Top 8 Puffer Jacket Outfit for The Cold Season

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 15, 2023

187 Reviews

Are you looking for a stylish and comfortable outerwear for this coming winter season? Look no further than the versatile puffer jacket, perfect to keep you warm and stylish at the same time! Check out our list of top 8 puffer jacket outfits to make you stand out this winter. With our style guide, you can find the perfect way to show off your personal style with the best clothing pieces that give this jacket a fashionable look.

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As cooler temperatures take over, it's time to start transitioning your wardrobe for the changing seasons. A must-have for the winter is a puffer jacket. Puffer jackets are not only stylish and warm, but they're also incredibly versatile, allowing you to create amazing combinations with other pieces in your wardrobe. Jeans and boots are two wardrobe staples that pair perfectly with a puffer jacket, allowing you to create an outfit that will keep you warm and fashionable all winter long.

If ...

With jeans and boots

Over a dress

96 Reviews

This season, you can keep warm while staying stylish with the perfect over-the-dress look.

The over-the-dress look is the perfect fashion combination for the cold weather months. It is a timeless classic look that will leave your fashion look bold, and your body feeling toasty. Put on your favorite dress and then layer it with a puffer jacket or duster coat for an added fashion bonus. You’ll look incredible and your dress ...

Over a dress

With joggers

7 Reviews

Although Puffer jackets are generally associated with a more relaxed style for the colder months, the way you style it can change that perception. Joggers are the ideal complement to puffer jackets as they create a classic silhouette while keeping you warm and stylish. Here are 8 stylish outfits that you can create with joggers that are sure to turn heads.

Create a more casual look by pairing a puffer jacket with simple joggers. Choose a ...

With joggers

Tuck into skirts

46 Reviews

Layering pieces is key to creating stylish, yet warm outfits that will keep you comfortable all winter long. One of the most timeless looks is to pair a puffer jacket with a skirt. Whether you like to wear a midi, mini, or maxi skirt, you can find one in colors and fabrics to match any occasion and show off your personal style. Tuck into skirts to keep your core warm while still showing off your curves ...

Tuck into skirts


99 Reviews

Do you want to feel cozy and look stylish at the same time? Belted puffer jackets make for a great choice when that's your goal. Not only do you get to stay warm in chilly weather, but they are also awesome as a cool fashion statement. With a range of colors, textures, sizes, and other features offered by belted puffer jackets, you can easily find an outfit which best complements your style.

A belted puffer jacket outfit is one of the hottest ...


In monochrome

11 Reviews

From streetwear includes to more formal ensembles, a classic yet versatile monochrome puffer jacket is the piece to top off any look. These stylish and timeless jackets work throughout the cold season and can even bring a unique twist to spring and summer looks when paired with lighter-weight fabrics.

It doesn't matter if you prefer to wear a bright red hue or a subtle black, a tonal puffer jacket will take your wardrobe to the next level. With ...

In monochrome


82 Reviews

Whether you are dealing with extreme cold weather or a mild climate, layering your clothes allows you to be prepared for any climate. With the added bonus of being able to show off your personal style, layering is one of the best ways to spruce up any outfit. Layering with a puffer jacket specifically can take your look to a whole new level.

Most common looks when layering with a puffer jacket employ ...



33 Reviews

When the weather turns chill, one of the best ways to keep warm while still keeping fashionable is to layer up. A puffer jacket is a great way to add an extra layer of warmth as well as style to your look. But adding some accessories to your puffer jacket look can take it to the next level of chic.

From hats to scarves and gloves, there's an almost unlimited variety of accessorizing options to add to your puffer jacket ensemble. Depending on the outfit you’re creating and the ...


Final Thought

In conclusion, this Top 8 list of puffer jacket outfit styles showcases creative ways to layer up and stay fashionable during the colder months. From plaid prints to rocker chic to sporty styles, these looks can be easily combined to create an effortlessly cool and cozy look. Whether you're a fan of statement pieces, big brands, or practical solutions, no matter what your budget is, invest in a quality puffer jacket to take your style to the next level.

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