Top 8 kids cornrow hairstyles

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 14, 2023

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Kids grow out of hairstyles fast, and trying to come up with a style that is both age-appropriate and stylish can be a challenge. Nonetheless, there is a great variety of cornrow hairstyles for kids that look great and don't require much maintenance. Here are the top 8 cornrow hairstyles for kids you can try at home or take to the salon. From intricate braids to box braids, there's something here for any and every kid!

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When it comes to hairstyles for kids, cornrows provide an opportunity for creativity. The most visually stunning cornrow design is the often-imitated straight-back cornrow. This type of hairstyle is created with cleanly-divided sections of hair that are then braided from front to back. Depending on the design chosen, the straight-back cornrows may be combined with other styles, like twists and braids.

The advantage ...

Basic Cornrows: Straight-back cornrows

One of the hottest styles of cornrows among youngsters is Zigzag cornrows. With simple braiding techniques used to create numerous unique designs, Zigzag cornrows are a great way to ensure your child looks cool no matter the occasion. Kids can wear authentic African styles, daring mini-braids, unusual half-updos, and much more.

Creating Zigzag cornrows is easier than you think, and ...

Zigzag Cornrows: Cornrows braided in a zigzag pattern

Who says kids can’t have fun with their hairstyles too? With Mohawk cornrows, they can be—and look—cool while maintaining a neat and tidy look.

Mohawk cornrows offer a stylish style option for kids that combines cornrows with a faux mohawk look. With a variety of unique designs, there are lots of different ways to style a mohawk cornrow look, no matter ...

Mohawk Cornrows: Cornrows styled into a mohawk shape

Are you looking for a hairstyle that will let your little one show off their adventurous spirit, while keeping their hair neat and tamed? If so, then you should consider the cornrows braided bun for a practical and stylish look. This hairstyle is a neat and tidy version of braided hair, ideal for school days, special occasions and even just everyday ...

Braided Bun with Cornrows: Cornrows leading to a braided bun

When it comes to creating a unique and eye-catching hairstyle, Ghana cornrows are the go-to choice for many parents and kids. Whether you prefer intricate and detailed patterns, or simple yet attractive designs, cornrows can have a lasting beauty that is sure to turn heads.

These stylish braids offer a modern look that is both chic and charming. From small and delicate spirals, to ...

Ghana Cornrows: Intricate and decorative cornrow patterns

Children around the world have donned cornrows with beads or barrettes as part of their hairstyles for generations. Not only is this type of hairstyle cool and fashionable, but it can also last for weeks without needing to be restyled. Cornrows are an easy and convenient way to keep your child's hair organized and in place; plus, it looks absolutely adorable on all ages!

Cornrows offer a distinct look for tiny tots, ...

Cornrows with Beads or Barrettes: Cornrows adorned with beads or barrettes

The halo cornrows hairstyle is a unique and stylish way to wear cornrows for kids. If you are looking for a new and fun way to update your kid’s look, then halo cornrows are the perfect choice. This classic cornrow pattern is quickly becoming a popular choice for young kids and is sure to stand out at school or in other social settings.

Halo cornrows are a great choice ...

Halo Cornrows: Cornrows arranged in a circular or halo shape

Finding ways to express yourself and your childrens' personalities can be fun, and creative hairstyles are a great way to do so. Braids and cornrow hairstyles have always been a favorite for kids' hair. For kids with longer tresses, cornrow updos and buns can make these kind of hairstyles look stylish and interesting. With a cornrow updo, kids can show their personality through a neat, stylish hairstyle, while also ...

Cornrow Updo: Cornrows styled into an updo or bun

Final Thought

Cornrows are an amazing hairstyle for children of all ages. While these styles are playful, they can also be practical when trying to keep a little one’s hair away from their face. These 8 hairstyles were chosen to showcase just some of the many different options that can be created with braids. They are intricately designed, some with fun add-ons like beads or colored extensions; proving they can still be fashionable, even when styled for the younger generation! You can choose to go bold or subtle; all it takes is a dose of creativity!

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