Top 10 Victorian Wedding Dresses for Timeless Elegance

Emily Roberts

Last updated: January 4, 2024

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Welcome to our countdown of the Top 10 Victorian Wedding Dresses! Whether you're looking for a timeless, romantic dress or you are attending a Victorian-inspired wedding, look no further! From ball gowns to classic A-lines, we have something for every taste and style. So why not let us take you through the choices and help you find the perfect dress to make your special day truly unforgettable!

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The Victorian era was a time of extravagance and intricate craftsmanship, and this is especially reflected in their wedding dresses. The classic Ballgown silhouette is the epitome of Victorian style. With statement full skirts, body-hugging corsets, and intricate bodice details, a Victorian wedding dress will help you achieve the timeless elegance you desire for your wedding day.

Here are 10 of the most sought-after Victorian-inspired wedding dresses to help you make ...



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The Victorian era is known for its intricate details and styles that are both romantic and timeless. From dresses, to jewelry, to decorative elements, Victorian Era style is still alive and well. Bustle is one of the brands that keeps the Victorian Era alive. With its wide selection of bridal gowns, you can find the perfect Victorian style for your special day.

Bustle features a wide variety of bridal gowns that are all inspired by the Victorian Era. The fabrics used to create ...


Empire waist

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An Empire Waist is a classic style for wedding dresses which has become a timeless wedding staple. The Empire Waist emphasizes the femininity of a woman’s figure, often featuring a shorter length and high waistline that falls just below the bosom. The top of an Empire Waist wedding dress is often fitted with an adorned bust and/or straps and a bodice that ...



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Victorian wedding dresses have grown in popularity over the years, and for good reason. These gowns are stunningly beautiful, made using the finest fabric and intricate details, and tailor made with the utmost care and attention. Off-shoulder Victorian wedding dresses are especially lovely, with a romantic and delicate look that will make you look like royalty on your special day.

A major part of any wedding ...

Victorian era wedding dresses often featured a distinctive sleeve style known as Leg o' Mutton. These voluminous sleeves, which were also sometimes called Gigot or Duchess sleeves, were a very popular choice for brides of the time.

Leg o' Mutton sleeves feature a fitted upper arm and huge, billowing portions that extend out from the elbow. Often the sleeves ended just ...


Mermaid dress

52 Reviews

It is no secret that Victorian-era wedding dresses were as extravagant, as extravagant can be – the old and worldly charm of these dresses are unlike anything else. A prime example of such a dress is the mermaid dress, a timeless gown that is designed to empower and instill confidence in its wearer. These stunningly beautiful dresses feature a heavily embroidered bodice coupled with sumptuous fabric and an alluring trained-skirt, making them one of ...


Incorporates lace

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Incorporating lace into a wedding dress is a timeless choice. It adds class and elegance and is especially appropriate if you are looking to emulate a timeless Victorian look. Whether you prefer softly scalloped edges or intricate details, Victorian lace wedding dresses come in timeless silhouettes that will give you a classic and romantic look.

Victorian lace wedding dresses are typically made with intricate detailing that will add both dimension and texture to your gown. Floral motifs and carefully embroidered crosses add a timeless ...



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Victorian wedding dresses are known for their unmistakable beauty and grace. Worn by 19th-century brides, these gowns offer an ornate combination of elegance and intricate detail. Victorian sleeves are an important part of these traditional garments, creating an impressive silhouette that stands out.

The Victorian era marked an amazing period in fashion and dress making. Among the popular styles for women’s clothing were sleeves that were full length and emulated the bell shape. It was a time of opulence when detailing and embellishments ...


Portrait neckline

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Victorian weddings have become synonymous with class and sophistication. With delicately carved lace bodices and structured skirts, these dresses are every bride’s dream come true! One of the defining elements of the Victorian era is their unique necklines. No doubt, a picture-perfect wedding day look requires the perfect neckline, and that’s where a portrait neckline comes in.

A portrait neckline is a wide, gracefully scooped neckline with a higher back. This style of neckline flattened the open area over the bosom while providing an interesting silhouette on ...


Hand embroidery

86 Reviews

Whether you are looking to bring a timeless elegance to your wedding dress or wish to add a touch of personality to any garment, hand embroidery has a long tradition of bringing beauty and dynamism to clothing and accessories. This craft has been around for centuries, and its enduring appeal showcases the director's skill and perfection. From intricate floral designs to delicate laces, ...

Final Thought

These ten Victorian wedding dresses perfectly capture the romantic and modest essence of the era. From grand gowns to trousers and vests, Victorian-era brides have the luxury of selecting a dress that truly speaks to their personality. Whether you're looking for a vintage vibe or something unique and modern, there's sure to be a Victorian-inspired dress that fits the bill. Whichever option you choose, having a Victorian gown on your big day is sure to lend an ethereal and timeless feel to your most special day.

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