Top 12 Stunning Summer Hair Color for Brunettes

Emily Roberts

Last updated: January 11, 2024

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If you're a brunette, you may think that your hair color options are limited, especially when it comes to summer styles. But fear not, because we've narrowed down the top 12 summer hair colors for brunettes. Whether you're looking for a subtle change or a bold transformation, these hair colors will bring new life to your locks and have you ready for all your summer adventures. From warm and sun-kissed shades to trendy and vibrant hues, there's something for every brunette on this list. So say goodbye to dull and boring hair and get ready to turn heads with these 12 gorgeous summer hair colors for brunettes.

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Summer is just around the corner, and for many, that means it's time for a hair change. While there are many options to choose from, one trend that is taking over this season is honey blonde balayage. This technique involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair, giving it a natural and sun-kissed look. Not only is it low-maintenance, but it also adds dimension and warmth ...


Caramel Highlights

57 Reviews

Caramel highlights are versatile and can work for any brunette shade – from dark chocolate to light ash. They add a touch of warmth and create a beautiful contrast against the natural dark tones of your hair.

Unlike other highlights, caramel highlights blend seamlessly with your hair, making them look natural and almost effortless. They are low maintenance and require less frequent touch-ups, which is a plus during the summer when you want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors than in ...


Strawberry blonde

2 Reviews

While there are countless hair color options available, nothing beats the classic and chic strawberry blonde. Strawberry blonde is a warm and versatile hair color that combines hints of blonde with subtle red undertones, creating a luscious and natural-looking shade. It is the perfect choice for brunettes who want to lighten up their tresses without going too far from their natural color.

Natural and refreshing, strawberry blonde is the go-to summer hair color for brunettes. Its subtle red undertones give ...


Light brown

21 Reviews

If you're a brunette looking for a change, light brown is the perfect choice. Not only is it one of the trendiest colors this season, but it also looks incredibly natural and flattering on almost every skin tone.

Light brown hair is a beautiful blend of warm and cool tones, making it a versatile and easy-to-wear color. It can range from a ...


Dark Copper

39 Reviews

Summer is the perfect time to switch things up and experiment with a new hair color. But for brunettes, finding a shade that complements their natural dark locks can be a challenge. This is where dark copper comes in – the perfect summer hair color for brunettes. With its rich and vibrant tones, dark copper is the perfect way to add some warmth and dimension to your hair while still maintaining your dark roots.

Dark copper is a shade that falls somewhere between red and brown ...


Ash brown

20 Reviews

Ash brown is a cool-toned member of the brown hair family, with ashy undertones that give it a slightly cooler and more muted appearance compared to traditional warm brown shades. This unique mix of cool and warm tones creates a multidimensional and natural-looking color that is perfect for the summer season.

There are several reasons why ash brown is the perfect summer hair color for brunettes:

Refreshingly ...

Golden Brown

7 Reviews

Golden brown can be customized to suit any summer look. Whether you prefer a sun-kissed ombre or all-over golden locks, this shade will make your hair stand out in the best way possible. The warm tones also complement summer fashion and makeup trends, making it the perfect hair color for the season.

Besides its stunning appearance, golden brown also offers many benefits for brunettes. It can add dimension and depth ...


Caramel lowlights

15 Reviews

Not only does it add depth and dimension, but Caramel lowlight summer hair color for brunettes also gives your hair a natural, sun-kissed look that will have you feeling like a beach goddess all season long.

Before we dive into why caramel lowlights are the perfect summer color, let's quickly explain what they actually are. Lowlights, in general, are darker strands ...


Chocolate Brown

77 Reviews

There's no denying that brown hair is one of the most popular hair colors among people of all ages. But within the brown hair color spectrum, chocolate brown stands out for its deep, rich tone. This shade has been gaining popularity not only among brunettes but also among blondes and redheads, who are looking to switch things up.

Chocolate brown hair is a classic ...



42 Reviews

The trend of red and reddish-brown hair has been growing in popularity, and cinnamon hair color is the perfect way to embrace this trend while still maintaining your brunette roots. This shade is versatile and can be customized to suit different skin tones and hair textures, making it a great choice for a wide range of people.

Depending on your natural hair color, achieving cinnamon hair may take different processes. If you're starting with dark brown hair, a warm, spice-toned tint can simply be added on top. For those with ...



8 Reviews

Chestnut hair color is a beautiful and versatile option for brunettes looking to add some warmth and dimension to their locks. It's a rich, warm, reddish-brown hue that can range from light to dark, making it perfect for all skin tones. This stunning summer hair color has been a popular choice for years, and it's not hard to see why.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of chestnut hair color is ...



57 Reviews

As the temperature rises, many brunettes are left wondering how they can switch up their hair without completely changing their natural color. That's where auburn hair comes in – the perfect solution for a subtle yet refreshing change for the summer. With its warm and rich tones, auburn hair adds depth and dimension to brunette locks, making it a popular choice among many individuals.

Auburn hair is a great option for those wanting to switch up their look while ...

Final Thought

If you're a brunette looking to spice up your hair color this summer, you've come to the right place! We've gathered the top 12 stunning summer hair colors for brunettes that will add a touch of warmth and brightness to your look. Whether you want to go for a rich chocolate brown or a sunny honey blonde, these hair colors are sure to turn heads and make you stand out in any summer gathering. From natural-looking highlights to bold and vibrant shades, we've got you covered with the trendiest options in the hair industry right now. So go ahead and check out our top picks to find your perfect summer shade!

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