Top 8 Gorgeous Honey Blonde Hair Looks to Try

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 6, 2023

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A showstopping shade that goes well with all skin tones, honey blonde hair is an eye-catching color that instantly ups your style factor. From light ash brown to dark golden tones, there is a honey-blonde hue to match every preference. Check out our list of the top 8 honey blonde hair colors that you should try now!

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The warm blonde balayage is a timeless classic that can never go out of style, and we couldn't love it more! It's the perfect combination of warm blonde highlights and dark brown lowlights, making for a look that is still subtle but adds definition and depth to your hair. With variety in its range of shades, this look is highly versatile and can be styled to an ...


Dark Root Honey Blonde is a bold, eye-catching hair color that creates a fashion statement like no other. With its dark roots that naturally blend into vibrant honey-blonde highlights, this is a perfect look for those looking to make a statement. Not only that – due to its heat-induced wear and tear, this hair color lasts much longer than other bright-colored, trendy hair dyes.

Using heat stylings such as hot rollers, curling ...

Achieve a glamorous look with shoulder-length light honey blonde hair and be the center of attention wherever you go! If you are looking for a hair color that will make you look both sophisticated and stylish, then this warm, pearlescent honey blonde shade is the perfect one for you. This light honey-blonde tone will make your hair look bright, shiny, and voluminous - and ...

From warm, toasted tones to golden and bright shades, honey blonde hair is the epitome of classic beauty and sophistication. While it can be hard to pick one of the countless honey blonde hair shades, an increasingly popular choice is low-contrast balayage. With delicate ribbons of light and dark blonde scattered throughout the hair, this look is perfect for the modern woman in search of a timeless yet fashionable hair color.

Low-contrast honey ...

If you're looking for a fun and stylish way to update your hairstyle, you won't get any better than honey blonde hair with root shadow. This fashionable and natural-looking hair color is a great way to take your look to the next level without doing anything too drastic. Whether you prefer a subtle, blended look or more of a dramatic, high-contrast effect, this style is the perfect way to get heads turning wherever you go.

From natural to dramatic, there are lots of ...

Honey blonde hair is a delightful blend of gold and soft caramel hues that give a sun-kissed effect to many different hair types and colors. It’s a popular choice for blonde hairstyles that you can rock no matter your age or skin tone. Whether you’re going for a cute short bob, long and flowing locks, or stunning balayage, honey ...

Do you dream of an effortlessly elegant look, one that will leave behind a lasting impression? You can consider trying long loose honey blonde curls. Whether you opt for a light, golden honey shade or a deeper, more intense honey blonde, curls create a fantastically glamorous look that's guaranteed to impress.

A truly classic hairstyle that never goes out of fashion, long loose honey-blonde curls are suitable for any age or occasion. ...

Another choice for you is Nude Honey Blonde Waves. This is the perfect way to update your look without being too daring. This hair color has been gaining in popularity for its lively, golden notes and natural warmth that complement most skin tones. Experimenting with a mild honey blonde shade is an excellent way to breathe new life into your locks.

The nude honey blonde look is surprisingly easy to achieve, whether you opt for keeping your locks in their natural state or curling them ...

Final Thought

With these eight shades of honey blonde hair, you can easily find a look that perfectly suits you. From warm, golden tones to cool, beige hues, there's a variety of looks to choose from. Whether you opt for a bold balayage look or subtle highlights, you'll be sure to love your new look. So, be creative and take action today! Let your inner hair artist shine through and discover the perfect honey blonde hair color for you.

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