Top Vitamins Required For Eyelash Growth

Top Vitamins Required For Eyelash Growth

Our body depends on the material it gets from the food we consume, but apart from energy, it also provides us various nutrients that are essential to different body processes.

Our diet has an effect on our body's internal organs and systems, but they are also responsible for the way our body looks. It also has an impact on the health of our eyes, as well as on our head and eyelashes.

Few women could say no to thank you for wicked, long, and thick eyelashes. Have you ever wondered if there is a shortage of any vitamins in the eyelash department?

Yes, that's absolutely possible, so let's explore the different vitamins and their roles in promoting your eyelash growth.

Vitamins A

First, let's talk about vitamin A in promoting healthy eyelash growth. Vitamin A may not be the first to come to your mind when you think about eyelash growth, but its presence is essential to the development of cells that aid in hair growth, known as keratinocytes. These keratinocyte cells create proteins known as keratin, which are essential to the growth of the hair on your head, body, eyebrows, and lashes.

Vitamin B

There are different kinds of vitamin B, generally referred to as B-complex vitamins, all of which are essential to our body in varying quantities. But if we talk specifically about eyelash development, vitamin B3 is something you should be searching for. As a consequence, B vitamin is also known as Vitamin Niacin and is said to encourage healthy circulation of blood to the hair follicles that help them grow. It also allows hair follicles to maintain moisture, soften and avoid premature breakage.

Another Vitamin from the B-complex family that is good for your eyelash production is Vitamin B5, which makes the lashes thicker.

If your eyelashes grow thicker and longer than you like, then fall off quite quickly without completing their full cycle, this could be due to Vitamin B6 deficiency, known as Pyridoxine.

Vitamin B6 is also a huge melanin booster that gives our hair a darker shade, so besides preventing premature breakage of your eyelashes, Pyridoxine can also give you darker lashes.

Vitamins C:

Vitamin C does not have a major effect on your eyelashes or on their development, but it plays an important role in the absorption of iron, which is required in small amounts for the function of our body but is crucial for the good development of your eyelashes.

Vitamin D :

We all know how wonderful a bit of soaking feels in the early winter morning, but did you know that it also helps your eyelashes grow?

This vitamin is vital for healthy hair growth and if your eyelashes' hair follicles are healthy, your eyelashes will actually be healthier.

Drug therapies that support the natural growth of eyelashes, such as Careprost, often stimulate and improve the root of the hair follicle of the eyelashes, similar to Vitamin D.

 Vitamin E :

If you're into beauty tricks, you must've used or at least learned of Vitamin E, or used its capsules for your hair care routine, or even for developing thicker eyebrows.

But did you know that Vitamin E can also be a big eyelash booster because of its ability to combat free radicals and increase blood circulation?

Free radicals can start making your eyelashes age faster and cause eyelash loss faster even before the hair cycle is over. Vitamin E prevents such a condition from happening, and the positive thing about it is that you can add Vitamin E just as you apply any eyelash growth serum, such as Careprost, to your eyelashes if you are unable to benefit from consuming foods rich in Vitamin E. 

These are the vitamins that are beneficial for the safe growth of your eyelashes, as well as helping them to grow long and dark.

But it is not easy to identify the best among them as each vitamin plays its own unique role in promoting the healthy growth of your eyelashes. But if you choose one the vitamins from the B-complex family will give you the best results when it comes to eyelash development.


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