Top 10 Mane Marvels: The Mullet Hairstyles Unveiled!

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 29, 2023

200 Reviews

Are you looking for a stylish and fashionable hairstyle that is both edgy and modern? If so, the mullet could be the perfect look for you! From modern twists to classic looks, this hairstyle can inspire fashion-forward confidence in anyone who loves to explore fun and exciting looks. Here is a list of our top 10 favorite mullet hairstyle looks. No matter your personal style, there is something for everyone!

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Classic mullet

10 Reviews

The iconic classic mullet hairstyle is renowned for its timeless, striking look. A combination of long hair in the back and short hair at the front, this style has been around since the '80s and has been popularized by rock stars, celebrities, and athletes alike.

The classic mullet is best suited for those with an oval-shaped face, as the longer back complements the lengthier face shape. It is also ideal if you prefer to keep your hair cut low, ...

Classic mullet

Curly mullet

79 Reviews

The Curly Mullet hairstyle is one of a kind and stands out among other hairstyles due to its iconic look and versatility. This hairstyle has made its mark in pop culture and fashion history with its bold and eye-catching silhouette. With its unique combination of curls and layers, this style provides texture that is both dramatic and classy. The Curly Mullet is a great option for stylish men who want to make a statement with their hair while still maintaining an effortless look.

The Curly Mullet ...

Curly mullet

Business mullet

88 Reviews

No list of popular mullet hairstyle would be complete without including the classic business mullet. It is the style that has it all - side scrolling bangs and a short back, which makes it perfect for the business world. The muted style of the business mullet has earned it a firm following over the years and it continues to be a ...

Business mullet

Shaggy mullet

95 Reviews

For anyone looking for a retro hairstyle, the classic shaggy mullet is one of the most beloved hairdos from the 1980s. Known for its ‘party at the back, business at the front’ look, this style sees the hair on the sides and top kept neat, while the hair at the neck is allowed to grow down in a shaggy, feathered ...

Shaggy mullet

Mullet with bun

62 Reviews

Mullet with bun is one of the most popular styles for a cool and classic look. The style has been around for centuries and continues to be a top choice for many of today’s fashion-conscious people. The demand for a stylish and classic haircut is still apparent as many opt for the mullet with bun hairstyle.

The mullet with bun style features a short to medium-length cut in the front that tapers into longer lengths in the back. The ...

Mullet with bun

Undercut Mullet

3 Reviews

The undercut mullet is a trendy haircut that merges two classic hairstyles into one cool look. The undercut, wherein the sides and back of the hair are cut close to the scalp, is combined with the classic mullet hairstyle that is long in the back and cut short on top. This versatile haircut is popular among men of all ages, and the modern take on this classic style ...

Undercut Mullet

Wavy mullet

3 Reviews

Stylish, sassy and sleek, the wavy mullet is an iconic, timeless hair style that has been popular for generations. With its signature combination of long layers on top and a short, tapered back and sides, the wavy mullet adds a touch of glamour, sophistication and high fashion to any look.

To create this look, start with the iconic mullet, which is longer layers up top and short, tightly-clipped layers on both sides and back. It's important to choose a cut that is tailored to your individual face shape and ...

Wavy mullet

Colorful mullet

49 Reviews

Mullets have been popular throughout different eras in fashion, ever since the 1980s when they gained widespread adoption amongst rock stars and other public celebrities. Back then, the mullet was cool by being cool; now, it's cool for a much different reason - it's wacky and fun.

These days, hairstyles like the traditional mullet have been revitalized in a way that emphasizes color, vibrancy, and individual expression. This ...

Colorful mullet

Curtained mullet

77 Reviews

What do Boyz II Men and Brad Pitt have in common? The answer could be any number of things, from their incredible talents to their philanthropic efforts, but today we are referring to their shared appreciation of the curtailed mullet hairstyle. The curtailed mullet is a classic hairdo that has been around for more than three decades and shows no signs of slowing down.

This style of mullet is characterized by a short front, curved sides, and a longer back. A look that ...

Curtained mullet

Graduated mullet

28 Reviews

The graduated mullet is a classic hairstyle that combines unique elements of the classic short back and sides, combined with modern features - an overall medium to long length and extra layering on top. It’s an adaptation of the classic mullet that adds modern versatility, whilst retaining the vintage charm.

This style has gradually gained popularity over the years, making it one of the most common and stylish hairstyles today. The graduated mullet is a great choice for ...

Graduated mullet

Final Thought

The mullet hairstyle has re-emerged in fashion as a trendy hairstyle, and as the ultimate throwback style. It's become a popular look for both men and women alike. In this top 10 list, we've gathered a range of looks to inspire your next mullet. From modern takes on the classic style to updates you won't believe, these cuts prove that the mullet is far from being outdated. So if you're looking for a mix of urban style and retro appeal, the mullet is a great choice. Whether you opt for a traditional cut or something a little different, there's truly something for everyone!

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