Top 10 Short Hair Styles for Round Face

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 16, 2023

200 Reviews

Finding the right hairstyle for round faces can be tricky. With so many options available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of which style will best suit your facial structure. To make the search easier for you, we’ve compiled the Top 10 short hairstyles for round faces. From shoulder-length bobs to pixie cuts, there’s a look for everyone. Take a look and find the perfect fit!

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Pixie Cut

38 Reviews

Taking the top spot is the ever-classic Pixie Cut. Slightly longer on top and cropped close on the sides, this style softens facial features and highlights eyes. It is projected to be one of the top 10 short hairstyles for round face this year and for many decades into the future.

This classic short style works best on ladies with rounded faces and highlights the cheekbones and eyes, offering the appearance of a more sophisticated look. The longer front pieces of the pixie allow for creating a variety ...

Pixie Cut

Holding down the second position is Bobs with Side-swept, and it's easy to understand why! This classic bob helps create an illusion of length, emphasizing your features and giving you an effortlessly feminine charisma. Whether you opt to keep your bob natural or spruce it up with balayage highlights, a side-swept bob is an ideal choice for bringing out your inner diva.

Due to its versatility, this short hairstyle for a round face can be adapted to various unique looks. For instance, by styling your bob with ...

Bob with side-swept bangs

Angled lob

78 Reviews

Next on the list of top short hair styles for round faces, an angled lob is a perfect choice for those who seek a timeless style. This short haircut can flatter any round face with its angled long layers that give off enough length and movement. The angled longer layers feature volume and add shape while framing the face perfectly.

An angled lob is versatile and can be styled in endless ways. It offers a sleek, edgy look and can also be left natural with a few curls and waves. It's ...

Angled lob

Fringe pixie

82 Reviews

The classic fringe pixie is also another perfect option for those who want to have a bit of fun with their hair but don’t want to go too extreme. This hairstyle is flattering for all face shapes and adds a touch of vintage glamour to any look. With short pieces of hair cut along the forehead, this style frames the face, bringing attention to the eyes and adding just the right amount of texture and volume.

Choosing fringe pixie ...

Fringe pixie

Wavy shag

59 Reviews

A round face looks lovely regardless of the hairstyle you opt for. But those with a round face should always be careful when it comes to opting for a hairstyle that best brings out their facial features. Wavy Shag is one of the top 10 short hair styles for round faces that people should consider.

First of all, this is an incredibly versatile style. ...

Wavy shag

How about adding an undercut to a long pixie haircut? This best short hair style for round faces is a modern and daring way to flatter any face shape, especially those with rounded edges. This style's elongated bangs and textured layers maximize volume and define the jawline, while the added edge of an undercut ensures that the style looks fashionable and not frumpy.

The long pixie undercut combines the classic pixie haircut with a modern edge ...

Long pixie with undercut

Blunt cut bob

29 Reviews

A timeless haircut for round-faced gals is the blunt cut bob. The sharp, straight cut of this style creates a balanced frame around the face and pairs perfectly with round features. This look works best on medium to thick hair with a natural texture, so if you have fine hair, you can add some layers for hold. Not to mention, it’s a low-maintenance look that can ...

Blunt cut bob

Stacked choppy bob

72 Reviews

Moving on to the next gorgeous short hair style idea, no further than the Stacked Choppy Bob! The back layers of this short yet chic hairstyle are stacked on each other to create a stunningly voluminous effect. The front layers can be wispy and tousled to frame your face and soften the edges. This classic style is perfect for any special occasion and will give you a modern, elegant look.

A stacked choppy bob is a great choice for ladies with round faces due to its unique layering techniques. ...

Stacked choppy bob

Cropped cut

61 Reviews

A cropped cut can help bring out your facial features! If you're looking to flaunt your round face with a stylish and eye-catching haircut, consider a cropped cut.

A cropped cut is a great way to add volume and texture to your hair with strategically placed layers. The asymmetric length also helps to create a more flattering silhouette, while giving you the flexibility to create different looks.

The versatility of a cropped cut makes it perfect for any face shape, but especially ...

Cropped cut

Long bangs

58 Reviews

And finishing out our list at ten is Stylish and Chic Long Bangs which can flatter anyone with a round face, and this guide will cover the best options when it comes to styling your locks with the help of long bangs. By following these tips, you will look great and feel confident no matter what the occasion.

If you have a round face shape, you'll want to choose the right type of bangs that can help create definition and ...

Long bangs

Final Thought

Having a round face can be difficult in terms of styling your hair, but by following these top 10 short hair styles for round faces, you can easily enhance the look and feel of your hair. From the classy bob to the more ethereal pixie cut, these styles will flatter your face and give you an easygoing, yet attractive look. Each of these short hair styles offer varying time commitment, so no matter how busy life gets, you can always find a look to suit your lifestyle. With the help of these stunning hairstyles for round faces, you can achieve a beautiful, balanced look that stands out naturally.

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