Top Meal Delivery Apps And Drives

Top Meal Delivery Apps And Drives

The meal delivery platforms and the Drives of supermarkets are very useful for shopping without leaving home.

Here is our pick of the best apps.

Uber Eats

Available as an online service and apps for Android and iOS, Uber Eats is a market leader in home meal delivery. Intuitive and very practical, the application allows you to register and order dishes in a few clicks. Indicate your city, choose a culinary specialty and choose the restaurant that offers home delivery. Select the dish you want and wait patiently for the delivery person to ring your doorbell. Usually you won't wait more than 30 minutes. You even have the possibility to follow the movements of the delivery man to know precisely how long it will be in front of your door.


Enjoy a good meal, without cooking and without leaving your home! This is what home meal delivery services like favouritetbale offer you. Available on the PlayStore, AppleStore and on the favouritetbale website, you can order a dish and have it delivered in minutes. Please note, not all restaurants are available on the platform. Only registered restaurants can offer their dishes for delivery.

We appreciate the ergonomic and intuitive interface of favouritetbale, as well as the possibility of paying online but also directly to the delivery person with your restaurant vouchers, or in cash.


Delivery service available online and with applications for Android and iOS, Deliveroo offers to have your meals delivered to your home. Whether you crave sushi, burgers or traditional dishes, you can indulge your culinary desires. As with the other applications, you must first indicate your location and then choose the restaurant and the type of dish you want. Note that Deliveroo only supports online payment by credit card. A few clicks are enough and in less than 30 minutes, you are ready to eat!

Carrefour Drive

Do your shopping without leaving your home and pick it up when you just get out of your car, this is the principle behind the Drives of the major supermarket brands. The Carrefour group provides you with an application for Android and iOS as well as an online service, accessible on all browsers, and therefore on all platforms, provided you have an internet connection.

With the Carrefour Drive application, you have a practical and ergonomic interface for shopping with ease. Browse the site as if you were walking through the aisles of your supermarket and click to add products to your cart.

In a few clicks, your basket is filled, your shopping is done and your order is placed. All you have to do is choose the recovery times for your races.

Leclerc Drive

If you are more used to Leclerc products and you are loyal to the big name, do not hesitate to register on the Leclerc Drive website to order your groceries online.

From the online application for Android or iOS, or directly through the online site, you can add items to your cart, browsing the different product categories. The application provides you with a filter and sorting system to quickly and easily identify the products you want. The service also allows you to generate a shopping list, which you can then take back and modify with each new order. Useful when you often buy the same products.

Don’t miss out on your favourite dish during this pandemic time of COVID-19. Order now from any of the application mentioned above and enjoy the benefits of online delivery system. Stay home stay safe.

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