Top 10 Stunning Wine Red Hair Color Ideas for 2023 Winter

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 6, 2023

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Are you ready for a hair revolution? Whether you have naturally dark brown or lighter locks, wine red hair is sure to make a statement! This subtly striking color is perfect for anyone and everyone looking to add pizzazz to their style. Read on to explore the top 10 wine red hair styles that you must try this year!

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Crimson Cranberry Bob is perfect for making your red hair look utterly vibrant and alive. With its amazing shade of bright, metallic red, this color is sure to take you from drab to fab in no time. Whether you're searching for an edgy, punky look or something a bit more relaxed and subtle, Crimson Cranberry Bob is perfect for you.

Crimson Cranberry ...

Dark Merlot and Burgundy Balayage hair celebrates the exquisite combination of dark wine red and light auburn colors. It is an edgy, yet stylish look that will make heads turn. Whether you wish to dye your hair all over or partially, it is the perfect style to express your individuality. With this hair color, you may opt for gothic chunky highlights for a head-turning look or auburn highlights for a subtle pilgrimage.

Dark Merlot Burgundy hair color offers ...


The Velvet Cabernet Pixie cut is a bold, new take on the traditional pixie cut. This unique hairstyle has recently emerged as a popular choice for women looking to add a touch of personality and style to their look. It is characterized by its dramatic, side-swept layers that cascade down into a soft under layer of pixie-like tresses. This look is far from being subtle, but it sure catches attention wherever it goes!

The Velvet Cabernet Pixie ...

Are you ready to spruce up your natural hair color with a hot and vibrant shade? Meet the Raspberry Blonde Melange hair color, an eye-catching hair hue that's sure to take center stage. Perfect for those who are looking for an edgy look, this hair color combines the brightness of raspberry red, with the warmth of strawberry blonde. To bring out the best of the results, sneak ...

Are you looking for an attractive and unique hair color that will turn heads and capture the attention of everyone around you? Enter the realm of wine red hair, the perfect shade to hopefully introduce as your new shade that will have you feeling like the sassiest person out there.

One incredibly popular shade is none other than Plum Pink Vibrant Roots – and it’s easy to see why. It is one ...

Mulled Wine Money Pieces, or MWMPs, is a popular hair color technique used to achieve a richly colored and glossy wave pattern. This technique is often desired by many because it adds intensity and creates an overall warmer and sun-kissed look. The effects of Mulled Wine Money Pieces can be tailored to your desired level of depth, with a remastering of the colors occurring as the hair grows out.

This technique works by bonding the hair together with a color treatment, thereby creating a glossy ...

Garnet red hair is a warm and captivating hue, suitable for any occasion. It has gentle tones reminiscent of wine, strawberries, and roses. Thanks to its rich, classic color and subtly cooler undertones it falls both on the brighter and darker spectrum of red hair color. This makes it perfect for all types of skin tones, from pale to olive-toned complexions.

Garnet Cherry Red Waves offer a dramatic effect to light and medium-length hair. The appealing color adds body ...


Rosewood Blunt Cut

11 Reviews

Rosewood Blunt Cut, with its unparalled shades and multidimensional glamour, is a must-have for any devoted hair queen. This vibrant color radiates a luminous vivacity, combined with a sultry shimmer, creating a unique and vibrant look. This beautiful hue works on just about any hair type, including curly, wavy, and straight.

The color tones in Rosewood Blunt Cut are incredibly versatile, making it an optimal choice for creating a range of gorgeous hairstyles. With its neutral depth, the ...


For a bold, daring style, try the port wine tapered crop. This stunning wine red hair look is the perfect choice for those who want to make a bold fashion statement. With mesmerizing depth and richness, this look is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

The port wine tapered crop is a style that is simple to maintain and looks fabulous ...

For a bold and mysterious look, Cabernet Black Undercurrent is one of the best wines from which to create beautiful and lasting hair color. With its deep, dark hue and subtle red highlights, Cabernet Black Undercurrent is the ideal color for anyone looking for a more dramatic look suited to stand out in any crowd.

A combination of Cabernet's signature dark and Murano's ...

Final Thought

Whether it’s looking for a subtle change or making a bold statement, there’snothing like switching up your tresses to express your personality and make a fashion statement. Wine red hair is trending as one of the most in-demand looks this season, so why not take the plunge? With this Top 10, you’ll find the ideal shade to transform your look and make heads turn. Have fun playing around with hair colours and styles to find the perfect look. Now that you’ve defined and explored the beauty of wine red hair, you’ll be ready to take all the attention in when you walk into the room!

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