Top Smart And Technological Gifts

Top Smart And Technological Gifts

The past year has taught us to pay attention to the practical side of things, so it is worth thinking about a really useful and necessary gift for your loved ones. Smart gadgets have become more affordable and are increasingly common in our daily lives, and in our selection, you can find cool ideas for a gift that can surprise your friends and relatives.

a watch and a headphone

Smart Home System

To turn on lights and music with one touch of a smartphone or even one clap in the palm of your hand, to set a comfortable room temperature for yourself, to close and open the curtains without getting up from the cozy sofa - this is not the future, but already the present. For the last several years the smart home system has gained enormous popularity, and the manufacturers offer us a lot of variants of completing it: it can include smart heat sensors, sensors-herons, voice assistants, and smart-cameras of video surveillance.

Such a gift will make the life of your friends or parents easier and more pleasant. The main thing is to help them figure out the new device first.

Smart keychains

Does your friend often lose or forget his things? Then a smart keychain is a perfect solution. This little smart gadget synchronizes with your smartphone: through a special app, you can easily find the thing to which the keychain is attached.

Another nice bonus - this thing can also be a selfie button.

Gaming Console

However, you cannot all the time just learn and work hard in the gym. Sometimes it is worth relaxing a little and master a couple of electronic race tracks or shoot a dozen or so virtual enemies! And if you do it in the company of friends ... Hmm, it seems that we found an excellent option for a gift just for the upcoming vacations! Such a thing, especially with a few cool games, is sure to please both avid gamers and those who play just from time to time. Besides, consoles can be both stationary and quite mobile. The main thing is not to get too carried away and then wonder who will do my homework.

Portable Photo Printer

Now you don't have to buy expensive instant cameras or order photos to be printed in salons, just give your friend a photo printer. They come in different types: Polaroid, classic, or with a check ribbon. The advantage of such a gift is that you can take it with you anywhere - on vacation, in the countryside, at a party.

The photo printer does not occupy much space as well as the received photos - they can be placed in compact photo albums or a frame on the table.

A photo album created with the CCTV camera

Thanks to its panoramic view, no detail will be hidden from the EZVIZ C6CN CCTV camera. It's a great gift because even when you're hundreds of miles away from your home, you can monitor the situation. After all, the camera connects to your Wi-Fi network and synchronizes with your smartphone via an app.

The C6CN automatically sends the user a photo or video when a motion is detected. All footage is stored in cloud storage, which means you can access all recordings from the camera. You'll be able to see once again how your birthday or New Year's Eve celebration went, or capture your baby's first steps.

You can also easily take a screenshot and immediately post the image you like on Instagram, or even print it out to create a little gift album for a loved one.

A portable disinfector for your smartphone

Now more than ever, it's important to think about protecting your family's health. Our smartphone is one of the most unsterile things we use every day, so the portable gadget disinfector is a kind of "first aid" in the fight against germs.

Thanks to ultraviolet radiation (safe for phones, by the way), this device kills up to 99% of bacteria. The real trend of the last few years.

Smart mirror with backlight

The smart mirror is a great gift not only for women but also for men. It is not just a stylish solution for the interior, but also a weather forecast, clock, new emails, smartphone alerts, and many other things that are displayed on one device.

You can operate the mirror without the help of hands, the virtual assistant will do everything for you, you just need to ask it politely.

The device case protects the control module from water, which allows you to install it even in the bathroom.

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