Top 10 Christmas Hair Decoration ideas

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 8, 2023

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Christmas is a time for celebration and, of course, self-expression! Whether you're planning festive and creative hairstyles for yourself or your children, it's easy to add fun and sparkle to your look with the Top 10 Christmas Hair Decorations. From colorful clips and hairbands to illuminated headpieces, discover the best options below to keep your hair looking and feeling merry and bright.

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The Christmas season is a festive time of year, so why not show it through your hair by adding a Christmas Tree Hair Clip to let you get into the holiday spirit and add a sparkling touch to your look?

Christmas Tree Hair Clips are a simple and stylish Christmas hair decoration that can be easily added to festive holiday ...

Christmas Tree Hair Clip

Sparkly Bows

57 Reviews

We are all about getting into that Christmas spirit; dressing up in cozy sweaters, drinking delicious hot chocolate, and of course, decorating our own! There is no better way to add to your festive look than to accessorize with Sparkling Bows.

Sparkly bows are a great way to add a unique kind of glam and sparkle to your hair! They look stunning when used for a festive holiday party, or for a special occasion. They can easily make any outfit look ...

Sparkly Bows

Pinecone Barrette

95 Reviews

As the holiday season starts to roll around, many of us are looking for the perfect accessory to add a little extra sparkle to our look. From twinkling earrings to shining headbands, there are so many options to choose from. But this year, why not get creative and add a special touch to your hair with The Pinecone Barrette to add a festive flair to any outfit?

The pinecone barrette is a unique hair accessory that is sure to bring some extra holiday ...

Pinecone Barrette

Offering a different vibe, how about trying a Candy Cane Twist Headband this Christmas? Whether you're heading out for a winter event or just looking to spruce up your holiday hairstyle, this one-of-a-kind headdress will be the ideal choice. The twisted red and white ribbon is totally on-trend for the festive season and adds instant glamour and beauty to any hairdo. Worn as a traditional headband ...

Candy Cane Twist Headband

These Sparkling snowflake clips offer the perfect amount of holiday cheer. Crafted from a silver alloy, each crystal-and-pearl-encrusted snowflake is unique and eye-catching. These Christmas hair decorations can be styled with a variety of hairstyles, from updos to tousled waves.

The snowflake clips will have you feeling like you're living in a winter wonderland! The silver frame is the focus of the design, while the center is ...

Sparkly Snowflake Clip

Holly Leaf Clusters

18 Reviews

Adding a festive touch to any Christmas hairstyle is easy with the help of Holly Leaf Clusters. These charming, die-cut leaves and berries come in an array of colors and styles, allowing you to dress up a simple hairstyle or dress up a more complex ‘do. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement accessory or something just a bit more subtle, adding Holly Leaf Clusters to your holiday ‘do is a great way to get into ...

Holly Leaf Clusters

People love to dress up and show their holiday spirit, and if you’re looking for a fun way to add a bit of sparkle and bling to your hair, sequined Santa hat clips are both a cute and creative way to do it!

These adorable little Christmas hair decorations feature a range of festive designs, from full-on Santa hats and snowman hats to Christmas trees ...

Sequined Santa Hat Clips

Not only are they a great way to keep your ears warm on those cold winter nights, but Beaded Snowman Ear Warmers also acts as a unique fashion statement. The beaded snowman design is sure to turn heads and make you stand out in any holiday gathering.

You can make your own Beaded Snowman Ear Warmers or purchase them from craft stores and online ...

Beaded Snowman Ear Warmers

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year that comes with joy and festive cheer. For the holiday season, why not jazz up your look with a glittery Rudolph Horn Headband that will put a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face?

The Rudolph Horn Headband is a festive-yet-stylish piece of hairwear that will let you ...

Glittery Rudolph Horn Headband

For those looking to make unique and beautiful Christmas hair decorations this season, glittery wrapping paper flower clips could be the must-have craft project! This stylish accessory combines the nostalgia of shiny wrapping paper with the fun of creating your own flower clips. With a little bit of glitter, fabric glue, and some colorful paper, you can easily create a unique ...

Glittery Wrapping Paper Flower Clips

Final Thought

No matter what style you are looking for this holiday season, there are plenty of Christmas hair decoration ideas for you. From brightly colored ribbons, beads, and pins to festive and traditional holiday toppers, there is an option available for everyone. Pick the perfect style from our top 10 list and let your hair shine this year. These Christmas hair decorations will be sure to make you the star of any holiday event and continue to bring back holiday nostalgia for years to come.

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