Top 10 Stylish Rubber Band Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Emily Roberts

Last updated: February 1, 2024

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Ready for some versatile and stylish hairstyle ideas for natural hair? Look no further than rubber band hairstyles! These time-saving and eye-catching styles are perfect for any occasion and hair type. From casual to elegant, there is a rubber band style to suit everyone's taste. We've compiled a list of the top ten rubber band hairstyles for natural hair that will keep you looking fashion-forward and fabulous. Let's explore these bold and beautiful hairstyles together!

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Puffs are a popular and versatile hairstyle for natural hair. They are not only stylish but also functional, keeping hair out of the face and off the neck in a sleek and chic way. One way to take your puff to the next level is by incorporating rubber bands for added security and a fun twist on an already classic ...

Puff with Rubber Bands

Space buns with rubber bands have quickly become one of the most popular and trendiest natural hair styles. This fun and stylish look is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a casual day out or a special event. The best part? It's incredibly easy to achieve with the help of a few rubber bands.

If you're in need of some hair inspo, look no ...

Space Buns with Rubber Bands

The high ponytail with rubber bands is a go-to hairstyle for many women because it is easy to create, simple yet sophisticated, and perfect for any occasion. This style works well for natural hair because it allows for the hair to be slicked back without the use of excessive heat or harsh chemicals.

The high ponytail is a versatile hairstyle that can be dressed up or down and is perfect for both casual and formal events. It is also a great way ...

High Ponytail with Rubber Bands

Rubber band cornrows offer endless possibilities for styling your natural hair. Unlike traditional braids, which can be limiting in terms of design, rubber band cornrows can be created in various patterns and shapes. The use of elastic bands allows for more intricate and detailed styles, making it the perfect choice for those who love to play with their hair.

Besides being stylish and versatile, rubber band cornrows also have numerous benefits for your hair. The use of elastic bands helps to distribute the weight of the ...

Rubber Band Cornrows

Bantu knots have been a staple in African hairstyles for centuries, but the addition of rubber bands adds a modern twist to this traditional style. Rubber band bantu knots are created by sectioning the hair into small sections and twisting each section from root to tip. The twist is then secured with a small rubber band, creating a knot-like style. This style can be done on various lengths and textures of natural hair, making it a versatile and ...

Rubber Band Bantu Knots

Rubber Band Frohawk

91 Reviews

A frohawk is a popular natural hairstyle that mimics the look of a mohawk, but without shaving the sides. The addition of rubber bands to the style gives it a unique and fun element that can be customized to your preference. It's also a great hairstyle for protecting your curls and promoting hair growth, as it keeps the ends tucked away and prevents breakage.

To create a rubber band frohawk, you will need a pack of small rubber bands, a comb, and some gel or edge control to help ...

Rubber Band Frohawk

The Rubber Band Twist-Out is a style that involves creating small, twisted sections of hair with the help of rubber bands. These twists are left in overnight and then taken out the next day, revealing beautiful, defined curls. This style is perfect for those with curly or coily hair textures, and can also be done on transitioning or relaxed hair.

One ...

Rubber Band Twist-Out

To create the Rubber Band Halo Braid, you will need rubber bands, a brush, and some edge control or gel. Start by brushing your hair and smoothing out any tangles or knots. Then, part your hair into two sections down the middle, and using a comb, make a straight part from the front of your hairline to the back of your head, creating ...

Rubber Band Halo Braid

Rubber Band Updo

25 Reviews

If you're tired of your usual natural hair routine and are looking to spice things up, then a rubber band updo might just be the perfect hairstyle for you. This fun and stylish hairstyle have been gaining popularity in recent years and it's not hard to see why. With its versatility and uniqueness, it has become a go-to for many women with ...

Rubber Band Updo

Are you tired of your plain old ponytail but still want to keep your hair out of your face? One trendy and versatile hairstyle that has been gaining popularity is the rubber band ponytail with hanging braids. This playful and stylish hairstyle is perfect for anyone with natural hair looking for a fun and creative way to switch up their look. In this ...

Rubber Band Ponytail with Hanging Braids

Final Thought

If you're looking for quick and easy hairstyles for natural hair, you've come to the right place. Rubber band hairstyles are not only practical and convenient, but they can also add a fun and unique twist to your look. Whether you're heading to work or a special event, these top 10 rubber band hairstyles for natural hair will have you looking fabulous in no time. From simple ponytails to intricate updos, there's something for everyone on this list. So say goodbye to boring and hello to stylish with these featured natural hairstyles. Embrace your curls, experiment with different styles, and look stunning with these top rubber band hairstyles for natural hair.

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