Top 10 Gorgeous Ways to Rock Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Emily Roberts

Last updated: January 15, 2024

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If you want to be on top of the latest hair trends, then you won't want to miss out on the Top 10 Blonde Hair with Lowlights. Whether you've been considering updating your current style or are just looking for some inspiration, this list has something for you. Not sure what lowlights even are? They involve adding subtle highlights or darker tones to the strands of your hair, creating an interesting contrast that enhances your natural highlights. Read on to see the best blonde hair with lowlights looks!

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Caramel Balayage

5 Reviews

Do you want your hair to be a true stunner? Look no further, a caramel balayage blonde hair shade may be the perfect look for you! Caramel balayage is a low-maintenance, cool-toned blonde hue that melts into hair of any color, offering depth and dimension. Whether your locks are dark, light, or somewhere in the middle, blonde hair with lowlights created with caramel balayage can quickly ...

Caramel Balayage

Dark blonde wisps

10 Reviews

As the number two option, Dark blonde wisps with lowlights can give you an alluringly captivating look. By combining blonde and dark brown shades, the result is a stunning combination of a dark blonde base with light that highlights the multi-dimensional texture of the hair. It's a look that never fails to turn heads.

If you're feeling daring and have the confidence to try this ...

Dark blonde wisps

The blunt lob with deep roots is a popular and highly sought-after hairstyle. It features a shorter, more layered lob cut with dark or warm highlights. Deep roots provide contrast to the lighter tones featured throughout the hair while keeping the lob cut flattering and fresh. This blonde hair with lowlights style looks best when worn longer and styled in tousled waves or a curled bob, giving it a modern and timeless look.

Blunt Lob hairstyles are ideal for people with medium to long ...

Blunt lob with deep roots

Whether you are looking for an edgy, modern, or classic style, the golden-laced look with blonde lowlights is truly versatile. Taking your blonde hair to the next level, blonde lowlights give the hair greater depth while seamlessly blending with the golden hue. The addition of subtle blonde lowlights can also take your hairstyle from day-to-day to glamorous.

When choosing to enhance your blonde ...

Golden-laced layered look

What’s better than blonde hair with lowlights? Light blonde hair with deliciously rich chocolate brown lowlights of course! This mix of blonde and brown creates an incredibly stunning look that works with any complexion. If you’re considering a change, warm up to blonde hair with chocolate brown lowlights!

Going blonde with lowlights is a perfect way to liven up your look without making a drastic ...

Chocolate highlights

Hidden brights

76 Reviews

With people who want to add depth and dimension to blonde hair, maybe the hidden lights are the perfect answer. By introducing a darker shade into your blonde, you can create a stunning balayage or ombre effect, giving your hair a beautiful sun-kissed look. This trending highlighting technique is becoming increasingly popular with all hair types and colorings, and it is the perfect way to spruce up your look.

Hidden lights involve taking a small strand of ...

Hidden brights

The timeless and alluring butterscotch blonde hair with lowlights is a classic blend of natural-looking colors that will give you a flattering two-tone effect that brings all the attention to your facial features. These dimensional butterscotch tones can transform the most ordinary tresses into a head-turning look that is perfect for all occasions.

Adding lowlights to a blonde base color can help create visual depth for those who are looking for a multidimensional look. Paired ...

Dimensional butterscotch tones

Honeycomb hair is an eye-catching look that can help you take your hair game to the next level. It can be tailored to any hair color and style, so you can show off your personality and make a bold statement with your hair. Plus, honeycomb hair looks amazing on just about everyone!

Getting honeycomb highlights isn't as intimidating as you might think. Many hair colorists ...

Honeycomb over color

Are you bored of the same old blonde hairstyle? Adding lowlights is an easy and fast way to switch up your look. One of the trendiest blonde hair with lowlights right now is cinnamon lowlight. It is a shade of brown that can be blended with warm and cool blonde shades.

Cinnamon lowlights are an ideal choice for those with blonde ...

Cinnamon lowlight money piece

We can all agree, that going blonde is risky business. We dream of natural-looking, golden color, but too often end up with something closer to hay. In order to look like the stars, be it sky or screen, you have to commit to the level of style upkeep — and believe it or not, that often starts with your roots. Rocking blonde hair with lowlights is the solution to ...

Softly shadowed roots

Final Thought

From sandy spice to golden sunkissed, these top 10 blonde hair with lowlights have something for everyone. The greatest part is that there are so many options, for both light and dark blondes. Use them for inspiration to create a look that flatters your features and suits your desired style. Whether you're going for a subtle and sunlit take, or something a little edgier, lowlites on blonde hair will always add dimension and depth to the style. So pick the one that best suits you and let your inner beauty shine!

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