Top 7 7 Chic Winter Hairstyles for Black Women

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 11, 2023

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Getting to flaunt that beautiful voluminous hair you have while also keeping those luscious locks safe and warm can feel like a tough task in winter, especially for black women. But, alas, there are plenty of winter hairstyles for black women that won’t just keep your hair off your face but also keep you warm and cozy in the cold. Here are our top 7 picks for winter hairstyles for black women.

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Kicking things off, nothing goes better with a cold winter day than a Stylish, Protective-raided updo. Braids protect delicate black strands from the weather, while also looking chic and polished. This timeless hairdo is a perfect way to keep your look ready for any holiday soiree while keeping your hair healthy and strong.

Whether you're attending a friend's holiday party, or looking for an everyday ...

Protective Braided Updo

Coming in the number two option is a Twisted crown with curls, a great option for winter hairstyles that combine classic elegance with a modern flair. With its low maintenance and easy to style characteristics, the twisted crown with curls is a timeless look that will complete any winter outfit.

The twisted crown with curls starts with a flat angled twist in the front and builds to a crown-like effect with curls piled on top. This ...

Twisted Crown with Curls

Moving on to the next look, if you're looking for a winter hairstyle for black women that is both stylish and protective, try Faux Locs with a beanie. The combination of natural hair and extensions ensures a natural look that is ideal for everyday wear. The beanie protects your hair from the cold, while the Faux Locs add an additional layer of warmth. Faux Locs are a protective style that allows you to give your hair a break while also achieving length and volume. The installation of the locs is ...

Faux Locs with Beanie

Curly Frohawk

15 Reviews

When it comes to classic looks, the Curly Frohawk is always a winner. This stylish 'do can be worn right down the middle or swept to the side, depending on the look you're going for. Not only is the curly frohawk super on-trend, but it's also an incredibly versatile look — perfect for the winter season!

A favorite Black hairstyle, the curly ...

Curly Frohawk

The elegant low bun is a timeless style that never goes out of fashion, and it can be enhanced by the addition of a colorful headwrap for maximum impact. With its functional yet polished look, this hairstyle is an ideal choice for black women in the winter months. It can be paired with an office wardrobe, but also lends an effortless glamour to an evening look.

Begin this style by brushing your hair into a low ponytail, and secure it in place. Take ...

Elegant Low Bun with Headwrap

Many African-American women are opting for a Sleek pixie cut this winter. Not only is this style trendy and modern, but it's also easy to maintain due to its shorter length. The versatility of a pixie cut allows you to customize the style in so many different ways, allowing you to switch up your look whenever you like. To tie your look together, pair it with some statement earrings and you're ready for anything!

This pixie cut is the perfect style ...

Sleek Pixie Cut with Statement Earrings

As winter approaches, look no further than the Braided ponytail with a woolen wrap to keep your hair looking stylish and feeling cozy no matter the temperature. Combining a gorgeous braid with a stylish woolen wrap, this winter hairstyle for black women pairs elegance with warmth, giving you the perfect look for staying fashionable even in the chilliest of weather.

Braided Ponytail

A braided ponytail is a great way to keep hair ...

Final Thought

Overall, the Top 7 winter hairstyles for black women offer professional and natural looks. While these may seem complicated, they are actually quite easy to achieve. Whether you opt for a sleek cut, subtle highlights, or a curly updo, these hairstyles are sure to add grace and elegance to your overall look. Finally, don't forget to choose a hairstyle that you feel comfortable and confident wearing!

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