Traditional Easter Food In Different Countries

Traditional Easter Food In Different Countries

They have different methods for their celebration. Some cook traditional foods on the eastern holiday. Different countries have different types of food which they prepare specially for Easter holidays. People around the whole globe want to celebrate with them wholeheartedly. People decorate their homes and arrange parties also cook different types of dishes. Below there we have given a list of countries with food which they cook on their Easter holiday. After reading this you will be fully aware of different countries with their dishes for easter holiday.

Dishes for easter holiday

1. Russia 

Russia has many foods for the Easter holidays. Pashka is one of the traditional Russian food. Whether it is cooked or uncooked it gives a good taste. On Easter day, it is spread on the bread tower called kulich. Its top is covered with flowers. It is one of the best traditional food in Russia. Some more food is also used in Russia for easter e.g a warming pie filled with juicy chicken.

2. Greece

Greece also celebrates easter day like other countries. They have their own traditional Easter celebration food. Their traditional food for easterhase many symbolic qualities. Tsoureki is an egg_enriched bread. It has two traditional Greek spices mastic and mahlab. People enjoy the celebration of the Easter holiday with full joy. Thereforee  Tsoureki is a traditional food for the Easter holiday in Greece

3. Italy

In Italy, people celebrate easter day with many types of food some are special for the Easter holidays. One of the special food for the Easter holiday is the easter dove. It has many flavour elements kneaded together into a magnificent centrepiece. People also celebrate their easter holiday celebration with easter cake. These are special easter day food in Italy.

4. Austria

Reindling (Austrian Easter cake)

In Austria, people have different traditional food for easter holidays. One of their best food is the traditional sweet dish dense pound cake called reindling. They celebrate the Easter holiday with this cake. Another traditional food in Austria is an ostrich in protein, a cooked home in baked into bread dough. It is the best easter day party food in Austria to celebrate this special day with full fun and joy.

5. UK

The UK is one country which wants to celebrate their easter day with full happiness more than others. The UK celebrate its easter holiday simnel cake. It is a traditional food for the celebration of the Easter holiday in the UK. Simnel cake is one of the best easter desserts around the world. People celebrate their easter holiday with simnel cake around hold world including the UK.

6. US

The United States of America celebrate its easter day celebration with kinds of foods. They celebrate their easter day with roasted ham called Honey Glazed Ham. It is a very tasty dinner food.

7. Philippines

The Philippines have different cultures than other nation. They also celebrate. Paella is one of the best traditional food in the Philippines. People celebrate their Easter holiday with the seafood staple of paella. It is made with long grain rice and a blend of shellfish like clams and shrimp.

8. Brazil

Brazil has very traditional norms in the country. They celebrate their easter holiday with different traditional foods. Bachelor is a special type of food used in many Brazilian Brazilian are one of the happy nations in the world. They celebrate them every traditional day with full happiness. Bachelor includes onions, potatoes and tomatoes. Therefore it is included in a dish of every Brazilian on easter holiday as a special type of food for this 

special day.

9. West Africa

West African Jollof Rice

West African also cook special dishes on the  Easter holidays. Some of the west African nations cook jollof rice, vegetables and tomato paste sauce on eastern holidays. It is a popular food and turns into a fool tasty meal. It is traditional eastern holiday food in west African countries e.g Nigeria.

10. Sweden

People in Sweden take eastern holidays as a treasure. They prepare special food on the eastern holidays. Pickled herring is a special food to be prepared on eastern holidays. It is one of the traditional food for eastern holidays. They also increase the taste of Pickled herring by taking it with fresh cucumber salad. So it is the best food also for a tasty dinner.

11. Eastern Europe

Eastern European people also celebrate the eastern day with some of their traditional foods. One of the special food that is cooked on the eastern holidays is Paska. It is a traditional Easter bread prepared in the whole of Eastern Europe on Easter holidays. People enjoy a lot this traditional bread called paska.


Above there you read about different traditional food cook on easter holiday in different countries. People want to enjoy easter holidays with different types of methods. If you want to prepare special dishes for the Easter holiday, you can choose one of the best traditional food for the Easter holiday relevant to your country. You can read all detail about it as given above.  Hope the article of Bestproductlists brings you a perfect Easter with many delicious dishes.

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