Top 5 Cherry Red Hair Color Ideas to Try Right Now

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 28, 2023

186 Reviews

Welcome to this article, an informative guide about the top 5 cherry red hues that you can choose from to give yourself an eye-catching and confident look! Red hair has seen a large come-back in the beauty industry, with stunning shades that you can achieve with the right hair styling technique. Whether you are looking for something fun and bright or something more subtle and elegant, this guide will give you an insight into the various shades of cherry red hair colors that you can try!

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Black Cherry Hair

63 Reviews

From shades of auburn to deep, rich plums there are many variants of vibrant red cherry hair color. However, one of the most eye-catching and striking versions of bold red hair is black cherry. It's a mystic yet edgy hair color that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Black cherry hair is a mix of two different ...

Black Cherry Hair

Dark Cherry Hair

35 Reviews

When it comes to hair color, few shades can match the sheer beauty and charm of dark cherry. Bold and vivacious, this gorgeous hue has been a favorite amongst fashionistas for years. Everyone from actresses to princesses has been seen sporting this stunning look. Whether you're going for a statement-making style, or subtle and chic, there's dark cherry hair to fit your needs.

Dark cherry hair is all about the contrast between the light and dark ...

Dark Cherry Hair

Cherry Cola Hair

79 Reviews

From vibrant reds to subtle warm hues, cherry cola hair is the perfect way to update your look. It's a combination of red, brown, and burgundy tones that creates the perfect balance between bold and subtle. Looking to add extra depth to your mane? This color trend is the perfect way to do so. Whether you're looking to vamp up your ‘do for a night out or rock a more natural look during the day, cherry cola hair is here to stay.

The ...

Cherry Cola Hair

Glacé Cherry Hair

11 Reviews

Adding a hint of something sweet to your style is now easier with Glacé Cherry Hair Dye. This fun and flirty cherry hair color is ideal for those who want to walk on the wild side, making a bold statement that will surely turn a few heads. With its delicious shade of red, your look will be as unique as yours.

From undertones of fiery red to spicy copper ...

Glacé Cherry Hair

Cherry Red Ombre

41 Reviews

Are you someone who loves to express yourself with vibrant colors? Then, the cherry red ombre is the perfect look for you.

Last but not least, Cherry Red Ombre is the perfect cherry hair color idea for people who love to express themself with vibrant colors. This gorgeous, bright hue pairs well with a range of hair textures and styles, providing endless possibilities for individualizing your look. From bold, in-your-face vibrancy to ...

Cherry Red Ombre

Final Thought

These are our top 5 cherry red hair colors that are sure to make you turn heads! Whether you opt for a sultry, subtle hue or bold, statement-making color, these cherry red hair shades will bring out the best in your features and make you shine. So if you’re ready to be bold and stand out, go ahead and give your locks the perfect cherry-hued transformation today!

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