Top 9 Short Tomboy Haircut: Embrace Your Bold Style!

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 14, 2023

200 Reviews

Are you looking for a refreshing new look for this summer? Girl tomboy haircuts are in-trend, fashionable, and edgy! From textured pixies to side-swept undercuts, the following list of short tomboy haircuts is bound to inspire you to make a bold statement. Whether you're searching for inspiration for the best hairstyles or cool hairstyles for school, there's no better short tomboy haircut that will turn heads.

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List of 9 short tomboy haircut

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Pixie Cut

5 Reviews

The pixie cut is one of the best short tomboy haircuts. It's a versatile style that can be tailored to flatter most face shapes and is the perfect look for girls who want something between a very short cut, like the buzz cut, and a longer haircut like bobs.

This cut accentuates eyes and cheekbones, creating a lovely showcase for your best features. The way it can be undercut, with pieces varying in length for a layered effect, will frame ...


Crop cut

1 Reviews

Next up is a classic and chic short tomboy hairstyle for women who like to show off their tomboy side without compromising on style, the Crop cut. This look usually features a short, cool-girl cut, and can be styled in numerous ways for a variety of occasions. It's versatile, trendy, and stylish – making it the perfect choice for any modern tomboy.

For women who want to show off their strong, confident side, a ...


Faux hawk

54 Reviews

Besides Crop cut and Pixie cut, you also can consider the Faux Hawk, a trendy, edgy style that'll be sure to turn heads. This sassy look is a mix between a classic mohawk and a “short” cut, with plenty of length to style. The faux hawk is an empowering look perfect for tomboy style.

The faux Hawk is characterized by shorter sides and plenty of length on the top. The front can range in length from an inch or two all the way to ...


Buzz cut

13 Reviews

A buzz cut is a short hairstyle that is created by using electrical clippers to trim a person's hair. This style is generally used on short hair, although it can also be used to trim longer hair. This type of hairstyle is often considered a masculine look, but it is quite popular among tomboys. The popular buzz cut often consists of extremely short hair all around the head. Each strand of hair typically remains no more than a few millimeters in ...


High and tight

46 Reviews

The high and tight, a popular and modern-day haircut among tomboys all over the world, is a short, yet elegant and dominant style. As the name suggests, the high and tight features a haircut much higher than the wearer’s crown, while the sides of the head are kept to an extreme shortness. Combined with a short beard, the high and tight provides a young and confident look.

The beauty of the high ...



40 Reviews

An undercut can take on different shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one to fit your own style and preference. Whether you want a sharp undercut with a shaved design, or you want something a little bit softer, there’s something to fit every aesthetic. Short tomboy haircuts with an undercut are especially trendy right now, and can give you a unique and beautiful look.

The undercut can be a bold and chic hairstyle, even for short hair. All ...


Short bob

77 Reviews

If you want a style that is both feminine and edgy, the short bob haircut is the right choice for you! This classic cut has been around for centuries and has been gracing the heads of stylish women for decades. The look is timeless and versatile, giving you plenty of options when it comes to styling. Not only is the short bob a popular choice among women, but tomboys can also rock this look!

The short bob is the perfect ...


Shag cut

98 Reviews
Short haircuts are a great way to give your look a bold and unique style. The Shag Cut is a popular and stylish look for those with short hair. Its layers and texture give a distinct look that stands out from the crowd. It’s easy to maintain, and can be styled in new and interesting ways. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Shag Cut and some of the best styles that ...


92 Reviews

In recent years, the “taper fade” haircut has become increasingly popular, especially among young adults and college-aged students. This style is the perfect combination of classic and modern, and radiates both confidence and edgy flair. Not to mention, it looks incredibly stylish and can easily be customized to suit the individual’s preference. To put it simply, the taper fade is a timeless haircut that looks great on ...

Final Thought

There you have it - the top 9 short tomboy haircuts to help you redefine your style. Whether you're looking for a messy pixie, a cropped bob, or a bold, shaggy cut, these hairstyles are perfect for short-haired tomboys looking to try something new. From buzz cuts to edgy choppy styles, each cut has its own unique charm and will ensure that you really stand out from the crowd!

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