Top 10 Fun Birthday Hair Ideas to Celebrate Your Day

Emily Roberts

Last updated: January 3, 2024

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Turning another year can be a blessing like no other! With birthday hair ideas topping the wishlist many hairstylists, getting your look spiffed up can make for a real celebration. Have your locks looking bright and bold on your special day with these top 10 birthday hair ideas. From formal updos to fun waves, you won’t be disappointed with our selection of looks for all hair types. Let's get you hair-spired!

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Birthdays are special days that happen only once a year and since it only comes once, why not make it even better than usual? One of the best ways to do that is to elevate your overall look with a fun and unique birthday hairstyle. Highlights are perfect for adding brightness to your mane, while the colors can provide your hair with extra oomph.

Bring out your inner artist with an artfully arranged color blend of highlights for ...

Highlights in your birthday colors

When you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate a special birthday, there's nothing better than fun and vibrant hairstyles! Sparkly clip-in extensions are the perfect way to amp up your birthday hair game with minimal commitment and maximum impact. All you need is a bit of patience and creativity while assembling these lovely hair accessories.

Clip-in extensions are essentially pieces of real ...

Sparkly clip-in extensions

Funky fun filters

53 Reviews

Birthdays are unique occasions that you get to spend with your near and dear ones. Brimming with fun and enthusiasm, you get to celebrate it your way. No birthday is complete without ample decorations, a grand cake, singing, and yes- beautiful hairstyles. Looking for some hairstyle ideas that make you look like a million bucks? Funky Fun Filters has got you all covered!

Funky Fun Filters offers fascinating hair ideas for each unique birthday boy or girl. With the most trendy and stylish hairstyles, gain complete ...

Funky fun filters

Whether you’re a flower child at heart or just trying to add some festive flare to your birthday look, flower crowns will not go unnoticed. Not only are they a statement piece for your hair, they also add a great, romantic vibe and are always fun to wear. Whether you’re looking to make one yourself, or buy a pre-made crown, you’ll love being crowned with a head of flowers.

If you’d like to ...

Festive flower crowns

When searching for the perfect birthday look for your girl, why not make it even more special and unique by adding some of these personalised ponies and buns to her look? Not only is this a fantastic way keep her looking creative and cute on her big day, but it will also be a memorable experience for her that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re ...

Personalized ponies & buns

Pairing a glamorous headpiece with your birthday look is a great way to make a style statement. Glam bows & headbands are colorful, bold, and incredibly versatile - making them a go-to for any special birthday. Whether you’re looking for something understated or fashion-forward, you can find many different styles and colors to help accessorize and express your personality.

Glam bows & headbands come in an array of different varieties. You can get them with lovely jeweled encrustments, cozy knitted headbands, ...

Glam bows & headbands

Dazzling dye jobs

94 Reviews

On your birthday, you should celebrate being you – and you can do that with a unique look to match your individual style! Dazzling dye jobs are a great way to show off your personality in a new way and leave an impression on your own birthday party and beyond.

Special occasions deserve special attention, so why not make your birthday a time to really shine? Whether you opt for a subtle pastel hue, a bold and bright color, or something in between, dye jobs will add ...

Dazzling dye jobs

Birthdays are a special occasion for a person to celebrate the coming of another year and show the ones they love how much they care. To make the day even more festive, why not consider adding some decorations that go beyond the typical banners and streamers?

Balloons and streamers make great decorations for any birthday celebration. They provide a festive atmosphere and can be arranged in all sorts of fun and creative ways. Whether you are throwing a party for a child or adult, balloons and streamers ...

Bday balloons & streamers

Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to break out of your everyday look and try something a little wild. Believe it or not, you can bring the same face-morphing and psychedelic filters from Snapchat to real life. From classic trends like glitter and high ponytails to rainbow hues and crimped braids, here are 10 birthday hair ideas to make sure your big day is selfie-ready.

A subtleTwist on half-up, half-down ...

Snapchat filters IRL
Planning a birthday celebration for yourself or for a loved one? Make sure you don’t forget the all-important birthday hat. Throw out those plain, childish paper cones and choose something more modern and iconic to make your birthday all the more special. The right birthday hat can give you a fun and fashionable style all your own, no matter the occasion. Felt is a great material ...
Iconic birthday hats

Final Thought

For a fun and special birthday, why not make your day more special with a unique hairstyle? From glamorous curls and pin-up looks to casual messy buns, these top 10 birthday hair ideas will be sure to make your day truly memorable. No matter what your style preferences are, these easy-to-create looks will be sure to make your birthday a fashionable event worth celebrating. Try out a stylish new look to make the moment special, or stick to what you know best and love – it’s your gift to yourself!

Whether you’re on your way to a party or just wanting to look your best for the day, these top 10 birthday hair ideas are sure to make your day feel complete and stylish. No matter your hair length, texture, or type, you’ll be sure to find the perfect style for your special day.

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