Top 8 Trendiest Dark Brunette Hair Ideas for 2024

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 29, 2023

187 Reviews

Are you looking to update your look with a daring and edgy hair color? If so, a deep, dark brunette hair color may be perfect for you! It is the perfect balance between light, and dark, and can actually make a statement. Whether it's a modern take on classic brunette hair or something darker and more daring, there are plenty of options for dark brunette hair. Here are the top 8 dark brunette hair colors ideas to get you started!

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Taking the top spot, Dark chocolate brown hair is an incredibly complementary color for many complexions. Whether you have light or dark skin, this dark brunette hair hue is sure to look great. Plus, the depth of this color can enhance any cut, whether you have short layers or a long straight style.

It's important to find the right shade of dark chocolate brown hair for you. After all, there are so many variations to choose from. Trying to choose the ...

Dark chocolate brown

Next on the list, how about trying some deep espresso brown hair color? This strikingly bold hue is a timeless and flattering choice for brunettes of all ages. Rich and glossy, deep espresso brown is the perfect shade to showcase your inner fire, while still keeping your overall look sophisticated and elegant.

Take your look to the next level with a deep espresso brown hair color. This stylish hue is an excellent way to create the perfect balance between edgy ...

Deep espresso brown

Dark Ash Brown

59 Reviews

Another highly recommended dark brunette hair color is Dark ash brown. It’s a great way to get a rich, bold hair color without going too dark or too light. Dark ash brown is an ideal color to transition to if you’re looking to make subtle changes to your hair. This shade of brown is also incredibly versatile and can be easily mixed and matched with other hues to create a unique style.

Dark Ash Brown is a medium ash ...

Dark Ash Brown

Black cherry brown

87 Reviews

From tasteful highlights to full-on wild and vibrant colors, the wide range of dark brunette hair color choices might make it hard to choose. Whether you’re looking for a subtle and stylish subtle accent or a bold statement, let black cherry brown be your inspiration!

With its dark red and black tones, black cherry brown hair oozes sensuality and sophistication. The saturated shade adds an ...

Black cherry brown

Raven black

13 Reviews

There is something so mysterious and beautiful about raven black hair. It is a dramatic and bold look that can make you stand out in a crowd. More and more people are experimenting with darker brunette hair colors such as raven black and are loving the results.

It’s a color that is both dramatic and mysterious, perfect for those among us who are more daring and daring. But you don’t have to be daring or mysterious to sport this gorgeous hair color. Raven black hair looks stunning on everyone, ...

Raven black

Dark auburn

39 Reviews

Dark Auburn hair is a vibrant mix between dark brown and red. This shade gives a unique, standout look that pairs perfectly with pale skin. Whether you’re rocking long waves or short layers, dark auburn hair is a great look to try out. Here we’ll go over some of the best ways to maintain your dark auburn locks.

Dark auburn hair is beautiful, flattering, and flatters almost any eye color. Its unique blend of rich red and dark brown tones help to ...

Dark auburn

Shadow root fade

51 Reviews

Shadow root fading offers a dramatic contrast between dark brunette shades and light highlighting colors, a look that is becoming increasingly popular. With the combination of lightening and darkening shades, the look offers dimension and depth. A shadow root fade is a creative way to add a modern flair to classic dark hues found in brown hair color.

To achieve a fabulous ...

Shadow root fade

Dark brunette hair looks gorgeous, and with the right color combination, you can achieve a stunning new look. Caramel highlights are the perfect addition for medium and dark brown hair and will add a warm, subtle lightened effect. Whether you go for only a few scattered pieces or sections, or a more dramatic look, deep caramel highlights allow you to stay within the brunette spectrum and bring your hair to life.

Deep caramel highlights work perfectly in tandem with medium to dark brown hair, giving it ...

Deep caramel highlights

Final Thought

Dark brunette hair is the perfect look for anyone wanting to take their style game to the next level. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or daringly bold, there’s a dark brunette hair look for you. From warm chestnut and chocolate brown tones to cooler espresso and ebony shades, you’ll find the perfect look to flatter your complexion. Pick from our top 8 picks for dark brunette hair and find the look that is perfect for you!

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