Top 5 Hair Color Is Best For Hazel Eyes

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 27, 2023

164 Reviews

The secret making an eye-catching look with hazel eyes lies in the balance of choosing a hair color that complements the eye color and gives you an exquisite and confident allure. To make the decision easier, we have put together the Top 5 Best Hair Colors for hazel eyes so you can easily find the right shade that will optimize your eye color. From warm blondes to vibrant auburns, get those locks color-envy ready and accentuate your inherent beauty!

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List of 5 What Hair Color Is Best For Hazel Eyes

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Caramel Blonde

10 Reviews

If you're looking for a hair color that is best for hazel eyes, you can't go wrong with caramel blonde. This warm, natural color is perfect for creating a balanced look that accentuates the unique features of those with hazel eyes. Whether you choose to go for a subtle hue or a golden colour, the caramel blonde shade will draw attention to your eyes, while still creating a look that is flattering and timeless.

When it comes to achieving the ...

Caramel Blonde

Honey Blonde

74 Reviews

Besides the Caramel blonde, Honey blonde is one of the most natural-looking hair colors that works well for women with hazel eyes. It is a light ash blonde shade with golden undertones that brings out the golden flecks in the eyes, while still providing a natural, subtle look.

It is the perfect color for women who are looking for something that ...

Honey Blonde

Light brown

37 Reviews

Light brown hair color is a warm shade that flatters many complexions. It is one of the most natural shades, close to every person’s natural color, and can range from a warm light brown through to a cool ash brown. The beautiful earthy brown is lush and complementary, and looks especially stunning with hazel eyes.

Light Brown For Hazel Eyes

A light brown shade is often the ideal hue for allowing hazel eyes ...

Light brown


50 Reviews

For some reason, red hair and hazel eyes have a different aura around them. Stranger, more mystical than the blonde and blue-eyed population—red hair and hazel eyes is a unique combination that have the power to captivate and fascinate onlookers. The alluring contrast between red hair and hazel eyes can be seen in famous celebrities and fashion models, giving a ...


Dark Ash Blonde

30 Reviews

Last but not least, Dark ash blonde is an excellent hue for those lucky enough to have this eye color. This shade of blonde brings out the warm tones of the eyes while still providing a natural hue that pairs well with any outfit!

This shade of blonde offers versatility in that it can be either dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For more formal affairs, you can easily style your locks in waves and curls which ...

Dark Ash Blonde

Final Thought

In conclusion, you now have a good idea of the most flattering hair colors for hazel eyes. Whether you go with a lighter blonde shade, a richer caramel auburn, or an electric purple, you will show off your gorgeous eyes and make them the focus of your look. If you’re ever feeling unsure, take a moment to experiment with different tones and shades until you find the one that works best for you.

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