Top 10 Pretty Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Every Wedding

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 4, 2023

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Weddings are the most special day for brides and grooms, and for this, the most important is that each and everyone looks beautiful in the ceremony. That includes not only the bride but also the bridesmaids! For that, one must take into account a number of factors, such as each bridesmaid's hair type, and the overall style of the wedding. But don't worry because we have listed the top 10 bridesmaid hairstyles to help your bridesmaids look stylish and chic on your special day. Whether they have long or short hair, there is a great look that is perfect for each bridesmaid.

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Topping the list, the Carelessly Twisted hairstyle is one of the most romantic and timeless bridesmaid hairstyles. It is also widely known as the Beach Twist. It helps beautify your bridesmaids and create an even more memorable day. This bridesmaid hairstyle looks best in long tresses.

The romantic carelessly twisted look features soft strands and a gentle wave that gives the look a relaxed and natural vibe. It requires little effort; ...

Carelessly Twisted Bridesmaids’ Hair

Another popular idea when it comes to bridesmaid hairstyles, nothing is more timeless and elegant than the Old Hollywood shoulder-length style. This classic look not only flaunts a bride’s wedding dress and her bridesmaids’ wardrobes, but it also enhances the natural beauty of the women in her bridal party. From soft curls to glossy waves; smooth blowouts to relaxed bobs, the shoulder-length style is versatile enough to flatter every bridesmaid and can be adjusted to suit any ...

Old Hollywood Shoulder-Length Bridesmaid Hair

The Undone Low Bun is a popular go-to look for special occasions due to its simple and classy finish. Bustling with effortless femininity, this style works with almost any bridemaid hairstyle and can be accessorized with delicate combs, trendy clips, and exquisite hair flowers.

Whether you are searching for a style fit for a modern princess or a contemporary twist on the classic bun, the Undone Low Bun has something for you. Combining messy texture and glossy strands, you can easily find the perfect balance ...

Undone Low Bun Bridesmaid Hair

For those seeking a timeless, romantic yet unfussy look for the bridesmaids, nothing can beat a stunningly simple braid-centered updo. This look is perfect for mid-length to long hair, as well as suited to all hair textures. The trick to making it work for everyone, is to just tweak the braid pattern to suit the key characteristics of each individual’s hair.

Braided styles, of course, are an ideal match for any type of formal occasion, and if you’re looking to create a captivating and chic overall look for ...

Unfussy Braid-Centered Updo

Mermaid waves and French twists offer the ideal combination of glamour and sophistication. From classic French twists to beachy waves, these versatile looks are sure to make your bridesmaids stand out from the crowd.

The French twist has remained a beloved classic for many years. It's an elegant and timeless style that suits any hair type and can be dressed up or down. To add a modern spark to the timeless French twist, pack it with beautiful mermaid waves. This simple yet elegant ...

Mermaid Waves Packed in a French Twist

Achieving a chic and sophisticated look for your bridesmaids is essential to any wedding day. The Soft Chignon with Side Parting hairstyle is perfect for getting that sophisticated look. It is a bridesmaid hairstyle that can be worn for formal and informal events—from the wedding day to the reception.

This look will give your bridesmaids a professional yet elegant presence. It is a great style for medium-length to long hair since it can be styled to flatter face shapes and enhance natural ...

Soft Chignon with Side Parting

A Curly Bridesmaid Ponytail with Side Braiding can make a traditional wedding feel more modern while still keeping that classic elegance. It's a great bridesmaid hairstyle for many wedding styles, from outdoor ceremonies to those held in a grand cathedral. With this look, each bridesmaid's hair is curled and pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of the neck. But the added beauty is in the side braiding that is done right above the ear. This helps give ...

Curly Bridesmaid Ponytail with Side Braiding

If your bridesmaids all have long hair, an Elaborate braided hairstyle with highlights would look breathtaking. Whether your big day’s theme is modern or old-fashioned, a heavily braided hairdo is a great way for your bridesmaids to look absolutely stunning on your special day. It will not only stand out and capture the attention of wedding guests, but is also perfect for capturing timeless photos.

A heavily braided updo with highlights is an excellent way to keep all the bridesmaids’ hair in place all night. Furthermore, there are a wide variety ...

Heavily Braided Updo with Highlights

he wavy lob wrapped in a low bun is an incredibly versatile alternative to more commonly seen 'dos for your wedding. This modern and romantic bridesmaid hairstyle is easy to create, regardless of the type of hair your bridesmaid has. If you’re a bridesmaid or a bride searching for the perfect look, you’ll love the wavy lob wrapped in a low bun!

You’ll achieve the ideal result by styling two-day-old hair. ...

Wavy Lob Wrapped in a Low Bun

Last but not least, achieving the perfect romantic-chic braided look for your bridesmaids is made easier with the Poufy Crown Braiding style. This up-do has a unique and opalescent effect that you won't get from any other style. It uses a combination of weaving and braiding techniques to create a poufy and elegant look that will be sure to wow your guests.

The Poufy Crown Braiding style has been a long-time favorite among bridesmaids, and it's easy to see why. The beautiful ...

Poufy Crown Braiding with an Opalescent Effect

Final Thought

In conclusion, the above 10 bridesmaid hairstyles are perfect ideas for any wedding. From braids and half up-dos to buns and curls, there's something for everyone! Each style is unique and will add a special touch to the wedding day. Not only will the bridesmaids look beautiful, but they're sure to feel confident and beautiful too. To ensure everything is perfect for the big day, make sure the bridesmaids are well-prepared and have some practice runs with their chosen styles.

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