Top 10 Hottest Brunette Hair Color to Try in 2024

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 7, 2023

188 Reviews

Are you thinking of changing your hair color to something darker? Do you crave a more modern, attractive look? From golden honey to deep espresso brown, the options for brunette hair color are endless. Here we present the top 10 brunette hair colors that are guaranteed to provide a classy, glamorous and fresh look. Explore and find the right hue for you!

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Chocolate Ombré

79 Reviews

For brunettes who want to jumpstart their look with a chocolate-colored balayage, ombré is the way to go. Ombré hair color—also known as balayage—is a beautiful tricolor blend of light, medium, and dark shades. Chocolate ombré is a favorite among those with dark brown hair. This trendy hair color can help you look more stylish and modern without having to go through the tedious and pricey process of a full-color transformation.

A chocolate ombré is typically more of a two-tone blend, ...


The Melted Caramel Ombré trend is sweeping the beauty world! For brunettes who want a warmer, layered look, melted caramel highlights provide a stunning, decadent color. This illuminates darker tresses and gives a modern touch to any look.

The best part about this highlighting technique is that it’s surprisingly customizable and can be adjusted to fit any shade. Darker brunettes may choose to add subtle ribbons of chocolatey caramel, while lighter shades may opt for a bolder statement—the possibilities are boundless.

Most often, a ...


Cinnamon Brown

29 Reviews

If you're looking for a warm and muted hue to spice up your look, Cinnamon brown is a great choice. A popular option for brunette hair color around the world, Cinnamon brown is a mixture of chocolate brown and red that brings out subtle auburn shades. However, you can't just grab any box of hair color and expect it to work. To make sure you achieve that stunning Cinnamon brown finish, here are some key ingredients.

The first ...


Cacao Brown

33 Reviews

Dark brown hair is appealing and sexy. It’s not too light, not too dark but just right. It has so much potential for texture and tones, that you can create all manner of styles and looks. Cacao brown is a great choice for those who want to add a bit of texture to their hair but without any wild color. Absolutely perfect ...


Sparkling Mocha

44 Reviews

Sparkling mocha is an exquisite, gorgeous hue for those looking for an effortless, natural look that still shines. Whether you’re a natural brunette or looking to highlight dark hair, this glossy mid-tone neutral brown is ideal to enhance brunette hair. With hints of cool, warm, and neutral undertones, sparkling mocha blends seamlessly for a striking yet subtle look. Whether you have a light or dark complexion, sparkling mocha adds a subtle ...


Ginger Brown

25 Reviews

Whether they are fair-skinned, olive-skinned, or even dark-skinned, brunettes are sure to make a stunning statement with the right style. Now, more and more brunettes are gravitating towards one particular style: ginger brown hair.

Ginger brown hair is a mix of light auburn, deep cocoa, and warm red. This combination of colors creates a beautiful result that works well on both light and dark brunettes. From celebrity looks to everyday trends, ginger brown is ...


Cold Brew Brown

87 Reviews

What makes Cold Brew Brown a great pick is its ability to make any complexion glow. This deep brunette hue can be used to add contrast to darker skin tones while highlighting lighter skin tones. No matter what skin tone you have, Cold Brew Brown can provide natural-looking luminosity. Additionally, Cold Brew Brown is also great for those with naturally ashy hair, since it has enough warmth to give it some ...


Soft Chestnut

16 Reviews

Soft chestnut is a classic brown hair color that is flattering for almost everyone. Its earthy shades of warm browns and golden tones give it a glamorous shine that can elevate any look. Plus, its subtle hints of red and purple create a unique depth of color that attract attention no matter the occasion.

Whether you want to turn heads at a night out or just give your everyday look a ...


Golden Brunette

44 Reviews

A golden brunette look is a great way to add warmth and vibrancy to your hair color. On the one hand, the golden blonde tones bring out the shine of your hair, making it appear healthier and richer. On the other, the brunette shade gives depth and definition to those gorgeous golden highlights.

Whether you're a brunette looking to add a bit of warmth to your natural hair color, or a blonde hoping to switch ...


Bright Bronde

45 Reviews

Last but not least, bright bronde hair color is the perfect way to do so! This bright and luminous approach to natural-looking blonde hair stands out while blending in seamlessly with warmer skin tones. From blonde highlights to bright all-over colors, bronde hair is the glamorous shade that will help you shine.

Bronde hair color is a blend of brown and blonde tones that creates an effortless, sun-kissed look. You ...

Final Thought

The top 10 list of brunette hair color presented in this article showcases different shades of color that you can choose from when transforming your hair. All of them are beautiful, dark, exquisite and mysterious colors that will make you look gorgeous and attract attention. If you were hoping to find inspiration for a quick switch-up of your hair color, we hope this article provided a variety of colors to look for. Natural brunette colors, brown with hints of red and light brown colors, all offer unique nuances. Explore them and choose the shade that suits you best.

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