Top 10 Stunning New Year Eve Party Hairstyles

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 29, 2023

195 Reviews

Are you looking for the perfect New Year's Eve hairstyle to go with your party look? If so, you are in the right place! Looking for the best hairstyles can be an overwhelming task, so we put together a list of the top 10 New Year's Eve party hairstyles. Whether you're looking for something daring and bold or simple and classic, our list provides the perfect option for you.

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Sleek low bun

41 Reviews

On the special occasion of New Year's Eve, you want to look as spectacular and unique as possible. If you are looking for a New year eve party hairstyle that is both stylish and unique, you should consider a sleek low bun. It’s a quick and easy hairdo and can be dressed up for more formal looks with the help of accessories, such as a bow or an ...


Hollywood waves

13 Reviews

Is there anything more glamorous than a set of perfect Hollywood waves? This classic and timeless style never goes out of fashion and is a suitable look for any event, especially a New Year Eve party. If you’re looking to make an entrance on the big night, why not try styling your hair into some gorgeous Hollywood waves?

This style of hair can easily be achieved with a few simple styling tools and a good hairspray such as a volumizing product to ...


Half-up do

88 Reviews

A classic version of the half up do is perfect for those who love timeless styles. It creates a romantic look that won't look out of place at any New Year Eve party. All you need for this look is a handful of bobby pins and some hairspray, and you'll be ready in no time. To get the look, start by ...


Showcase your stylish side with a gorgeous fishtail braid crown this New Year's Eve. In the past couple of years, fishtail braids have become increasingly popular. They are a great way to add visual interest to any hairstyle without going overboard. Plus, the braid is long-lasting, so you can keep your look fresh all night long!

Before you start styling your hair, decide on the type of fishtail braid you'd like to rock for ...


Mermaid waves

18 Reviews

Forget the frilly dresses and loud makeup, this New Year’s let your hair do the talking. To dazzle your friends on New Year’s Eve add a touch of sunkissed elegance with soft, mermaid-like waves. Let your locks bounce and move with beautiful and entrancing curls that almost seem to have a life of their own. Make an unforgettable statement to start the new year right, with hair that appears ...


Pinned curls

0 Reviews

Pin curls are a timeless hairstyle suitable for both summer days and winter parties alike. This classic hairstyle looks great on all hair lengths and textures and is a popular choice for New Year Eve's celebration. Just a few well-placed curls can transform your regular look into something truly striking – making you stand out at the party.

Whether you prefer natural-looking curls, tight pin-ups, or loose waves, styling with pin curls can offer you a complete updo in no time. This effortless hairstyle can be used ...


Soft updo

69 Reviews

New Year's Eve is the perfect opportunity to dress up, have a night out with friends, and ring in the new year in style. If you're looking for a fashionable andflirty hairstyle that can help you stay confident and comfortable while you dance the night away, a soft updo might be the perfect solution.

Soft updos are an elegant way to wear your hair up while still letting your natural beauty shine through. The best thing about them is ...


Sparkly headband

32 Reviews

Ready for your New Year’s Eve party but don’t know what hairstyle to choose? Sparkly headbands are the perfect way to add a stylish, yet comfortable touch to your look for the big night.

Decorated with glitter, jewels, beads, and more, there are a variety of headbands to choose from that will fit both your hairstyle and your budget. Whether it’s a night in with family or a night out with friends, a sparkly headband ...


Space Buns

86 Reviews

Party season is fast approaching, and what better way to get into the festive spirit than to sport a fabulous hairstyle? From sleek up-ups and glossy curls, to messy braid-outs and glamorous pompadours, the choice is yours! One of the top trends of the season is space buns. This fun, out-of-this world style is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a unique ‘do that will draw attention. Read on to learn how to create this dazzling hairdo for your New Year’s Eve party!

Space buns ...


Loose Curls

73 Reviews

When it comes to looking stylish and fashionable for a 2020 New Year’s Eve party, one of the key aspects of your look should be your hair. Loose curls are a classic, easy-to-wear style perfect for the occasion. Whether you're after a natural beach-like look, or a bouncier Hollywood-style ‘do, a few well-placed curls are a timeless and sophisticated way to battle the night’s chill.

Before starting, it is important to ensure you’re using the right products. A high-quality heat ...

Final Thought

Bring the Glam! These Top 10 New Year Eve party hairstyles are the perfect way to turn heads and stand out in a sea of partygoers. From the simple updo to accessories and fun waves, these glamorous styles all share one thing: they’re designed to help you make a memorable impression. Whether you’re looking for a exotic look for a night out or just a subtle change for the office, we have you covered. Let’s face it, New Year’s Eve is a night to shine and make memories, so make sure you start on the right foot with the perfect hairstyle.

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