

13 Reviews

Are you looking for the perfect salon to give you the fresh look you desire? Look no further than Salon Nouveau, one of the top 8 best hair salons in South Shore MA. This salon offers a wide variety of styling services to help you get the look you want. Whether you're looking for a new cut, highlights, deep conditioning treatments, or hair extensions, Salon Nouveau can make it happen. With experienced and knowledgeable staff, modern facilities, and top-of-the-line products, you can be ...

Final Thought

The Top 8 best Hair Salons of South Shore MA have everything you need and more to make sure you look your best. From an enjoyable atmosphere to professionally trained and experienced stylists, these salons are sure to meet your expectations. With so many great options, it is easy to find the perfect place to get ready for your next event.

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