Top 10 Shaggy Short Men's Haircuts: Effortlessly Cool Styles

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 16, 2023

200 Reviews

The shaggy short haircut has risen in popularity as one of the most versatile and effortlessly cool styles for men. With its textured, messy appeal, it's easy to see why. If you're ready to chop your locks but want movement and layers, look no further than these Top 10 Shaggy Short Men's Haircuts. After surveying top barbers and stylists, we've curated a list of the best modern shag options. As there are numerous variations to choose from, these shaggy short hairstyles will help move things along. Try out one of the styles for yourself – you won't regret it!

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Taking the top spot, the Side Part Pompadour is perfect for men who want to be noticed. This iconic shaggy short men's haircut has been around for decades, gaining recognition from classic movie stars and popular modern-day celebrities. No matter the occasion, this style adds an undeniable touch of sophistication and classic charm.

The side part pompadour is achieved by combing the hair away from the face and styling it in a high and defined manner. It has a classic and distinguished aesthetic that accentuates the shape of the head ...

Side part pompadour

Textured Crop

32 Reviews

Short haircuts have been back in fashion for some time now and the trend for men is no different. One of the popular options now is the Textured Crop, also known as the shaggy short hair. It is easy to style and maintain, yet gives a stylish look. With this cut, you can let your hair down or wear it up, depending on ...

Textured Crop

Tousled fringe

89 Reviews

Another highly recommended shaggy short men's haircut is the Tousled Fringe, a perfect hairstyle choice for men who want a slightly rugged and carefree look. This rugged style is actually very versatile since it can be styled in a range of different ways, as well as take on different lengths and textures. The messier and darker-colored your hair is, the more dramatic the tousled fringe will look!

This hairstyle has been around for ...

Tousled fringe

Quiff with beard

47 Reviews

If there’s one thing about the Quiff with Beard look that people can agree on, it’s that it is undeniably stylish. This classic combination of tousled hair, a well-groomed beard, and a quiff has been all the rage for the last few years. The Quiff with beard look is a modern men’s trend that is perfect for the 21st-century man. It’s ideal for men who want to make a statement without overdoing it. With this look, you can go from refined and sophisticated to rugged and cool in ...

Quiff with beard

Next on the list, High Fades with Loose Curls is a style that men of all ages are sure to love. Not only does it look great, but it’s also extremely versatile and can be worn with just about anything. It can also be styled to suit different formal or casual events.

This shaggy short men's haircut is also ideal for men who prefer a slightly edgier look. The fade helps create an accent around the face, while ...

High fade with loose curls

Looking for a sharp yet modern look? Slicking back your hair with a beard is the perfect combination. The sleekness of slick back hair works great with the classic feel of a beard, making you look debonair and refined. Whether you're looking for a night out on the town or an important day at the office, getting the slick back with beard look can turn heads and make you the envy of everyone around ...

Slicked back with a beard

Stacked sides

95 Reviews

Stylish and modern styles for men call for short shaggy haircuts that look eye-catching and smart. Coming in a variety of lengths, from short to long, these shaggy hairstyles feature a variety of styling options, from wild and tousled to carefully crafted with sculptured shapes. If you’re looking for an edgy and stylish new ‘do, Stacked Sides could be what you have been searching for. This popular look ...

Stacked sides

Wavy fringe

13 Reviews

In case the above suggestions about shaggy short men's haircuts do not satisfy you, let's consider Wavy Fringe. This effortless style requires minimal maintenance yet can make a big impact. It is a perfect way to add texture to your classic cut. With the artful combination of short yet wavy strands around the face, the wavy fringe is a classic look with a modern twist.

To achieve the wavy fringe ...

Wavy fringe

Brushed up top

24 Reviews

Welcome to 2023, a current world that thinks of fashion trends like no other. What does this year hold? A bunch of styles were adopted and one is Brushed Up Top for men. This hair trend creates a messy and effortless look with shaggy hair. Men's shaggy short hair look is kind and has been trending since 2020.

Brushed up top is mostly used on any short hair. It is a ...

Brushed up top

Low fade brush-up

49 Reviews

Last but not least, a classic take on shaggy short hair men is the Low Fade Brush-up. Combining the convenience of having short hair with the versatility of being able to play around with styles, this hair cut is an ideal pick for the busy modern day man. Whether you're looking to keep it casual for the daily grind or add more elegance for a night out with friends, ...

Low fade brush-up

Final Thought

This concludes our list of the Top 10 shaggy short-haired men. From Zac Efron's incredibly charming and sweet face to Harry Styles's cute and complicated look, they are not only attractive physically, but also inspire and challenge people's minds with their talents and iconic looks. Each man is truly unique, and their shaggy short haircuts have enabled them to stand out from the crowd and become role models for many people.

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