Top Software Design Marketplaces To Find Tech Talent

Top Software Design Marketplaces To Find Tech Talent

Want to hire high-qualified tech experts for your startup but don’t want to seek assistance from recruitment agencies? Your way out is B2B marketplaces depicted in this article!

Businesses in the engineering industry are established to compete. Engineering companies, small businesses, and startups battle for a place under the sun while designing more and more innovative solutions to win the hearts of modern capricious clients. People have developed engineering online marketplaces to sell and purchase their services and products in a competitive environment.

Online software design marketplaces are no exception. Nowadays, B2B software engineering marketplaces are so overcrowded with software engineering talent that businesses are left wondering how to make the choice they won't regret.

Get support in hiring for early-stage startup via top software design marketplaces in our article!

Before considering the marketplaces, it would be useful to get to know what’s going on in engineering outsourcing in 2021.

Software Design Marketplaces

The State of Engineering Freelancing 2021

The global outsourcing market is continuously growing, with more and more engineering businesses around the world reinforcing their in-house teams with engineering contractors or freelancers. In 2021, the outsourcing market has already gained around 98.3 billion US dollars and is expected to increase substantially in 2022.

This year, approximately 42 percent of small businesses outsourced some business functions to global contractors. The number of experienced and skillful software engineering talent is growing due to the current shift to remote work. In the US, more than 59 million people work as freelancers or contractors. It is expected that up to 50 percent of the workforce in the US will be freelance in 2022-2024.

While the global engineering outsourcing market is increasing under the pressure of the Covid-19 consequences (such as obligatory remote work), this means that it gets more difficult to determine which software engineering candidate from hundreds of thousands of existing candidates is relevant for a certain project. The point is that many engineering marketplaces accept unknown/fishy software design engineers, thus putting their clients at risk.

The software design marketplaces we mention in this article, can (and will) support you in finding the best software engineering talent for any project. Additionally, these marketplaces offer extra capabilities to optimize your business operations. On every marketplace, you will be able to lower costs, receive prompt execution on minor tasks, or hire a long-term engineering contractor for ongoing projects.

Now, let's proceed with the best software design marketplaces available nowadays.


Upwork is considered the best B2B marketplace on our list as it has a brilliant reputation for everyone that once dealt with it in terms of searching for engineering contractors and freelancers. The marketplace possesses a super comfy interface to immediately understand how to work with it. Upwork works based on the following algorithm:

·        A client publishes a project description with the key requirements;

·        Upwork selects the potential engineering candidates that ideally match the project;

·        A client receives a list of engineering professionals that answer the description.

Customers can search for software design engineers on their own. In their turn, engineers create the accounts/profiles revealing their experience and skills. Sometimes, engineering contractors belong to a certain company.

According to Upwork representatives, a competency-oriented strategy to hiring specialists is efficient and quick. Businesses can easily assess potential candidates competing for the engineering project by looking at a certain set of skills they possess.

Upwork is a reliable engineering marketplace because they check engineering contractors and freelancers to make sure that they are real existing folks. The marketplace possesses a detailed guideline to invoicing as well as payment options. As you see, it is not a challenge to start partnering with engineering marketplaces.

Now, keep to Upwork alternatives.


An online engineering platform called is the engineering environment where big manufacturers, small businesses, and even startups search for software design engineers (and other developers) around the globe, economizing both budget and time. At Engre, engineers discover for themselves challenging projects where they will get a chance to demonstrate their skills to build high-quality software solutions for customers.

At this marketplace, it is simple to find and recruit software design engineers. Clients should set a relevant budget and execute negotiations with Engre support that will deliver a large database of skillful tech experts. Once clients decide on the professionals who can provide them with the relevant services, they should communicate with them, discuss all the project conditions, sign up the services contract, check the ready solution, and pay for that.

The alternative recruitment strategy presupposes posting a project at the marketplace. Software design engineering companies as well as individual engineering contractors that perform appropriate services will contact you to talk about the collaboration peculiarities. Your task is to select the best option for a future partnership.

Engre demonstrates only pluses when it comes to establishing partnerships. Companies, as well as individuals that suggest their software design engineering services, are strictly checked in terms of safety (approved by certification). At Engre, all engineers are licensed. They work in conformity with global regulatory policies. If you want to hear from previous customers regarding feedback on the team you plan to partner with, Engre support will provide you with the contact data.


The third reliable engineering marketplace that can assist you in hiring talent is TopTal. One of the pluses of this platform is a powerful talent screening and up to 3 % remain at the end of the process.

The screening process includes the following:

·        TopTal specialists conduct primary interviews to assess candidate's intellect (soft skills);

·        At tech interviews, they evaluate the engineer's experience (hard skills);

·        They organize live testing to evaluate candidate's specific skills;

·        Candidates are given a test project, which must be completed within a week or so.

So, if businesses want to hire only top software design engineers without spending time assessing their qualifications, TopTal is the way out!

One of the numerous advantages of TopTal is that it is simple for implementation for startups. The thorough selection procedure of candidates allows hiring the best engineers for the partnership while the free trial period for engineers attracts a big pool of candidates to the platform.


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