Top 10 Hairstyles for Curly Hair with Highlights

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 21, 2023

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From subtle ombre balayage to bright platinum shades, and subtle golden or honey-brown tones, highlighting curly hair is an easy way to create a fun look that won’t take too much time to maintain. You're in luck: we've rounded up our favorite curly hair with highlights looks so you can find the perfect look for you – have a look at these top 10!

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Choosing the right highlights for your curly hair can be challenging, but Copper highlights on brown hair will be a great choice. Copper highlights add warmth and bring out the subtle shades of natural brown hair. Whether you’re working with naturally curly brown hair or have a curly hairstyle, it’s important to use the right products to create the perfect copper highlights without damaging ...

Copper Highlights on Brown Hair

Heavy Highlights

93 Reviews

Adding a touch of sun-kissed color to curly hair can instantly take a look from dull to dazzling. For curly-haired beauties, there’s no better way to achieve this than with heavy highlights. From intense to subtle, this curly hair with highlights look can be tailored to fit the individual to perfect their best self. The look is truly versatile and is a great way to show off everything from a pixie cut to bouncy ...

Heavy Highlights

Bored with your regular hairstyle? Why not switch it up with some stunning curly hair with highlights? Ash blonde and platinum highlights can add dimension and brightness to your curls to create a chic, eye-catching look. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or bold, highlights can transform your curls into a spectacular style.

If you’re looking for something a little more muted, ash blonde can ...

Ash Blonde and Platinum Highlights

Rose Gold Ombré

66 Reviews

For an effortlessly elegant, modern curly hair with highlights, maybe you will like rose gold ombré highlights This trend has been popular for some time now and is probably here to stay. Offering subtle warmth combined with the depth of a single tone, rose gold ombré highlights create a luxurious contrast that perfectly frames almost every hair color.

A perfect balance between a brown and a peach shade rose gold ombré creates a “dip dyed” effect, popularized by balayage and ombre coloring. On curly hair, this natural ...

Rose Gold Ombré

Red Highlights

2 Reviews

For curly-haired ladies who want to make a statement, red highlights are a great option. By introducing pops of beautiful color, you can give your curls a modern feel and look. From subtle, graduated streaks and all-over reds to brighter highlights for a funky style, you can be sure that you’ll turn heads and draw eyes to your beauty.

Lightening up your curls can give ...

Red Highlights

Caramel Highlights

54 Reviews

When we think of curly hair with highlights, most of us usually default to bright, ethereal shades of blond, brown, and red. Those can look great, but why not try something a bit more out of the box? Caramel hair color brings something a bit different to the table.

Caramel hair color is a yummy variation of hair coloring that consists of dark and light strands carefully placed together to create an overall warm, natural look. It's great for all ...

Caramel Highlights

A great thing about face-framing highlights is how customizable they are: you can choose the color, placement, and amount so that it naturally suits your look. This versatile option allows you to update your look with a subtle or dramatic change in colour without committing to a major change in hairstyle.

Blending shades of your natural color can look subtle and understated, while bright highlights can add a statement-making, edgy look. You can coordinate your highlights to the shade of ...

Face-Framing Highlights

Blonde Ombre Highlights add dimension and interest to curly hair. Not only is it a timeless, feminine look, but this curly hair with highlights is also incredibly flattering. The contrast between the darker, softer bottom and the brighter, lighter top creates a play of light and shadow that can help to conceal imperfections in the hair. It also adds a touch of dimension and movement that ...

Blonde Ombre Highlights

The key to getting caramel highlights on dark brown hair just right is to take your skin tone and natural hair color into account. It’s important to find the right balance of light and dark so that the warm tones of caramel don’t wash you out.

If you have naturally cooler skin and dark hair, you should opt for golden or red caramel tones to add warmth to your look. If you have deeper skin tones or natural medium brown ...

Caramel Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Women with curly hair will often look for new ways to spice up their look. Subtle blonde highlights are one way to give your curls a boost without having to commit to a drastic change. Blonde highlights give your hair a fresh and vibrant look and can add dimension and depth to your natural hair color. Whether you want to go for full-on highlights or just add a touch of blonde, there are many ways to transition to blonde highlights.

Blonde Highlights ...

Subtle Blonde Highlights

Final Thought

Decorating your hair with highlights or lowlights can make a huge difference for any hairstyle. For curly hair, highlights can help boost its volume and add dimension while also drawing attention to the curls. Whether you have short or long, light curl or tight ones, the best combination is when blonde or other colors are added to give it extra shine and texture. From subtle to bold, there are endless possibilities to style your hair with highlights. Most importantly, it allows you to look and feel great while having the style you desire. So if you're on the lookout for a hairstyle that exudes style and personality, it's worth trying one of these Top 10 Curly Hair with Highlights looks.

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