Top 9 Best Henna For Grey Hair

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 24, 2023

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Are you dreaming of grey hair but also looking for ways to safely and naturally color it? Look no further than henna. Henna is an ancient dye derived from the leaves of the henna shrub and it is incredibly popular for its natural and safe coloring properties. Not only does henna coat the hair with a rich, deep hue, it also nourishes and strengthens the scalp and hair, giving it a healthy, shiny finish. Here are the top 9 best henna for grey hair.

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Those suffering from grey hair may find themselves frustrated at being unable to find a way to stop the ageing process, however, HennaSooq has created a way for people to enjoy the dashing look of highlights without an expensive dye job.

The result of their creative endeavor is the Highlights by HennaSooq line, specifically designed for those with grey hair. It typically won't lighten or colour grey hairs, but it can mimic the look of ...

Highlights by HennaSooq

Lush Henna

31 Reviews

Lush henna hair dye is a unique choice for those looking to cover up their grey hair. Natural, vegan-friendly, and dye-free, this product contains only 100% natural henna powder. It delivers beautiful, long lasting highlights and adds volume to all hair types, ensuring natural coverage of grey hair.

As a semi-permanent dye, it does not damage hair. Instead, it nourishes roots with its natural oils and pigments, and infuses ...

Lush Henna

Henna Caravan

5 Reviews

Don't let gray hair drag you down! You can still look your best with henna hair dyes from Henna Caravan. These vegan-friendly hair dyes are specifically formulated to nourish gray hair while providing maximum coverage. And they offer a variety of products tailored to different hair types and needs, so you can find the perfect shade to restore your youthful vibrancy.

Henna Caravan's hair ...

Henna Caravan

Herb and Flower's Natural Henna powder is the perfect choice for people with grey hair looking for a reliable and natural solution. Made with the perfect blend of natural ingredients, such as cassia, amla, and hibiscus, it helps restore pigment to the hair in an effective and long-term way. Not only this, but its natural properties can also help protect your hair from further damage and breakage making ...

Herb and Flower Natural Henna

When it comes to restoring natural color and shine to grey hair, Surya Brasil Henna Cream is an ideal solution. The herbal-based formula is enriched with indigo and herbs that help to create subtle color with natural-looking results. Not only does Surya Brasil offer great coverage that blends in with the natural shade of your hair, but it also ...

Surya Brasil Henna Cream

Just Natural Products Pure Henna is an all-natural product that helps restore grey hair to its natural color. Unlike harsh synthetic chemical dyes, this certified organic henna is entirely safe for your hair, and brings with it numerous additional benefits.

The pure henna powder contains no preservatives, dyes or additives, as all of its natural ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality. It is made up of plant-based lawsone molecules, which act as a natural dye for hair. These lawsone molecules help restore ...

Just Natural Products Pure Henna

IZZI Organic Henna

29 Reviews

Grey hair can be a troublesome issue, especially when it makes you look older than you are. IZZI Organic Henna presents a viable solution to this problem. It is enriched with time-tested natural ingredients, crafted to revitalize your hair’s natural vibrancy and promote healthier locks. The Henna powder is certified organic and produced ethically with the highest quality standards.

IFI Organic Henna ...

IZZI Organic Henna

Nupur Henna Herbals

84 Reviews

Grey hair is generally perceived as a sign of aging, however, it can also be a result of stress, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle. Nupur Henna Herbals is an organization dedicated to providing natural solutions to individuals struggling with grey hair.

Nupur Henna Herbals offers natural, organic henna powders that provide intense conditioning, cooling, and strengthening to the hair. From mild to intense coverage, these carefully-crafted formulas are designed to nourish the hair with herbal extracts, while delivering a beautiful shade with long-lasting color and ...

Nupur Henna Herbals

When you’re looking for a natural product to color your hair, Beautiful Earth Natural Henna is one of the most popular henna products. It is 100% plant-based and from a trusted source. It is the perfect alternative to chemical hair dyes because it does not contain any harsh chemicals – so it’s safe and gentle to use even on grey hair.

Beautiful Earth Natural Henna is harvested by hand ...

Beautiful Earth Natural Henna

Final Thought

In conclusion, Top 9 Best Henna For Grey Hair are the best products if you’re looking for something to keep your grey hair looking vibrant and youthful. The products on this list are reliable, all-natural and manufactured by certified companies. Consider your budget, skin type, and other factors to make an educated choice. With the right amount of research and patience, you can get an excellent result from the right product. Be careful to choose the right product for your needs and make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Happy shopping!

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