Top 8 Appealing Holiday Potlucks to Feed a Whole Crowd

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 8, 2023

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The holidays are almost here, and for many of us, that means potluck dinners! Sharing your best recipes with family and friends is a tradition that has been passed down through generations, so why not take it to the next level this year? Here are our top 8 Holiday potlucks for this festive season. From side dishes to desserts, these recipes will be sure to wow your guests! Whether it's an intimate dinner with your immediate family or an all-out feast with a large group, make sure to save some room for these delicious items.

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List of 8 Top holiday potlucks

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Taking the top spot, nothing is more comforting than a steaming hot Casserole during the colder months of the year. When it’s time for a potluck gathering, a casserole can provide both hot satisfaction and variety. Here’s a rundown of top holiday casserole recipes to serve up.

This casserole is a classic. Topped with melted cheese and made with staples like broccoli, ham, and rice, this easy-to-make dish is creamy, delicious, and savory. ...



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Coming in at number two when it comes to holiday potlucks, salads are often seen as a staple. Not only are they commonly a part of many traditional meals, but they are also a great way to get your guests to add some healthy options to their plate. From vibrant and flavorful kale salads to light veggie options, salads can be the highlight of any potluck.

While it may be tempting to bog your potluck down with high-calorie, carb-heavy dishes, adding a few salads to the menu will ensure ...



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At number three on our list of appealing holiday potlucks, Cookies are small baked goods that often feature a sweet, sugary, or buttery flavor. They come in dozens of varieties, often containing chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles, or oats as an additional ingredient. Cookies are a beloved treat that is enjoyed around the world, from the USA to Europe and beyond.

Cookies come in many shapes and sizes. Common varieties include chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, sugar cookies, and snickerdoodles. With the popularity of cookies ...



87 Reviews

How about preparing some Appetizers such as finger food or small snacks? They can be hot or cold and consist of a wide variety of ingredients, including vegetables, cheese, meats, fish, and seafood. They are usually served in bite-sized portions and can include anything from olives to nachos. Appetizers are a great way to make a meal more exciting and enjoyable.

The benefits of this holiday potluck are several. First, they can help to ...



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Option number five, Soups make a great addition to any holiday gathering, whether it be a neighborhood block party or an intimate family dinner. Not only are they tasty and comforting, but making a pot of soup can make a great addition to the menu. So if you're considering soup options for your holiday potluck, consider these helpful tips for making it ...



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Bread is a staple of the holiday season. Whether used to make sandwiches or served warm with butter, these delicious treats can bring any gathering together. Breads come in a variety of flavors and textures. From fluffy and soft white bread to dense, hearty whole wheat, there’s something for everyone with this appealing holiday potluck.

Classic white bread is a staple for any gathering. White bread ...



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Dessert is a key part of the meal, and two classic favorites are Pie and Cake. These tasty treats are always a hit, and they offer plenty of variety. When it comes to cake, the possibilities are almost endless. You can make cakes in an array of different flavors, from rich chocolate cake to light and fruity pound cake. Layer cakes provide an elegant and impressive presentation, while cupcakes are quick and easy to assemble. You can even create unique shapes or decorations to finish off the ...



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Leftovers are a signature dish of holiday potluck and gatherings. While most hosts prepare an elaborate main course for their guests, oftentimes the meal ends with a variety of dishes cooked with leftovers that are both flavorful and comforting. From traditional recipes like macaroni and cheese to more modern inventions like breakfast casseroles made with leftover ingredients, leftovers can be transformed into the best parts of the meal.

If you're hosting a holiday potluck or family gathering, here are some of the tastiest recipes that use leftovers to make unforgettable meals. ...

Final Thought

A great holiday potluck certainly deserves its own celebration during the festive season. All of these dishes are delicious, easy to make, and will add a special touch to your holiday partake. From decadent desserts to slow cooker dishes, these recipes are sure to impress and delight your guests this holiday season. Any of these recipes, or a combination of several, would make a wonderful addition to a family gathering or even a potluck for work or school. Here's wishing you a wonderful holiday season of special memories, delicious food, and lots of love!

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