Top 10 Stylish Ways to Rock Locs with Loose Ends

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 6, 2023

192 Reviews

We've compiled a list of the Top 10 locs with loose ends, to give you an interesting overview of great spots and exciting places to explore. This list is all you need to discover and enjoy the places with the most impressive loose ends. Get ready to discover some of the most amazing sites around the world!

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Loose Bun

54 Reviews

Protecting your natural hair is essential to keeping it healthy and strong, especially during the summer months. One of the best ways to do this is to style it in cornrows or locs. If you plan on wearing locs with loose ends this season, a Loose bun style is a great way to go. This look is super chic and can be achieved by styling the ends of ...

Loose Bun

Side Parted Puffs

20 Reviews

Side-parted puffs are becoming increasingly popular amongst those who want to add some flair and style to their natural locs. These unique locs with loose ends can be achieved in a variety of ways, and the end results can be both beautiful and eye-catching. Whether you're looking for a simple look or something a little more dramatic, side-parted puffs allow you to express your personality and style.

Before getting started with side parted puffs, it's important to understand ...


Loose braids

37 Reviews

Loose braids are a stylish twist on the classic loc hairstyle. Not just a hairstyle; these trendy braids can be used to create a fashion statement or show off your rebellious side. If you're looking for a way to shake up your look, then look no further than loose braids.

Whether you choose traditional braid styles or intricate patterns, loose braids have an effortless chic that draws attention.You can create a ...

Loose braids

Half-Up Topknot

92 Reviews

The Half-Up Topknot features all of the advantages of a topknot - a great way to keep your hair out of your face - with the addition of long, loose ends that hang gracefully. For those with long locks, the Half-Up Topknot is an ideal way to showcase the beauty of their hair without taking away from their style.

With its sleek, flowing style, this stylish way to rock locs with loose ends offers a unique and elegant look that’s ...

Half-Up Topknot

Woven Parts

35 Reviews

Woven parts are a form of mechanical assembly that combines strength and durability with fitting precision. The parts are woven with a variety of materials, including steel, plastics, and other metals, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Woven parts are popular in automotive, industrial, and medical industry components. They're commonly used in vehicle systems, machine tools, and small- to medium-sized appliances. Woven parts also are ...

Woven Parts

Textured Ponytail

36 Reviews

A textured ponytail is one of the best-known and most popular hairstyles among women today. It can be styled in many different ways to create a variety of different looks. The key to this particular style is making sure that the hair is parted and textured so that you can create the perfect silhouette. These locs with loose ends can be worn both as a casual style or dressed up for a night out.

Textured Ponytails are perfect for those with natural curls or waves. This ...

Textured Ponytail

Beach Wave Texture

89 Reviews

For people who want to add more waves and texture to their natural hair, Beach Wave Texture locs with loose ends may be the perfect way to get a free-flowing look while still being low-maintenance.

This style consists of free-flowing curls and waves that are left untied and hanging down freely. The hair is usually pulled back tightly for a more structured look, however, the ends are left to create a soft, wavy texture. This style can be tailored to fit any hair type. Whether you have ...

Beach Wave Texture

Low Fishtail Braid

12 Reviews

A low fishtail braid will be everything you need if you are looking for a fresh and fun hairstyle idea that isn't too tricky to pull off. This cute hairstyle looks great on all types of hair – short, medium, or long – and it's fairly easy to do. Plus, it looks great on everyone from children to teenagers to adults.

A low fishtail braid ...

Low Fishtail Braid

Loose Mohawk

81 Reviews

It may sound intimidating, but the Loose Mohawk is relatively easy to style and maintain. With a little bit of practice, you can have this classic look in no time. To create the Loose Mohawk, all you need is a set of quality dreadlocks and a little styling wax.

To maintain a Loose Mohawk, all you have to do is keep the dreadlocks clean and ...

Loose Mohawk

Bohemian Headscarf

58 Reviews

The Bohemian headscarf is a modern and stylish way to show off your unique and individual style. This style of locs can be worn in a variety of different ways from the classic half up, half down look, to a more daring and unique style. The bohemian style of locs is particularly well-suited for those looking to make a statement with their hair. Whether you’re looking for something to put your own stamp on, or you’re looking to show off your personality, the bohemian headscarf is ...

Bohemian Headscarf

Final Thought

Loose ends are always a danger. Keeping track of them can be a daunting task. However, with the help of this list, it should be easy to identify the top 10 locs with the most loose ends. From understanding the risks associated with each loc, to learning how to best prevent the development of new loose ends, this list should have you in perfect control. Now that you have the definitive guide to loose ends, you can remediate and protect your business with confidence.

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